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In 2019, Embrace the Power of One Simple Idea to Change Your Life!


My life is remarkable. I live in Lake Tahoe, one of the beautiful places on the planet. I take trips with my family and friends to exotic locations for weeks at a time.

It wasn’t always this way.

When I was in my twenties and just starting out as an entrepreneur, I struggled to provide myself with the basics. The apartment I lived in was modest, with not much more than a bed, bathroom, kitchen, and television. I did not have a job. My side hustles made me a little income, but not much. Still, I was happy. Not content -- happy. I had a roof over my head, food in the refrigerator, and a secret, powerful belief: That one idea could change everything.

During a time when I had to call my father to pick me up again when my car broke down, my friends were buying houses and getting married. In their eyes, I was struggling. I could tell they thought I was a loser. No one actually said this, but they didn’t need to. I could feel it.

But I didn’t let it bother me -- and you shouldn’t either. If you’ve thought, “Can I really do this?” I know how you feel. I doubted myself at times too. I never gave up hope, though. Sure, things weren’t going that well. But I had discovered that I loved working with my hands to create new products. It filled me with joy. In fact I remember telling a friend that I felt like “the richest man in the world.”

When I needed to hear it the most, he told me everything would be fine. How could I forget that? You will need the support of good friends along your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. I never gave up hope because I believed in the power of an idea to change everything. That was enough motivation for me. I think it is for most entrepreneurs.

You should never count anyone out, regardless of where they are financially in that moment. Eventually -- because I kept looking for it -- I found my big idea. It wasn’t easy, but with determination and faith, I brought it to market.

1. Believe in yourself. This step is listed first for a reason. First, you must believe you can. Everyone is looking for the key to success. If only it were that simple. You must consider the long game. After thirty years of self-employment, I’ve reached the following conclusions.

2. Get educated. We are living in the age of information. Seek out teachers who have walked the walk. Take advantage of the incredible wealth of resources available today, many of which are free.

3. Work hard. There is no substitution for hard work.

4. Be determined. Anyone who has ever done something courageous has been rejected. Don’t balk at the first sign of trouble. 

5. Take chances. The more open you are to opportunity, the more opportunities you will have.

6. Learn from others. There is so much you can learn on your own, but if you want to learn fast, seek out mentors. Who has time to waste?

7. Take jobs that will add new skills to your toolkit. What do you want to get paid to learn? When you look at employment that way, there really is no bad job -- only what you make of it.

8. Get out of your comfort zone. Easier said than done. When was the last time you did something that made you uncomfortable? Challenge yourself to keep growing and evolving.

9. Find your tribe. The support of like-minded people is crucial, especially for dreamers and doers.

10. Remain the last person standing. Most people lose because they quit. They run out of steam. Pace yourself, and focus on the long game.

Remember, you only fail if you quit. Waking up each morning is a lot easier when you get to work on projects you personally value and are interested in. So don’t make the mistake of letting your current situation define you.  

If I Could Just Get On Shark Tank!

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Thursday, 17 January 2019

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