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Hear what students have to say about inventRight, One Simple Idea, and Stephen Key!

Number One

Best Selling Toy at Fat Brain Toys for
Christmas 2015.

Scott's Squigz™ Remain The

"Never doubt the influence and impact of your efforts Stephen. Here’s another feather for your cap. Forever grateful my friend." — Scott Baumann

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

"I have to thank my personal coach Amy Jo, and the entire inventRight team for the encouragement and all the key tools necessary to become a professional, successful product developer. I couldn’t have done it without them. Looking forward to licensing more products in the future!” — Jeremy

Congratulations Jeremy

He Licensed His Product

In Just 3 Months!

The consultant from the University of North Florida was worthless, but the inventRight coach, Judy DePrang, was invaluable. I successfully licensed SunStop Visors less than 3 months after becoming an inventRight student. — Michael D.

Congratulations Michael

Still Collecting Royalties

InventRight served as our support team as we navigated the negotiation process licensing our product. We found the breadth of background knowledge through inventRight to be helpful in understanding the various aspects of a deal. InventRight definitely helped us get much better terms than we would have gotten on our own. — Hetal & Eva

Congratulations Hetal & Eva

After All These Years!

Another Hit Toy

With Fat Brain Toys

"Never doubt the influence and impact of your efforts Stephen. Here’s another feather for your cap. Forever grateful my friend." – Scott

Scott Baumann Launches

Just Signed His
Licensing Agreement

"Thank you for your wonderful support that helped me reach this significant achievement. No doubt the inventRight system is working. I'm always focused on the next step."
— Tomer

Tomer from Israel

10's of Millions Sold

"Stephen puts it into a very Easy To Follow Process. Product Developing, Inventing, Patenting, and Licensing, has been my life, and I have made $Millions…
YOU CAN TOO!!!" – Gene L.

Congratulations Gene!

Licensing Your Idea!

From idea to product on the shelf in 12 months. InventRight works!!!
— Tushar

Congratulations Tushar On

Seven Figure Deal

Licensing Her Product!

"Stephen Key is the real deal. Without his knowledge and willingness to share it, I would not have been able to successfully bring my own product to market." – Nancy T.

Nancy Got A

You Just Licensed

21 Products At Once!

Thanks for teaching me the ropes and providing encouragement at every step. I’m having a blast!” — Arleta D.

Congratulations Arleta

Over 40 worldwide licensed products

responsible for producing more than

"InventRight provides the map, but Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss are experienced licensing sherpas there by your side to guide you all the way to the top." — Scott

inventRight Student Scott Baumann has

$30 million in gross retail sales.

$1 Million By Two

Of The Sharks

"Stephen has been a guiding light every single step of the way. I can honestly say Stephen has been an instrumental “Key” to my success." – Alvin Uy

Alvin & Ray Got Offered


The Toy Box!

Congratulations Ryan On

You Just Licensed FitWhisk

Everyone has ideas. Those ideas only become a reality when the right actions are taken. As a successful business woman, certified personal trainer, and fitness model, I had an idea on how to create a healthier fitness mixing bottle for nutritional supplements. I made a few very costly mistakes until I found InventRight. Within one year, I was able to secure a licensing agreement. I encourage you to take full advantage of the amazing resources offered by the InventRight team. — Angela Dayton

Congratulations Angela

Licensing Your

Bikini Bands

Like a fine oiled machine, the inventRight team helped me through every step of the way. The knowledge and encouragement I received from my coach Terry was absolutely invaluable. — Candice

Congratulations Candice On

For Licensing Your

Pet Toy!

"I am so thankful for Stephen and Andrew because they changed my life and boosted my overall confidence!! The feeling of securing your first deal is exhilarating to say the least! Thank you to the entire inventRight team!!" — Michael K.

Congratulations Michael

Just Published His First Book!

All that I want to say is -- Because of InventRight -- Here I Am Today.
My book "TOWARDS THIN AIR" published by LifeRich Publishing an imprint of "Readers Digest" Launched Globally and the response is very good within the first two weeks. – Dr. Vijay Malur

inventRight Student Vijay Malur


Another Idea

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your accessibility and willingness to talk things through with me. I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find such valuable advice at such a fair price. – Howie Busch

inventRight Coach Howie Busch

Plastic rings are going to

go away forever thanks to

your great innovation!

"It's been an incredible journey, one that could not have taken place without you." – Kevin L.

Congratulations Kevin.

Launching Your Drip Clip!

I want to personally thank Stephen, David and Andrew at inventRight for helping me navigate through the journey of having an idea for a product, to seeing it on store shelves! Without the support of the inventRight program, I wouldn't be where I am today. — Greta L.

Congratulations Greta On

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

My coaches kept me focused and helped me set achievable goals to keep my project moving and get the contract over the line. The inventRight coaches were with me every step of the way. I can’t thank inventRight enough. — Laura T.

Congratulations Laura from Ireland

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

I finally signed my first licensing agreement! Thank you InventRight!! You're a dream come true!! — Ryan A.

Congratulations Ryan

Over 37 Million Zip-It

Drain Cleaners

"I have followed these basic steps for years in my own product developing and inventing business. Stephen puts it into a very easy to follow process." — Gene L,

Congratulations Gene For Selling

Your Product Is In


Thank you, this would not have been possible without you. Thanks for presenting this opportunity to me. — Juan H.

Congratulations Juan and Charity

Your Connect A Clip Is Now

Sold On

inventRight coaches make themselves available when you need them and provide a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions. – Chris G.

Congratulations Chris & Jeff

Walgreens & Walmart

"I have successfully licensed FasciaDerm to a major Company.


— Donald B.

Don's Product Is Available Nationwide In

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

If you have a good idea and want to see it become a success, then Stephen Key and his team are invaluable. “Join InventRight” is among the best advice I can give to a fellow inventor. — Frank C.

Congratulations Frank

He Just Signed His First

Licensing Deal!

The money spent on Stephen’s book and inventRight coaching is insignificant compared to their value. If you want to make money on your ideas, I strongly recommend them both. — Barton W.

Congratulations Barton

From Australia For

Licensing Your First Idea!

The inventRight process itself is well thought out and very clear with massive amounts of back up material to answer any questions. Being part of the inventRight family meant you never felt alone, even though I live in Australia and felt like a total foreigner in the American market. — Martin L.

