The inventRight LEAD program is dedicated to spreading the ideas and principles of Licensing, Entrepreneurship, Accessibility, and Design developed and practiced by co-founders Stephen Key & Andrew Krauss. We partner with universities and educators across the globe to share our knowledge with the goal of fostering innovation.


"A paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology”

-Henry Chesbrough

Faculty Director of the Centor for Open Innovation,
Haas School of Business,
University of California Berkeley


Traditionally, venturing a business idea has involved an amount of time, risk, and cost that are prohibitive to many young or aspiring entrepreneurs. We provide online and in-person education on how to launch products through the licensing model as an alternative to the business principles widely practiced today. inventRight LEAD uses this licensing model to put a focus on being a creator first, allowing people to use their creative skills as the foundation for an entrepreneurial career.

Graduating High School
Students Interested in
Starting a Business After

Average capital needed
to launch a new business

of New Businesses
Survive 10 Years

OUR MISSION: To provide an alternative to venturing that allows anyone to build a career around their creativity, ideas, and passions.

Phillip Stinis

Entrepreneur in Residence, Eberhardt School of Business, Cal State Fullerton

"I firmly believe Stephen and the LEAD team should be educating college students on how to license their ideas.  In my experience teaching entrepreneurship, students tend to have great ideas because they are creative, but generally lack the depth and business know-how to grow a company.  The valuable information that Stephen presents allows students to license their ideas to large companies that are hungry for innovation, providing both speed to market and a higher probability of success.  If you are on the fence about licensing, you shouldn't be, this is a win-win situation for both the students and the University"

I had a great time at the event. It was truly informative and inspiring. The presentation provided me with confirmation and confidence to move forward with my dream. I think that inventing is what I was truly meant to do with my life.


You presentations at the University of Michigan were among the best we have seen
and we have been sitting in on them for about six years now.

Richard and Ron Smith


inventRight LEAD Outreach Coordinator

Howie Busch is a seasoned Inventor, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Attorney who has experienced success in a number of related businesses. As the Outreach Ambassador for inventRight’s LEAD program, he  brings a wealth of experience in a vast array of industries. Unafraid to teach himself new skills, Busch is currently working on bringing several other products to market not only via licensing, but also via venturing and crowdfunding. “It’s a great time to be a creator. There is more access than ever to the tools we need to create.”  

Learn to LEAD

We work with organizations large and small to spread our message and provide information that anyone can use to learn how open innovation will work for them. From live presentations to collaborative workshops, we have countless ways that students can discover what they’re passionate about, while introducing them to a new business model that works in the real world. Connect with us to learn how we can collaborate to help your audience grow, suceed, and LEAD!




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inventRight is a one-on-one coaching program founded by Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss. inventRight’s aim is to empower inventors with the knowledge, guidance, and help they need to license their ideas.


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