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Today, more than ever, companies are looking for new products and ideas from outside.  But that doesn't make it easy for product developers to get their idea to the right person inside the right company!

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Stephen Key here - and I can tell you that the most frustrating part of the licensing process is getting your idea into a company.  I've interviewed many inventors, entrepreneurs and product developers and the story is always the same!  Over and over I hear that finding the right company and the right person is the hardest part of the process!

Not anymore.

Over the past year, David Fedewa, Senior InventRight Coach and Negotiating Expert, has compiled an accurate and detailed list of 1,000's of companies that want to see your ideas.  Each company has been contacted and has agreed to review products submitted through inventRight-Connect.

inventRight-Connect has companies in every category from sports, kitchen, toys, hardware, pets, and many many more.

And if you want to submit a product to a company that is not on the list, David will do his best to "inventRight-Connect" you.

You will have your own relationship with the company!  You will control your own destiny!  We're just providing the door for you to walk through.

We will build this list by attending trade shows and interviewing companies every day of the year.  The list will be updated and current, companies interested in seeing your product will be here.

There's nothing in your way anymore.

Watch below to learn how Connect works.

Here are just a few of the companies in the database.

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At Lifetime Brands, we believe a great idea can come from anywhere – and that anyone who has a great idea deserves to be heard.

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Spin Master is very proud of our partnerships and associations with inventors around the world. We work regularly with top inventors.

Hampton Direct is a company dedicated to enriching life by providing solutions to everyday problems with innovative products. If we believe your product is marketable, we invest in it 100% to get your product to the marketplace more quickly.

We have a vision of a better future for our world and our business and we want partners to share it. If you have a new design or technology that could help us grow our business and solve the challenges we’ve set, we’d like to work with you through Open Innovation.

It’s a fact: collaboration accelerates innovation. In an increasingly connected world, the biggest business wins come from working together. When we partner externally, inspiration and innovation—and mutual value creation—are at our fingertips.

Do you have an idea for a game, toy or new technology? Share your bright idea and help us create the world’s best play experiences. Let us show you how we can bring your invention to life!

People (Designers and mortals) love to send us their ideas and we love to receive them. Our philosophy is that a good idea can become a great product.

Give us the benefit of your ideas. Make a contribution to new solutions: whether for products, functions, services, processes, business models, or whatever else has caught your eye.

Today Nautilus is still seeking ideas and innovative ways to create effective and high quality exercise equipment.

General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network actively seeks partners who can help deliver breakthrough innovation. We enhance and accelerate the company’s innovation efforts by teaming up with world-class innovators from outside of General Mills.

While research and development is a robust function of Crown globally, we recognize there are also external resources and experts doing valuable work that can enhance our internal efforts and help speed them to completion.

We always welcome fresh and innovative ideas. If you believe your product fits within our product lines, please submit your invention for consideration.

New product ideas are critical to SwimWays. In general, we introduce at least 20 new products a year. Some of those ideas are developed internally, but many are submitted by outside inventors or just regular people who have a new idea.

We sell free-thinking toys and gifts, but we don't play games with inventors. NDA's gladly signed and enforced. We pay competitive royalties. We are good at extending lines and keeping good products alive longer. We aggressively market and promote our products. Although the USA is our largest market, we sell our products in many other foreign countries.

Here are just a few of the tradeshows inventRight staff will be attending to gather even more contacts.

Toy Fair
2/18/17 to 2/21/18
More Info Here

Housewares Show
3/18/17 to 3/21/27
More Info Here

 National Hardware Show
5/9/17 to 5/11/17
More Info Here

 Licensing Expo
05/23/2017 to 05/25/2015
More Info Here

 Super Zoo
7/25/17 to 7/27/17
More Info Here

09/16/2015 to 09/18/2015
More Info Here

ABC Kids Expo
10/15/17 to 10/18/2017
More Info Here

Promotional Products Association International - PPAI Expo
1/8/17 to 1/12/18 (approximate date)
More Info Here

For more information, contact your inventRight coach!

Don’t have an inventRight coach?  Click here to learn how to get one!

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David Fedewa

David and his outreach team used the experience and connections he’s gained from licensing his own products, and helping inventRight students through negotiations, to create one of the largest licensing databases in the world - now available exclusively to inventRight members.

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I wanted to thank you for my IR Connect access!! Here's a shout out for your generous gesture! I truly am so EXCITED on how IRC will elevate student and company success!! I checked out IRC on Friday for 5 hours, 2 sessions, in the Toy/Game category!! Using IRC was like walking into Willy Wonka's Candy Factory...such sweetness of access at your fingertips!! There are numerous benefits of IRC...but, my top 3 are: ACCESS, added value of being an expert in your category, and broadening functions/categories for your product.

Michele M

I just received my first rejection via IR Connect. While I can't say I'm particularly pleased that I got a rejection, I can report that this was incredibly simple to use and I received a personal response from the company within about ten days. This is a game changer. The more we can build the database up with companies, the better. Very handy. Bravo David.

Ryan Diez
Woof Washer 360 Inventor & inventRight Coach

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