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I poured everything I knew into the first edition of One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work. Something seems to have worked: Since it was published in 2011, OSI has been translated into five other languages and is still a top seller on Amazon.

But what gives me by the most pleasure, by far, is hearing from people who have licensed their ideas simply by reading the book. They haven’t wasted their money paying for expensive patents. Sometimes they haven’t even built prototypes. They’ve exclusively relied on the ten simple steps outlined in OSI book to get it done. These strategies work!

Why a second edition then?

Things have changed a great deal in four years. The opportunity to license ideas has never been greater, because open innovation is that much more popular. This edition contains new details and an even greater level of specificity when it comes to licensing ideas. For example, it includes the new strategies my students are using to get in to potential licensees, like video sell sheets. It details how to get in by attending a trade show (cheaply). It teaches readers how to work with freelancers to bring their ideas to life with 3-D computer graphics. It explains what the new patent rules mean for inventors, as well as how to use intellectual property strategically from a business perspective. It further lays out how to negotiate so that everyone wins. It’s never been easier to stay current, to be inspired by what other creative people are doing, and to find the right home for your idea.

— Stephen Key

Available at or your local book seller.

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“One Simple Idea is one of McGraw-Hill Professional's bestselling books on entrepreneurship."

   — Cheryl Ringer | Editor | McGraw-Hill Professional

Here are a few readers that have benefited greatly from the information in my book.

I must say that "One Simple Idea" has helped me all the way thru the process of getting my own idea out there. I have already gone thru one patent with no success. With "One Simple Idea" I got all the information I needed to go step by step to move forward. I saved so much money and many mistakes just by reading Stephen Key's book. On November 12, 2015, I signed my first Licensing Agreement with a large Manufacturer that produces Yard and Garden material. In fact they are test marketing my idea in the large Big Box stores as I'm writing this review. So if you have an idea and have no clue of what to do, then your best bet is to get "One Simple Idea". It's affordable and very easy to understand. Stephen wrote it to have anyone who doesn't want to go through the humble-jumble of trying to figure out what he or she is reading about. Just EZ to Read. Shoot...for less than a HOT Pepperoni Pizza, you can get going by getting yourself this book and who yourself the whole Pizza shop!

Keep on Dreaming...You won't regret it!

Ernest Kalani Makainai


The best decision I made. Truly enlightening to hear your wisdom first hand. Joyous and Inspirational. Devouring the book! I have such fun doing what I love to do and now I know how to do it so much better. Thank you Stephen

– Anne C.


Stephen Key changed my prospective on business. Stephen opened my eyes to licensing and I am perfect for this way of business. I have alot of ideas and would not be good at running a business because I get bored easily and want to move on to something new. This is a weakness I am embracing with licensing. This book is great as well as the free inventRight YouTube videos which are gold! I licensed my first idea to a pet company within 1 year of reading this book. Now I'm working on my second deal with the same company. Stephen is very real and cares about people being successful! Thanks Mr. Key you changed my life!

— Mikey K.


A couple of years ago, I was working on an idea for a new product.  I saw your book, picked it up, and followed your instructions.  On August 15th 2015, my product will be going in 500 Home Depots!  Thank you, for your help.

Stephen, your book provided a great blueprint. Highly recommended! Here is an amazing new product which is being offered exclusively by The Home Depot! I purchased the first one in Tennessee yesterday. If your local store doesn't have it yet, please ask for it! 

Minute Molding allows a homeowner to easily upgrade the trim on their interior doors and windows in less than 60 seconds using no tools. You can change the entire look of your home in a couple of hours. Thanks, to everyone who helped to make this product a reality. More designs are in the works! Fleur-de-lis, Craftsman, Greek key, etc...

— Bill Shipp & Nancy Clark Shipp


Reading Stephen Key’s book’s showed me quickly and easily how to present new products ideas and those of my clients to outside companies for licensing consideration. Stephen showed me step by step how to protect new products for as little as $300.00 without the use of an attorney, create a simple sell sheet to explain the product and how to submit them to the largest companies on the planet. Now instead of living in fear that my ideas will be stolen, I shop them around in confidence to all the major manufactures. I can now speak their language and they pick up the phone when I call. Praise the Lord! I am now negotiating my fourth licensing agreement with a global retail leader with 30,000 retail locations. Thank you Stephen for leveling the playing field so us little inventors and product developers can play in the Major Leagues.

