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What Makes Us Different?

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Our Story

In 2000, Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss discovered they had one thing in common; they realized there were not enough reliable options and resources available to inventors and entrepreneurs with new product ideas. Together, they started inventRight with the goal of doing things differently. While others offered a gamble on "We'll do it for you", the inventRight mission was to empower product developers by teaching them how to license their own products. Today inventRight has grown into a vibrant community that embodies those same values. inventRight’s team of coaches, along with our founders, are here to help you at every step. At inventRight, your success is our success, and we offer you the information, resources, and support you need to realize your goals.

About Personalized Coaching

Our coaches have more experience than anyone in the industry and your success is our first priority. Whether you need a lifeline when you hit a roadblock with your product, or want a mentor you can work with, our coaches are there with the knowledge and expertise you need to turn your idea into a reality. Our innovative approach to licensing is designed to bring your idea to market while reducing unnecessary out-of-pocket costs.

The inventRight approach to licensing reduces legal fees, can save you money on patent applications, and guides you through negotiations all while providing you with a full-time consultant. When you begin the program, your coach will evaluate your idea and provide the best strategy for you. Once you find your potential licensee, Stephen Key and Senior Licensing Coach David Fedewa will step in to provide professional guidance and ensure that you get the licensing deal you want. We care about every student. Our personal touch, along with the support of the entire inventRight community, is what helps our students to be so successful.


Our Mission: Help you bring your ideas to market and get the best deal possible.

Is inventRight a Good Fit for You?

We coach students who have already brought products to market as well as total beginners. Many of our students come to us and have already begun developing their idea, meaning they’ve started or completed the patent process or have already tried to venture on their own. Others come to us with just an idea and the ambition to bring it to market. Our team of coaches has a diverse background and is designed to allow you to develop your idea at any stage in the process. Our students are located in over 50 countries across the globe. Listen to some of their stories here.

While we have helped people from all over the world bring ideas to market in a wide variety of industries, the inventRight one-on-one coaching program isn’t for everyone. We want to work with people we know we can help, and are committed to investing in our students. Like all good relationships, it’s a two-way street! We want you to be as committed to both the program and your ideas as we are. Your success is our success!

Co-Founders Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss discuss why you should join
inventRight One-On-One Coaching Program in the series of videos below.

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Students In Over 60 Countries

With students in over 60 countries participation is not limited to residents of the United States. We are often asked, “Does this work outside of the United States? Can I participate in your program if I live outside of the U.S.?” Our answer is always: Absolutely!

Open innovation is thriving worldwide. Licensing is a global opportunity and you are invited to participate. Our international students work on filing and licensing their intellectual property in the United States before moving forward with licensing intellectual property in the country they reside.

We work with our students the same way no matter where they are located across the globe: Via phone and online communication, email, and our easy-to-use coaching session booking system. Time zones are not an issue.

The inventRight one-on-one coaching program has helped students from all corners of the world! We have had the privilege of working with students in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, France, Zimbabwe, and dozens of others.

Stephen has had the pleasure of being invited to speak about licensing and the inventRight one-on-one coaching program in Australia and Northern Ireland. He always looks forward to sharing his knowledge with other people.

Services Available To Our Students


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What You Get

A personal licensing coach for 6 months.

Expert negotiations advising through every deal.

Write PPA's fast with unlimited access to SmartIP.

An accelerated schedule, designed to help you stay on track and hit your goals.

Access to our online members-only forum.

Weekly live hour-long webinars.

A free sell sheet or video from Design Studio.

A complete education in our ten-step approach to licensing.

Access to intuitive online instructional materials.

Access to inventRight Connect, our database of 1000's of companies.

Information and Advice Offered in the Program

Creating a Marketable Invention
The creative process
Refining ideas
Doing research

Bringing Your Invention to Life
What’s necessary
Your one-sentence benefit statement
Visual evidence
Inexpensive prototyping
Sample sell sheets
Sample work-for-hire forms

Licensing versus Manufacturing
Factors to consider
Risk assessment
Doing research
Where’s the money?