Congratulations Martin L.

$460,000 For His Product

If you're and idea maker, a tinkerer, an inventor, and don't know how to take your idea to the next level, Stephen's course along with the mentoring will be key in your success. – Miguel V.

Miguel Raised Over

On Kickstarter & Signed A
Licensing Agreement!

Switchkick Now

Sold In Guitar Center

"Stephen’s system actually worked... and exactly like you said it would!" – Kevin S.

Congratulations Kevin.

You Just Licensed Your

Product, Obscure!

My coaches AmyJo and David have been incredibly encouraging and supportive, making the whole process enjoyable and fun. I highly, highly recommend inventRight to anyone interested in licensing their ideas. — Dave C.

Congratulations Dave

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

Thanks for empowering so many people. Lives are being transformed for the better. The quality of the inventRight program and the care that you have for others is incredible. — Bryan C.

Congratulations Bryan

I am in a village in India

and playing the biggest

InventRight is sure making a difference. It still feels surreal to me. — Sathish M

game in the world.

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

InventRight takes what can seem like an overwhelming journey from “idea to launch” and breaks it into to very simple and attainable steps. — Donielle S.

Congratulations Donielle

In Over

40 Countries!

Our students prove that you can license your ideas from anywhere in the world!

inventRight Students

Bed Bath & Beyond &

The Container Store

If my company and product make up my body, then Stephen and inventRight are my right arm! I would not be where I am today without their inspriation and guidance! –Allan T.

Allan's Product Is Now In

For Licensing TWO of

Your Ideas!

Yes, a small town boy from Merced, California can have his products sold in every AutoZone in the US! Thank you Stephen! I tell EVERYONE who you are and what you do for people!" — James S.

Congratulations James S.

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

I always knew that the InventRight team had my back. inventRight gave me the tools that I needed to present my marketing materials to companies, knowledge and support I needed to feel confident in calling companies and negotiating the contract. — Paula R.

Congratulations Paula

Licensed His Idea

"I have Stephen Key to thank for teaching me how to successfully license The HEFT. The HEFT is now in over 1,000 stores across Canada." — Marco L.

Marco From Canada

Over 12,000 Stores

World Wide!

"Stephen gave me substantial concrete feedback, gained from years of his taking ideas and turning them into successful products." – Todd B.

Todd's Product Is In

For Licensing Two Ideas

With Two More Coming!

The inventRight process works again and again! I love that I can think of product ideas for completely different industries and the same inventRight process allows me to successfully license all of them! — Brayton

Congratulations Brayton

Product Launch

With Cuisinart!

My Dual Dutch Oven will be in approx. 3,000 stores all over the US. As we speak, we’re also discussing Europe as a market as well. One spin-off of cutting this deal, are additional +20 ideas within the same category – outdoor grilling. Thank you inventRight! — Staffan

Congratulations Staffan on your

Your Product Is Selling

At Lowes!

Having spent the last 11 years doing everything the hard way, I can certainly appreciate the methods that you’re teaching. Andrew and Stephen are a great team, and I’m constantly learning new things from you guys. — Joel T.

Congratulations Joel

Available Nationwide

"I'm kicking myself for not finding inventRight years ago. I can't believe I ever attempted this on my own!" – Ryan

Ryan's Woof Washer 360

At Walmart, Petco, PetSmart,

Target, HSN, Amazon, & More!

He Just Signed A Six

Figure Book Deal!

Stephen didn’t need to reach out. He didn’t need to make introductions. But he helped me grow! Literally everybody wins. All because of fearless generosity with his connections and time. — Daniel D.

Congratulations Daniel

For Licensing Two

Product Ideas!

I believe the inventRight community offers the most comprehensive and tactical guide to becoming a successful licensing product inventor. — Ryan B.

Congratulations Ryan

Nokero Solar

I highly recommend that entrepreneurs learn the 10 step inventRight system because it greatly reduces the risk and accelerates the path from idea to product. — Steve Katsaros

Steve Katsaros Used What
He Learned To Start

You Just Signed Your First

Licensing Agreement!

I LICENSED my product! You can finally add me to your list of inventRight Students that got their first contract. It will appear soon in an As Seen on TV ad campaign. What a roller coaster ride it has been! Every single day I recall your advice to just "keep moving it forward." And it worked! — Susan

Congratulations Susan

She Just Signed Her First

Licensing Agreement!

Joining inventRight has undoubtedly provided me with the foundation I needed to get in the game, and Coach David helped bring it all home for the win! David's expertise in licensing has been one of the strongest assets to building my business. Thank you inventRight! — Lynn S.

Congratulations Lynn

Licensing His First Idea

“inventRight has been priceless. I would have been absolutely lost if I tried to figure all of this out on my own. Thank you Stephen & everyone at inventRight!”
– J. Andre

Congratulations J. Andre For

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

Thank you all for creating the platform, providing all the information and communicating a successful roadmap that is easy, fun, fulfilling and very simple to follow that road to success. — Sharon

Congratulations Sharon

She Just Licensed

Her First Idea!

"It's hard to put into words what you have truly given me. YOU and the inventRight family have empowered me to believe in myself and that I can learn. YOU are changing lives!" — Tina S.

Congratulations Tina

They Have Licensed

Over 20 Products!

We bought your program and began to throw our ideas out there. You and Andrew were fantastic and continue to be such a great resource for aspiring inventors. — Laura & Latham G.

Congratulations Latham & Laura

Licensed His Idea

"Thanks for all your assistance which was
fundamental in pulling the agreement terms
together." — Craig C.

Australian Student Craig

For Licensing Your Product!

We are orthodontists who co-created an improved method of bite correction for teeth-straightening aligner systems, such as Invisalign. inventRight illuminated the path from idea inception to product reality with clear, actionable steps. Our coach Terry was always there for us, guiding us throughout our journey. We simply could not have done it without inventRight on our team! — Doctors Cetta & Kaye

Congratulations Doctors Cetta & Kaye

The #1 Selling Posture-Corrective

Therapy Back Brace In The World.

"This takes guts, but if you follow the inventRight method you achieve goals effortlessly. Its about sticking to the that works!! The best investment we have made to date is becoming students of the inventRight system. Thanks guys, we are well on our way to unlimited success." — Marina P.

