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Breaking Through The Red Tape To Sell Your Ideas

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.

— Seth Godin

It’s a fantastic time to be a creative person. Because speed to market is so important, companies around the world need us now more than ever. They are looking to us for new and novel ideas. And why wouldn’t they? Embracing open innovation lowers their costs and increases their competitiveness.

Open innovation has unlocked so many doors of opportunity. But just because these doors are open does not mean our success is guaranteed.

I have been licensing my ideas for more than 30 years. Since 1999, Andrew Krauss and I have been teaching inventors how to license their own ideas. We know what it takes to succeed at this game.

The step inventors have the most trouble with is getting in, and that’s why we decided to write this guide. Getting In will teach you everything you need to know about how to land your idea in front of the right people at the right company at the right time. We have gathered every bit of insight we have in one place to help you.

11 Benefits of Getting In

After reading Getting In, you will know:

1. How to find the right company for your product.

2. What you need to protect yourself.

3. How to determine who within the company to submit your sell sheet to.

4. What to say and what not to say.

5. What companies to avoid.

6. How to increase your chances of success.

7. How to get your licensee to say yes.

8. Why some companies say no.

9. How to use social media sites like LinkedIn to get in.

10. How to follow up.

11. How to get into big companies.

Here is what others are saying about Stephen's techniques for Getting In:

"I have really been enjoying your books etc., I am working on compiling a list of companies that might be a good fit to contact.  One company had a place to submit your idea, there was a box to click to agree to their terms.  I read through it and basically they want your idea, want to be protected legally, but do not want to pay you anything!  (Thanks so much for telling us to read the fine print and warning us that some companies might try and do this!)"

—Kendra A., Inventor


"Stephen’s techniques for cold calling alone are invaluable. Highly recommended!"
— Tim Ferriss, Best Selling Author, 4-Hour Work Week


"Stephen Key is the real deal. He gives inventors and independent designers like myself the skill set and confidence required to get in the door with these big companies, and land a great licensing deal.”

— John P., Inventor

"Stephen & Andrew provided me with both the knowledge and confidence to approach these large corporate distribution channels. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to call these companies. Knowing the right answers to their questions was key, and Stephen & Andrew had me completely prepared."

— Dixie D., Inventor


"One of my biggest fears was the dreaded cold call, however after learning Stephen & Andrew's system it has become the most exciting and enjoyable part of the process. I now realize I’m making opportunity calls to companies and there’s no better way to get instant feedback from the people who matter most then by asking one simple question. A CEO called me – a new inventor – I now have a new friend and mentor all because I made one call and asked one simple question. Thank You Stephen & Andrew! I’m getting nothing but great feedback."

— Joseph S., Inventor


"From Stephen and Andrew I've gained the ability to easily speak to companies and have the ear of people whom I never before felt would listen.  I've learned to present my products in ways that get me noticed and remembered."

— J. Andre, Inventor

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