– Eric Z


It was a pleasure speaking to you because I find your publications amazing. You have shared business strategies and detailed instructions that not only guide individuals through the process, but also empower them to move forward with their ideas.  Some of my ideas have generated $2000 in a month and some only have generate $200.00 in a month, but I now have the formula in place to launch any idea after reading One Simple Idea. I was able to get my product on the shelves of retailers like Walgreens and Bed Bath & Beyond and I did it by reading your publications. The new product I just launched this summer is already placed at airport concessions.

Not only am I successful in getting major retailers to buy my product, I get great product placement. I didn't know what a sell sheet was until I read your book! My background is in Education, not business.  Your publications have really helped my family and I!!

– Gilda B.


I wanted to thank you both both for your amazing books and videos. I learned so much from them and was able to license a game last year that will go on sale in mid 2015. Thanks again for the amazing materials you guys produce.

– Andy G.


Even when I am on vacation, I travel with my copy of One Simple Idea-I have read the book cover to cover several times and every time find something new I can use. Every other page is dog eared and has my writing in the margins! Here is a picture taken just this morning, on vacation. Below my picture is my testimonial about the most important book I have ever read…in my life.

Snow Shoveling is PAINFUL-The HEFT reduces that PAIN

That is probably one of the shortest and most powerful benefit statements I have ever written. And I have Stephen Key to thank for teaching me how to write it AND successfully license The HEFT. The HEFT is now in over 1,000 stores across Canada. If you are ever going to read just one book in your life…READ One Simple Idea. The book and the man that wrote it are the real deal and I feel that book completely changed my family’s future and I have the sales to back that statement up.

So just what is The HEFT?

My wife and I started the inventing process of the award-winning HEFT in 2008 during one particularly snowy winter in Canada when I knew there just had to be a better way to shovel without straining my back. I have had a very bad back my entire adult life complete with an extensive spinal fusion just 3 months ago so I know a bit about bad backs and how great ergonomics can help.

The HEFT’s main function is to reduce pain and prevent injuries through smart ergonomics. It makes long shaft tools like shovels or rakes instantly ergonomic and reduces back pain associated with bending. The HEFT attaches in less than one second due to the unique, patented opposing locking collars and needs no additional tools or screws to attach it.

Before I touch on the details, look at the timeline. By 2012 we still just had some really ugly handmade prototypes (proof of concept) of The HEFT, but had also won a top award at the National Hardware show in Las Vegas.  Despite the award, we still had no direct plans for manufacturing or distribution. In December 2012 I appeared on the CBC’s Dragons’ Den in Canada with our handmade prototypes and a dream. We had no sales, no business plan and not a whole lot beyond our passion and enthusiasm. Today just 3 ½ years later The HEFT has generated sales in the millions of dollars in Canada and we have also successfully ‘pitched’ The HEFT to the executives at one of the largest TV shopping channels which put The HEFT in front of millions of people in the USA.

When you are a new inventor starting out, it doesn’t matter how much self-confidence you bring to the game. You NEED knowledge as you are in new uncharted territory and the ‘inventing road’ IS hard, difficult and very expensive.  I heard about Stephen Key and then saw him on TV and briefly corresponded by email with Andrew Krauss. I devoured everything on the Invent Right website and read Stephen’s latest book ‘One Simple Idea’ many times. It changed my direction and our lives financially.

I want to personally thank Stephen and Andrew for being the ‘compass in the storm’ when we decided to license The HEFT and to NOT manufacture - which is the route I’d taken with my previous inventions.

The advice and ideas in One Simple Idea were the cornerstones of our lucrative licensing deal.

Without the direction and advice from Stephen Key, I am confident in saying that the road would have been much more difficult. Today our Canadian licensing deal is working perfectly, the DRTV deal is signed and 2016 is going to be a spectacular year. We were able to strike a unique deal with our Canadian partner that licensed The HEFT’s IP, and now we can purchase HEFTs for international sales opportunities without ever having to manufacture it ourselves. We recently stated selling The HEFT through our US website, and are exploring many more opportunities to put the HEFT into the hands of our American neighbours to the south.

As a small token of my appreciation and gratitude, I would like to send you and Andrew a couple of HEFTs to use in your garden or for snow shoveling. If you could please send me the address I will get those shipped out to you ASAP.

Warmest regards and the biggest Thank You!

Marco and Anne Longley
The very proud inventors of The HEFT


What a great read. Stephen, thanks for all the great information.

— Sal L.


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