Congratulations Marina On Almost 1 Million Sold!

He Just Licensed

His First Idea!

"The whole INVENTRIGHT team has a vast amount of knowledge, this is something that you can't get at ANY cost." — Gene K.

Congratulations Gene!

For Signing Your 2nd

Licensing Deal!

With AmyJo's and David’s help, I was able to negotiate a better deal with a company, Now I’m excited in anticipation of seeing my product marketed nationally (and hopefully internationally as well). — Dave C.

Congratulations Dave



All active duty and veteran U.S. Military members
receive a 15% discount.

inventRight is proudly dedicated to

To One Company!

“With deep gratitude I acknowledge the importance of the inventRight program in my success. Thanks inventRight team for your infectious enthusiasm for licensing, you are the best investment for inventors who want to make money with their creations.” – Damien T. - Canada

He Did It! Damien Just Licensed 7 Ideas

He Just Licensed

His First Idea!

With the help of my fantastic coach David, and then with Stephen jumping in with his 75 MPH speed power, it happened! I LICENSED MY IDEA! — Yehuda G.

Congratulations Yehuda G.

Venturing Your Idea!

It's Selling At

I wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work. We are experiencing excellent month-over-month sales growth, and have just nibbled the edges of the opportunity ahead of us. — Corey K.

Congratulations Corey On The Success With

Signed A Licensing

Deal For His Idea

I honestly think that anyone thinking of getting into the world of licensing would be making a big mistake not joining InventRight. – Howie Busch

Congratulations inventRight Coach Howie Busch

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testI can’t say enough about how impressed I am with inventright and their network of inventors. A huge part of my job is working within the inventor community and the inventright students never disappoint. Their product ideas and presentations are always clear, concise and delivered in a way that makes them easy to evaluate. Their level of professionalism and preparedness is second to none. All of these factors make working with inventright and their inventors a great experience.

— John Hurley, All-Star Products Group

star pod

grandfusionbrendanA few things I can tell you I really like about the inventRight students:

  • They’re coming to us with good conceptual renderings of their ideas which often includes a really nice catalog page and sometimes a Youtube demo.
  • They have all been very polite and respectful of our time.
  • We try to share some constructive feedback when we pass on an idea and they seem very appreciative of this.
  • They are coming to us with a certain level of trust which is very helpful and we can thank you for your role in that.
  • They seem to have very realistic expectations regarding the amount of time required to develop and launch an item…
  • Many of them are very good at design and they often have really good renderings and even CAD drawings which helps us confirm tooling and production costs so we can further vet ideas to see if we can price them competitively.

— Brendan Bauer, Co-Founder, Co-President, Grand Fusion

I have known inventRight CoFounders Stephen and Andrew for many years and truly respect their endless enthusiasm for helping guide aspiring inventors and product developers to market, as well as the many innovations they have helped inspire. The inventright model is a unique one, a blue ocean strategy in many ways. I don't think anyone else provides the type of ongoing support to inventors over a sustained period of time. As a person who runs Open Innovation programs for several industry leading companies and actively reviews a large number of product submissions each week, I always enjoy hearing from inventright students. They stand out in my mind as creative, motivated, focused, polite and always willing to listen and adapt. I always have time for them. Please keep those inventright submissions coming!

— Leading Industry Scout

Rich Mazel HasbroI would like to thank you guys because I was an inventor, I was looking around, should I manufacture, how do I get a prototype, how do I come up with the sketch or whatever. As you know there are a lot of people that can take you down the wrong path, so I appreciate very much you guys out there doing a great service

for inventors teaching them the right ways to do it.You’re giving them right feedback.

There are companies out there convincing people to spend tons and tons of money on IP and fancy brochures and stuff like that.

— Rich Mazel Senior Director of Product Acquisition, Hasbro


What Our Students Say...

I just want to take an opportunity to thank you for everything you're doing for the inventors' community, and even more importantly how you're doing it.

A few months ago, I decided to bring my idea to life after 10 years of taking no action. I started doing research and I was overwhelmed with the process, like I was a decade ago. I was going to let it go AGAIN, but then I came across your Youtube videos and I started thinking about the process in terms of small steps that I could take each day or week, rather than an overwhelming mountain in front of me. Within weeks I watched dozens &... Read More

Maggie P.

Paul Sorensen has be beyond amazing and has gone beyond the call of being a coach. I'm self employed and work 6 days a week and hate how I have no motivation at the end of a long day to try and find and contact companies. Paul has been so patient with me and always makes me feel better about being busy. This last Thanksgiving Paul and I were able to meet for the first time as he was visiting family near my home. As always he gave me more tips that helped with my prototype. I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to work with Paul.

Thomas N.

Stephen, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to you and Andrew for creating inventRight. I think you guys are setting the tone for those serving the inventor community and will follow. Up until now it has been, "Give me 3, 5, 7 thousand dollars and we can make all your dreams come true". I have fell victim to some of these scams. They are only fleecing the inventor community. inventRight is a different program and most people do not know. The days of thinking up something and letting the wheel go (I did that) are past. I have always believed instead of giving them the corn, teach e'm... Read More

Michael S.

Signing up for the inventRight program has brought me to the next level with my patented equipment. Ryan Diez has been an amazing coach. I look forward to bringing my equipment across the finish line with your team. Thank you so much!

Kyle T.

I am extremely happy with my coaching experience. Judy DePrang keeps me on task and delivers usable feedback. Coaching is the perfect way to break down a major task into digestible chunks of doable tasks; and Judy is great at keeping the focus for me, as I am brand new to licensing. Anyone who thinks they can stay on task and focused on their own may have super powers; but since I do not possess superhuman abilities, I am happy to know that Judy is there for me.

Lesley J

I just want to personally thank you for what you have done for me. i am a student at inventRight and you helped change my mindset on my ideas and how I am going to license them now. I just want to thank you for creating the company that you did. It is not every day where you find someone successful who truly shares their story and secrets to success and wants their students to be successful as well. Please keep up the Brilliant Work!

Thank you again!

Michael C

I was playing tennis a few months back when the following text appeared on my cell phone: Can you talk? The text came from a business partner who was in Chicago pitching my latest invention. After almost 20 years of failure, I had received my first licensing deal.

