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Congratulations On Licensing Your Idea, Michael!

Congratulations Michael G. on licensing your product idea! 

"Pretty much my whole life I've been coming up with new ways to do things. Only in the last recent years have I given serious thought to trying to monetize the things I come up with. I knew my ideas were solid, because I kept seeing them pop up on shelves.

I would think to myself, "I thought of that years ago...."

I reached out to all sorts of friends, companies, and investors trying to figure out a method to get my ideas to market. I achieved various levels of success, but never landed a deal. 

Then I found Stephen Key's book One Simple Idea and realized that I might have found a roadmap. 

I lurked his YouTube videos on inventRight TV for a while and got pretty close to my goal of landing a deal, but never quite crossed the finish line. I knew there was more to learn, so I joined the program.

Joining the coaching program has taken a large amount of wasted time and uncertainty out of the process and helped me complete my goal of signing a deal. 

I'm a pretty hard-headed guy that wants to get things done, but there really is no replacement for having a team behind you helping you along. 

Thank you to all the staff at inventRight. You guys are awesome." — Michael G. 

Thank you for trusting us to help you commercialize your creativity.

Note: As a precaution, we do not disclose what the licensed idea is until it hits the market. We will update this post with a link to purchase Michael's product when it hits the market. 

Congratulations Michael on licensing your invention!
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Sunday, 26 September 2021

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