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How Do You License Your Idea? Over 400 Free Videos Are Just Waiting For You!

How Do You License Your Idea? Over 400 Free Videos Are Just Waiting For You!
Have you taken advantage of the hundreds of videos about licensing on inventRight TV, our YouTube channel? You should! The inventRight team of Andrew Krauss, Stephen Key, David Fedewa, and Amy Jo Brogan have created over 400 videos to help you license your ideas and inventions. These videos provide all the steps you need to license your ideas to in...
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Royalty Rates - How to get a Higher One!

Royalty Rates - How to get a Higher One!
Royalty rates are an important party of licensing – after all, it’s how you get paid! Everybody wants to know: how do I get the highest royalty rate? First let me tell you that royalty rates average about 5%. Over and over, across different industries and lots of different products, a royalty rate of 5% is standard. Once in awhile it might be 3% if...
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