I've had many mentors over that 20 year period, but at the top of the list, the ones who really showed me how to get it done, is Stephen Key and InventRight.

Inventright and its amazing coaches showed me the way: find One Simple Idea, market it clearly, and most of all, never give up.

Thank you Stephen Key and... Read More

David N

As an entrepreneur, I strive to be the best entrepreneur I can be. I have taken my entrepreneur journey from wholesaling to now becoming a product developer. Joining InventRight has been one of the best decision I have made. The coaching that I have received from InventRight is by far the best, my coach Arleta Daniels is a big reason for my success. I look forward to becoming a great coach like my coach Arleta Daniels and helping other product developers and entrepreneurs so I can help them reach their goal.

Tamar M

I would suggest the inventRight boot camp. All of the tools and learning is right at your fingertips. I’m in the boot camp program and my coach Ryan rocks. The wealth of knowledge and the nurturing of an inventor grows like a fine wine. When you're done, you will want to and will succeed and then feel so alive and grateful for such mentorship. IMO

Gino M.

I wanted to express my gratitude for your amazing "abundance mentality mindset," as Stephen Covey would say. Sharing many 'tricks of the trade' and so often for free is such a testament to your character. Your knowledge, experience, and passion has been such an inspiring example! The coaching structure is such a "key" ingredient! (No pun intended!) When Jon first paired me with Judy DePrang as my coach one year ago, he was spot on! Judy has been an amazing coach! I look forward to every conversation because she is at her best when I through the curve, change up or knuckle ball. (Never a... Read More

Jeff P

Years of business experience have left me rather guarded about my business associations. American commerce is replete with slick sales presentations, lofty promises and contractual fine print and the invention business has more than its share of this.

I have worked with inventRight for over a year now and will tell you, without reservation, that you'll find none of this at inventRight. What you will find is authentic and time-tested knowhow about product licensing in a simple and tidy ten step process. This knowledge will challenge your preconceptions about successful licensing and... Read More

Phil C., MBA

I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude, my appreciation and my 2 cents about inventRight, not just inventRight, but the family. I made a last minute decision to attend the Houswares show in Chicago and I was able to meet with the inventRight GANG led by none other than Sylvia! Sylvia is amazing, her style, her grace, her compassion, the way she approached exhibitors, the way she rallied us... just nothing shy of fun and comforting. Meeting my coach, Paul Sorenson, completely morphed a phone voice into a friend who simply enjoys the success of others and strives to be the rock... Read More

Jeff S.

I am a current inventRight student who has benefited immensely from your books, videos and now as a student. Thank you for creating such helpful content, without which I wouldn't have dared to try being a product developer. I'm having fun and getting closer every day thanks to you and your team!

Jennifer D

I can honestly say that your program has been more impactful than the time I had during my undergrad. Shortly after 2016 graduation, I was working with a F500 company- I felt deflated that Corporate America wasn't what it was hyped up to be. I was feeling more lost and discouraged than ever..

After reading several books, OSI greatly impacted my purpose. You helped me realize product development would be the skill that I ultimately want to master in life. I never had an internal vibration feel so certain. The iR program is so well structured, the content is relevant, and gave me a... Read More

Alex W.

Thank you Stephen! I owe it to you for your inspirational groundbreaking book "One Simple Idea"! Another huge factor is how you have structured your organization to genuinely coach students to actually LEARN the process of licensing. My coach Paul Sorenson has helped me tremendously in so many ways.

Thank you again Stephen and Paul so much!!!

Dave B

I mean, talk about full service licensing guidance, the best thing I ever did was re-sign up with you and Andrew. I rarely need to hear stuff like this and, when I do, it comes from my mom or 7 year old. Today, I was incosolable about a rejection from a company. And then I read this article. Perked right back up, and started focusing on all the companies I have yet to hear from. Back on track thanks to you. Seriously, Stephen, thank you for what you do, you are so damn good at this!!!

Jeannie K.

I just wanted to say that the experience of inventRight and the course as a whole is an incredibly wonderful thing; it truly pushes the boundaries of what I see possible in our 9-to-5-job society and how breathtakingly simple it can be to become successful in life! Although my 6 months' time is up and I still haven't seen an incredible amount of interest from many companies as of now, I simply keep going with it and working towards my goal of being a successful licensor.

As a junior in high school who trudges through each day and endures being asked what school he'll go to or who he wants... Read More

Nick D

Bringing worthy product ideas to market that solve a problem and help people is a developer's goal. I'm finding that inventRight's 10 Step approach and the personal assistance they provide is "Priceless".

I'm in negotiations right now, with my first product to come to market in 2018. My Coach Ryan Diez and Negotiations Coach David Fedewa have been so very valuable to me on my journey. This is the MOST FUN I've ever had in business, and it is so doable. Which is why I'm already teeing up Idea #2.

Got ideas, folks? Read Stephen's book, and sign-up ASAP. "One Simple Idea's"... Read More

Garth P.

My mentor and now business partner reminds me from time to time that "good is the enemy of great when he asks me what does every world class athlete have ? and I first responded 'oh I don't know-a good coach" and he replied "No !! A world class coach" !! That's how I feel about you and inventRight ,therefore I am extremely grateful !
Lastly, I want to share with you how your life work that was later"'paid forward" in your books inspired me ! One of my earliest mentors Mike Murdock ( known the Father of Wisdom) from Texas was once questioned candidly by a student of his ;as to why he... Read More

Amber M

I just want to tell you my experiences with my coach Judy DePrang has been amazing! I have finished Boot Camp training with Judy and she has wrestled, encouraged and held me accountable through these 6 months. I have learned and grown so much. It doesn't stop! Each week she takes me to another challenge, uncharted waters and more anxiousness but by the end of the conversation, ( I don't know how she does it!) she brings a calmness and encouragement that supports my fragile confidence. She's the best! Listening to your weekly webinars, I have been impressed with the other coaches... Read More

Jeff P

Thank You Stephen Key for always writing articles that keep my passion for inventing ignited ! My inventright experience and education has been priceless !!


The words Thank You are not large enough to express my appreciation for all your assistance in signing my FIRST contract.

From Steven's and Andrew's InventRight platform, to AmyJo's help with the Sell Sheet, Scott's assistance with communicating with the brand company and of course David's assistance with the contract.