Protecting Your Inventions
What IS a patent?
What’s patentable?
Background research
Choosing a patent attorney
Hidden costs
The reality of rejection
Personal patent experiences
Sample provisional patent applications
Sample non-disclosure agreements
Making Contact
Why we all hate cold calling
Making a hit list
Finding the right way in
Who to call
What to say
Sample cold call script
How to get in using social media

Submitting Your Invention
What you do and don’t need
Understanding corporate America
Visual evidence
Learning from “no”
Sample submission letters

Negotiating Terms
Licensing business terms
Royalty rates
Performance requirements

Policing Your Invention
Maintaining a relationship with
your licensees
Stay in touch with the market
Trade magazines
Ripped off? What now?
Signing a Contract
Reviewing and signing a license
Boiler plate language
Termination clauses
Patent ownership
Patent protection/policing
Attorney input: When? How much?
Contract management
Sample contracts

Litigation – Does Anyone Really Win?
The real cost
Assessing what you want before suing
Pursuing other methods
Planning for the long haul
Negotiating with your own attorneys

Don’t Quit Now – It’s a Numbers Game
Review what you’ve learned
Don’t stop with one invention!
Submit, submit, submit
Multiple licenses = financial gain
Managing your product ideas

How We Help You…


Evaluate your product. Should you pick one project or another? What companies should you call and where do you find them? We help you determine which of your ideas you should move forward with as well as teach you how to invent with the market in mind.


Design your marketing materials. What do you really need to intrigue a potential licensee? We will teach you how to create powerful, effective sell sheets as well as short promotional videos — the tool our students are increasingly utilizing with great success. These tools will do the selling communicate your products uses, benefits and value. They make it so you don’t have to be a pitchman. Really, you’re just delivering a package — a package that effectively does the selling for you.


Learn how to write a provisional patent application. By watching the video trainings done by attorney Damon Kali, you will learn how to start licensing your own PPAs. Filing intellectual property can get expensive, quick. Learning how to file PPAs that have value and stop workarounds on your own has the potential to save you anywhere from $1,500-$3,000 if not much more. Once you file a PPA ($65) you have the right to mark your product “patent pending”.


Negotiate contracts. After negotiating countless agreements on behalf of his students (as well as his own), Stephen knows what to look out for. He has passed down his invaluable insight to Senior Licensing Coach David. When you’re close to cutting a deal, David will help you evaluate it and determine whether or not it’s the right deal for you. You will learn the ins and outs of contract language, including minimum guarantees, royalty rates, term sheets, and important clauses to ensure you get the best deal possible. And, believe it or not, once you experience a few deals with David guiding you, you’ll get it — you’ll be able to tackle negotiations, the most difficult part of licensing, on your own.


Flat Fee. The inventRight one-on-one coaching program is designed to empower you to navigate the entire licensing process from an idea to your deal on the table. We care about the success of every student, and that’s why we don’t take a percentage of anything you make, and will never surprise you with hidden costs. The best part? What you’ve learned never goes away, and our coaches are always here if you need them.

Our goal is to enable you to do every aspect of licensing on your own after your experience with us, for life! We make sure to give you the resources you need so that companies will want to work with you. Experience the difference that personalized and professional coaching makes with inventRight!

Featured Webinar Guests

See these and other speakers on our weekly, members-only webinars

Successful Products from Our Members

Woof Washer 360
Over 100 million views on Facebook.
Selling on TV, Walmart, Target,
PetSmart, and other major retailers.
ZipIt Clean
Over 10’s of millions sold in Walmart,
Home Depot, Lowes, Target and
other major retailers worldwide.
The universal solution for carrying nearly
any product. Over 1500 SKUs. Top
selling accessory at the Apple Store.
Snap It Screw
Over 15 million kits sold globally.
The user-friendly eyeglass repair kit.
Value instantly recognized by consumers.
Nokero Bulb
Over 1.3 Million bulbs distributed in over
120 countries, including Haiti, Uganda,
Cambodia & elsewhere.
Grip Go
Over 4 million sold. The universal phone
mount for your car that allows
you to talk and drive safely.
One of the top 10 sellings toys of 2015!
Found in every major retailer.
Designed to inspire kids imaginations.
Worlds first combination lock
using words. Sold in over 12,000
stores worldwide.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re proud of our low return rate, and we work hard to ensure it stays that way. If you’re not happy with the program after 30 days, we will offer you a refund*

We are here to help! Do you have more questions about inventRight? Schedule a call and a member of our team will contact you at the time of your choice.
Ready to get started?

Sign up today and get started right away. After you sign up you will be assigned a coach and given orientation materials - the first steps on your path to success.

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inventRight is the world's leading expert on product licensing. Cofounded by Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss in 1999, it has since helped people from more than 60 countries license their ideas for new products.

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