I tried to venture a product and it took years and way too much money and was unsuccessful.

With this process I can invent and roll out more products faster and cheaper then venturing. I love the process from idea to seeing that idea in a rendered state. As much as I... Read More

Sharon C

During my year in inventRight, you all have provided me with support and through encouragement and guidance, I’ve been able to bring out my hidden talent/ ideas. I remembered, Andrew’s welcoming email and I thought, "it’s really awesome that I got an email from one of the founders and he liked my idea!” Also, Stephen giving feedbacks and direction with all my sell sheets. Double awesome. It’s been great interacting and knowing each one of you.

My Licensing skills started from the scratch and I know I still have a Lot to learn. To be patient and deal/speak professionally. I... Read More


You're very helpful to all your students. Humble, natural and a real person to talk to. It was fun learning some strategies from the mozart of licensing. I thank God for Inventright.

May L.

"You guys are the best crew ever! Thanks for your support and your patience with me.”

Madeline M.

The information and steps from the contacting companies, getting potential licensees, and toy industry videos were very beneficial in helping me already gain interest from a toy company for my basketball goal toy. I was able to get a reply from the company Wham-O simply by going on their website and clicking the tab that says "Have an Idea?". Through here I was able to follow yours and my coach Ryan Diez's advice on not selling the product, but gauging the interest of the company and their procedures for submitting material.

By doing the steps that were shown to me I was able to gain... Read More

Derek L

inventRight is awesome! The knowledge that Stephen, Andrew, coaches, and their guests give is priceless. I have never seen or heard of this kind of information that gives you great tools to be successful without spending thousands of dollars. Success comes with the right information and tools, and that's what inventRight does. I would recommend inventRight to anyone who wants to bring their products to market.

Wanda C

It was a hard slog and I was starting to loose faith in myself and my product but I just kept chipping away at it. It's hard to pull yourself up after getting no response or rejections to emails. I found it to be a psychological battle to keep going but I got there. I know I have more to do to land the deal but I feel I have turned a corner at last. All of this would not have been possible without your help and Inventright team.

Laura T

I want you to know that this program, and your coaching has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am still a bit awkward, and have quite a ways to go; but just recently realized how far I have come. I am so glad I decided to join the inventRight family, and having you as a coach, cheer leader, and wonderful and compassionate mentor was the icing on the cake. It is directly because of that I have been able to grow, become more confidant; and a bit more brave. For all this I can never thank you enough.


I landed my very first Royalty License Deal. It was quite a journey starting out in late 2015. I actually signed up to inventRight in 2015 and started working with coach David Fedewa. Looking back I probably did not start out with a good product idea (honestly looking at my old idea maybe I wouldn't even use it myself I just thought it was good) Anyway after 5 months of going through the steps I was not getting anywhere so with the help and advice of coach David we decided to work on both old and my new idea.
So I came out with a brand new outdoor game. I made a really good sell's sheet with... Read More

Leonel G.

I'd like a second of your time, to tell you how much I have enjoyed having Ryan Diaz as my coach. The good lord has truly blessed me with the ideal coach for me. During my coaching sessions no matter what the subject we talked about I feel so motivated and enthused about being a product developer. He doesn't just motivate me to move forward in the inventing process he encourages me to work on multiple products at a time. Therefore I know with his guidance, and inventRight behind me with negotiations, I have no fear. Thank you Stephen for creating such an awesome company.


I wanted to wright and say thank you to you and your outstanding team at invent right. Like many other students, I started with your book and eventually found my way to becoming a student. I’m an industrial designer by trade and have many years of experience with product design, prototyping and development, but it was the knocking on company doors stage I needed help with. David’s coaching on how to build and manage a relationship with potential licensees was invaluable. I just secured my first license agreement and I can’t wait to get onto my next project! Thanks again!


Last Fall I submitted my idea to the gamut of ASOTV Companies. They all declined and , at your suggestion, we re-submitted the product with one particular ASOTV company. The idea was accepted into testing and we were notified today the web test went "amazing"! They are sending a contract for our review and putting together the TV commercial! We have set an appointment for tomorrow with David Fedewa to discuss the details but we wanted to reach out to YOU to say "Thanks"". Although this is still in process, we know we could not have gotten this far without you, InventRight, David, and our... Read More


Kinda feel more like part of a family... maybe that's corny but the IR team is good people and nice to be involved with. Plus I've discovered beyond the IR process & formula there are other areas I learn from IR and want to continue to grow and mature personally / professionally / business wise. Even after I get my first deal licensed, I'd like to stay in IR for at least a couple more deals for other products I've got.


Every time people ask me how I know so much about inventing, I just say one word InventRight.

Nida S.

I have been looking for help to get my invention to market. I came across Stephen Keys Book "One Simple Idea" hoping to get some practical step by step instruction to do this. "One Simple Idea" is the book I have been looking for! This book is full of actual practical application. You wont be disappointed! Since reading Stephens book "One Simple Idea" I have become a member of the "InventRight" Family. InventRight has provided me with personal one on one coaching through several personal coaches. I actually feel like I am on the verge of seeing my dream come true, getting my product... Read More

Michael F

Thank you to ALL of you for your attention, time and expert input. It's really wonderful having a great team supporting and helping you... THE BEST TEAM!


Does anyone know where LaLaLand is?  I sure do because I have been living there for 15 years. it’s a black hole where you live with all of your dreams and desires.
A place where you feel safe, yet also stuck. 
When I heard of InventRight and looked into their program and what they were offering I knew I finally had a way out. I could not move past the prototype stages, because I did not know how to take the next  step. So I floundered for years. 
InventRight has motivated and taught me everything that I could possibly need and more to succeed in my dreams of licensing products.
When... Read More

Paula R

Thank you very much for being patient and consistent with me. 
I love the Invent Right team and program. Everyone is super kind, shares knowledge freely, helps always, and SUCH stand up folks. I'm big on integrity, and would recommend Invent Right in a heartbeat.
I learned a lot, loved being coached by Amy Jo, and overcame a lot of fears of doing things I'd never done. 

Diane W

Just a quick note to express my gratitude and to let you know that I actually got my product into IKEA. It is being reviewed by one of their product developers to see if it is something they want to pursue.

This is the #1 company on my list!

Thanks to inventRight and my coach, Judy Deprang, I am experiencing this wonderful, lighthearted, energized feeling.

There is no way I could have made it this far without inventRight!

Irene Z

LaLand is?  I sure do because I have been living there for 15 years. it’s a black hole where you live with all of your dreams and desires.
A place where you feel safe, yet also stuck. 
When I heard of InventRight and looked into their program and what they were offering I knew I finally had a way out. I could not move past the prototype stages, because I did not know how to take the next  step. So I floundered for years. 
InventRight has motivated and taught me everything that I could possibly need and more to succeed in my dreams of licensing products.
When I whined and wanted to... Read More

Paula R

It was very nice to speak with you yesterday. I'm sorry it took a bit for me to connect. Being a hairstylist, I have to let calls I don't recognize go to voicemail. I've also been spending a lot of time at my daughter's house, and I have no phone reception there. Anyways, thank you very much for being patient and consistent with me. 
I love the Invent Right team and program. Everyone is super kind, shares knowledge freely, helps always, and SUCH stand up folks. I'm big on integrity, and would recommend Invent Right in a heartbeat.
I learned a lot, loved being coached by Amy Jo, and... Read More

Diane W

I wanted to send a personal thank you for sharing your wisdom in your book, "One Simple Idea." I am a nurse by trade so when I came up with a winning idea, I really didn't know what to do next. As I researched, your name kept popping up, so I ordered your book. I was so excited when it arrived and I couldn't put it down once I started reading it! Your instructions really do lay out the steps nicely. I was convinced licensing was the way to go for me and guess what? I got a deal with a large US based company and my product is due to hit the shelves in the spring! I have more ideas I'm working... Read More

Stacy M.

I started my pursuit to license a product a few years back and STARTED the journey as an InventRight student. Thankfully, I had some solid information from the start which laid the foundation for what I was to embark on for the coming years.Though my time as a student ended a few years back, Stephen and I kept in touch. Each time I got close he would say “ please keep in touch and I’m here to help you review your contract if you need it”. He's a man of his word, he was always available. SO it was no surprise when I got my first licensing agreement and that Stephen and David Fedewa... Read More

Colleen N.

Thank you stephen for a wonderful and lengthy call. Customer for life.

Louis B

I'm ecstatic to be an inventRight student! Thanks to my coach, Judy DePrang (who knows exactly when to strike), we have asked a company, if they are considering licensing my product. There is no way I could have arrived at this stage of the game without InventRight. I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey (and yes I am chewing my nails!)

Irene Z

Over the last year I have integrated the InventRight process into my freelance work and have now successfully licensed my first product with a client of mine. David Fedewa helped me negotiate the fine points of the deal. So far InventRight has been an invaluable experience and I hope to sign more deals in 2017!

Collins C

I am currently in Chicago at the CHITAG toy and game conference hosted by Mary Couzin. I am about to pitch to various toy companies in a forum called speed dating that gives you 1 minute to pitch. I feel excited because Inventright has prepared me well. So thank you. I am proud to be in the family.

Kenneth G

I have recently completed my year of training with inventRight and I would like to thank you so much for the fantastic life lessons you have given me through your course.

Before your course I had a massive ideas file and many of the skills required but still no idea how to bring my own products to market. Now I am 100 times more effective and even though I have not landed a deal with my product I am confident that I will get interest soon on this idea or my next idea (which is coming soon).

I now also have a completely new ideas file packed with feasible products only…happy days.

I... Read More

Gavin D

Thank you, Howie. I know as I progress I will develop a better understanding of the processes and nuances of licensing. I cannot tell you how much you have helped quell my frustrations and your insights have accelerated my learning curve. Your help has been invaluable.


Thank you so much for spending some time with me on the phone. It was great talking to you. I truly appreciate all of the hard work you and your team put into our success. I am very grateful to have you in the side of the inventors.

Richard O

Everything you mentioned came up in the conversation and you made my pitch spot on professional and I am greatly appreciative.

Mike M.

You know, since I've joined InventRight, I feel like I'm in a Star Wars mood... I finally switched from the Dark to the Light side of the Force... I'm in power more and more everyday as "Anakin Skywalker"... thanks to Terry the great "Obi Wan Kenobi"... also to Andrew as "Qui Gon Jinn"... and we all know who Stephen is...

Have a nice weekend and thank you so much !


Thanks, Amy Jo, for your positive and encouraging words. My experience with everyone at inventRight has definitely been a great one. Its a great environment to experience. I would recommend the inventRight process to anyone.

In fact, my friend that I've known for 34 years came over to the house recently, and I was showing him all the stuff (papers, forms etc) that I had on my first idea and I think he was impressed. He's always talking about his friend who's got over 100 ideas and they're good ideas.

Well, I, too, have over 100 ideas now and I know how to process them! He even said,... Read More


Amy Jo- Love working with you and Inventright...just like you teach about getting into medium sized companies...Inventright is not a "Goliath" which is a great thing.
It's the "just right bowl of porridge" and think tank for this Goldilocks!!


I'm Amy's student at InventRight and let me tell you she's wonderful and extremely helpful. Highly recommend her. It's like having a partner (a beautiful one too) standing with you while you go through the process of licensing.


I'm Amy's student at InventRight and let me tell you she's wonderful and extremely helpful. Highly recommend her. It's like having a partner (a beautiful one too) standing with you while you go through the process of licensing.

Again my sincerest thanks,

Keith L

I honestly couldn't have won without the knowledge that InventRight has taught me over the years. Thank you so much!!

Ryan A.

I'm writing to let you know the exciting news that I signed my first licensing deal! My partner company is currently sourcing the supply chain and plans to begin shipping product in the fourth quarter of this year!

I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for all of your coaching and mentoring in the Inventright program. Stephen's book and approach coupled with your hands-on guidance and expertise set me up for success! You not only helped me with the finer points of my plan and strategy to pitch and ultimately license my concept, but you were there to keep me going when things were not... Read More


Inventright helps me stay focus with my product and I thank the coaches for standing there to help me. They are always there to help confront your fear while I'm out there pitching my product. I suggest for anyone who comes out with a product, the inventright coaches are always the best to guide you every step of the way!


You may remember that I received interest from a couple companies a year ago (when we last spoke) on a product creation that I call Cornbeanies. Well those "maybe's" turned into a no, but what I have learned from the "no's" was invaluable. Soon after, I placed the idea on a shelf until a few weeks ago. I realize more than ever through your program that, outside of our ideas, the life blood of our business is the presentation of our ideas.

I have resurrected this idea with a much better presentation with a PDF and video sell sheet. I limited myself in the past by focusing too much on ASOTV,... Read More


I'm getting a lot of "no's" on my current product pitch. Fortunately, I still have a plethora of companies to contact. I absolutely can do this! I'm still a little shaky on my cold calls but I can tell I've improved a lot.......and more importantly, I'm making the calls. Instead of being afraid to call, I'm feeling frustrated when I don't get through to my contact person. (That's progress!)

Andrew, you should know that your Inventright process is working. I didn't take the first no I got. (After David said no, I told him I would pitch this to you.......)


Invent Right has helped me tremendously, My coach Terry has done a great job, even though I haven't seal the deal yet. I would have never got this close without the help of Terry and the invent right crew. You may be learning valuable things here in their youtube channel, but if you become a student you get the real deal. Is great to have a knowledgeable team that can guide you trough. Thanx so much, stay creative!!


Over the last 4 months I have been living and breathing the development of this product as my gentle and long-suffering wife can attest. I am well aware that your time is valuable and it is not possible to give individual attention as freely as you would like.

You have given my product its best possible chance and finding its way into the market.



I want to say how grateful I am for this program Invent Right!! Thank you Mr. Stephen & Mr. Andrew because in this I have found the other side of who I am. I am grateful for God leading me to you and your team. Whether I get a product on the market now or not, I honestly walk each day with more confidence in who I am because I have found a hidden outlet and the truth of inventing! Just to have ready hands on development and training in the product and development process is sooo worth the investment! Coach Judy has been absolutely a great support system to me and I am UBER grateful for the... Read More


Hello Stephen. I think that $2500 is a really good price to learn a trade. I'm glad I have this opportunity to learn.
Like the old adage says. You can give a man a fish or you can teach him how to catch his own. Thanks Stephen, am buckling up for the ride.


Wonderful tips guys... I've been sitting on my ideas for a while, just stuck in the mud not knowing what to do. As of last week, after watching all your videos over and over. I've created my sell sheet, filed my PPA myself, and started calling companies. Thanks for the motivation and the confidence, both of you guys are Great!

inventRight Student

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that how grateful I am for what you have done for me. Since I got to have the privilege of being your student, I truly believe that you are different than most people in this industry; You sincerely enjoy helping lost, confused, overwhelmed independent product developers (inventors)!

You are knowledgeable, resourceful and always available to guide us in the right direction; I just wish I knew you a few years ago before I made so many mistakes!!!

I pray for a day that the world would be filed with people like you, helping each other for the... Read More


I am a "student" of Mr. Key. I've been in the design business for over ten years and I thought I knew all I needed to know. My clients include Sony, Starbucks, L'Oreal, Ralph Lauren and many other big names. However, after taking Stephen's course I learned simple techniques that made all the difference.

With these new learnings I successfully navigated my way through a multi-million licensing deal and my largest one to date. You can view the product IP here:

Not only were the teachings immensely valuable, practical and timesaving but more importantly - they... Read More

Dario Antonioni

I am not currently a student of Stephen's, but he kindly and quickly returned my phone call and was happy to speak with me regarding my new product ideas. He has since referred me to some of his contacts, and I am very grateful for his support and encouragement. His professional approach and commitment to helping others is commendable. Thank you Stephen.

Maria R

What you and Andrew offer is life changing. The level of confidence and knowledge I've gained from an endless diet of your CD's and lectures have helped me to gain a whole new lease on life in general. I feel like I should pay YOU a royalty for the number of times I've regurgitated your lessons verbatim. Your Inventright process has been the blueprint for many of my own lectures and motivational speeches.

I've enjoyed the best financial year I've ever experienced...ALL due to you, Andrew Krauss (the unsung hero), and the InventRIGHT process.

To date, the Inventright CD set has been the... Read More

Tony A.

My name is Aphrodite and I am one of Stephen Key's students. I must say that as someone who was searching for advice and direction as to how to go about bringing my product from an idea to the market place, I have accomplished much more than I imagined.

I not only learned how to bring my product to the market place in a step by step process, but I also gained the confidence to do what I thought was next to impossible for the average 'Joe" like me. Through guidance and direction from both Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss, I was able to reach PRESIDENTS of companies giving me opportunities to... Read More


Saturday, I received yet ANOTHER royalty check, and I am a student who has used Mr. Key’s methods. I have definitely made money from my ideas and am well into the black. No, it isn’t millions yet but, because I took the time to be educated by Mr. Key, I now have the knowledge required to make money from my ideas and it’s up to me to utilize what I learned and turn it into more profits. Stephen Key provided me with an education that is worth so much more than the measly amount I paid for his course. He is a gifted educator and what I have learned as one of his students has changed my... Read More

Linda P.

I have purchased the Inventright course, and think it is one of the BEST investments I have ever made. The information in the first chapter is worth more than the cost of the course.

Norm H.

As a new InventRight student, I paid for the service not only for the materials and online courses, but for the access to experienced inventors. The ability and luxury to call and have Stephen or Andrew pick up the phone directly over the course of the next year. There is no magic course or secret book that can make someone successful in this business, we gather information from a multitude of places and rely on our own desire, abilities, and advice–and for advice, among other cources, I have chosen Stephen and Andrew.

Joseph K.

I have been a student of Mr. Key’s for three months now, and have studied the material thoroughly. I was attracted to the idea of licensing my inventions since manufacturing myself would cost ten to one hundred times more money. I would not be able to bring my product to market. Steve and Andrew provide many people like me with the opportunity to get our ideas to the consumers. We need consumers to get excited about new products, so sales go up and the economy turns around. Compared to what it would cost me to bring my products to market, the money that Steve charges is a great alternative.... Read More

Renate M.

I am a currently student of the inventright system by Stephen Key.

I have been a hobby inventor since childhood (30 plus years now) and doing it professionally has been my life long dream. Only now do I have the resources and teachers that allow me to commercialize my inventions, and I'm doing it while living in Japan!

I have not yet commercialized my first invention, but I did get into about 15 ish companies with it.

Most declined , some said "not now", and that I was welcome to contact them again in the future with my current or other ideas. Two, I am still getting past the... Read More


I just want to say thank you for being available to answer my many questions and providing guidance as I move through my journey to becoming a successful inventor.

The inventRight home study course has given me a shot at bringing my invention from a vision to the marketplace in easy to follow steps. Not only has the home study course given me much needed guidance that really works, it has also given me the motivation and the wherewithal to contact potential licensees and to get results all within my financial means.

Thanks again, and I will let you know when I license my first... Read More

Deborah Monden

Personally, I've invented many things, and over the years have learned that as an inventor with several ideas that licensing is typically a better way to go than trying to commercialize or venture it myself. I highly recommend checking out InventRight. I'm a student and I've found their courses and coaches extremely helpful. It's around $2500 for a year, but they let you pay it over time. The comraderie and having a coach is well worth the cost. I've not licensed anything yet (been a few months) but do have very interested companies for two of my current concepts.


Your extra helping of coachy love really made my day, Alix, and has me even more excited to manifest the dream!!


I am looking at myself as I am writing this and wondering where I will be if I haven’t joined the inventRight coaching program. I can tell you it’s scary, very scary!! Without the right insight, support and constant guidance I would have been lost. I would have wasted all my time and money trying to turn my idea into a possibly successful product. And since my first idea was a failure I wouldn’t have been able to jump to the next idea with big enthusiasm.

The right execution is what every inventor needs and the inventRight team are the experts guiding you step by step in your... Read More

Wassim C.

I am very grateful for Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss' Inventright coaching system for steering me in the right direction on inventions and licensing. Firstly, for saving me a ton of money that I would have spent on a useless patent; and secondly for helping me learn the business process of inventing to win via licensing. This is my second year and although I have not licensed my first product yet, I have faith that what I have learned about myself during this process will help me license a successful product in the following year. Why did it take me so long? I personally have never worked... Read More

Wai (Jonathan) C

I am very grateful to you, Andrew and the Inventright coaches for helping us hard-headed inventors :) to improve ourselves and get our ideas to market.


Thank you for your time on our Skype call last week. Really appreciated the welcome call, and the insights you were able to share. Very impressed with the inventRight organization, and confident I will find licensing success with your help and my coach's.

Chris B

Thank you so much, Stephen! Ryan's recent webinar was so helpful - I am so happy and honored to be a part of Invent Right and can't say enough great things about you and your team. You're all SO KIND and TRULY helpful. I've got my 1st product video done and all these "firsts" aren't nearly as scary with the help, encouragement, and guidance from Amy Jo and all the resources you share. I'm determined to be seeking you to help with a contract one day! Thanks again for being so kind, helpful, and generous with your time!

Diane W.

Thank you very much for this wonderful day. (I know you heard this so many times today) Your story is the most inspiring story I have ever heard thank you for sharing with us. I appreciate what you do and all the time and effort you put in this. P.S thank you for making me feel special today. You are changing people's life. Thank you for being a difference maker! I am very proud to be on your team!


Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me on Friday. I can't tell you how much it means that someone with your degree of success cares so much about the well-being of others; it seems quite rare these days. More than the invaluable advice gleaned from your experience, it is your sincerity and depth of heart which inspires and invigorates me.

Blaine F.

I am in a village in India and playing the biggest game in the world. InventRight is sure making a difference. It still feels surreal to me.

Sathish M

What Others Are Saying...

My New Year's resolution was to license a product for the first time before the year's end and I am pleased to share with you that I accomplished that goal today. It would not have been possible without all the helpful information you have shared through your books, youtube channel, and numerous articles! I am eternally grateful and I look forward to learning more from you in the years to come.

James S

I spoke with someone from inventright a couple of weeks ago. She was very nice and very helpful. I. Not in a position financially to invest in a student relationship right now. Thank you so much for all you and the others at invent right are doing to help get material into the public that is ripe for picking. After closing the book on inventing for a few years, I am back at it. Your information causing something to click inside me and all of the tools that I’ve taught myself and learned from other in the past has been to get me to this very point. You’re an awesome, honest and very... Read More

Amy W

I'm in! I'm talking to a CEO of the micro industry I'm in! OMG!

Thank you for what you do!

To all who are reading this. It works! I have 10 more ideas in different industries but I'm going to stick to this micro industry for 2-4 more ideas as per the advice of Mr Key but also doing what I can with the other industry, the ones I think have a financial potential as Mr. Krauss said doing it like a pro, researching the micro industry ("the big one")

Details on how I did it...
Idea on November to December 2017...
Finished prototype in December 2017 then video, same month,
PPA... Read More

John C

After following the process you teach (design patent, CAD renderings, sell sheet) I licensed my first product! It took about 6 months from reaching out to companies to licensing and seeing my product on the market, which is I believe an unusually fast time-to-market.

Jason C.

Mr. Key, Thank you for doing what you do!

I have been a product designer for many years. I have a dozen patents and made a lot of money for other companies. When it came to marketing my own products - and I've tried - I couldn't quite figure it out. That last step always eluded me. I had decided it must be a requirement that an independent inventor go into manufacturing and demonstrate sales before a company will buy or license a new product. Designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling your own product is a long, difficult journey, as you know. I've done it, but it's not what I'm good... Read More

Dan V

My latest product got launched in to the market

"Heating free back cover for mobile phones & tablets"

first launch is for Acer One 7 tablet.

Soon you will be able to buy it from Amazon for all the latest mobile phone models as well.

Thanks a lot Stephen Key Andrew Krauss David Fedewa

You guys are great . I've never met anyone of you ever before but just your online videos & Library has made me successful at an age of 21.

I Licensed my Idea to a very big mobile cover manufacturing company.
The product is selling very well in the market too & probably it will be a hit of... Read More


Thanks to all the inventRight team, your YouTube channel is also a fantastic resource for all budding inventors. Stephen M Key is very giving with his knowledge and I had the pleasure of meeting him in Belfast in 2012. To read more on the product and my story check out

Sharon M.

Wow Stephen, I have around 300 connections on linked in and I reach out for advice to as many as I can . One name keeps coming up . There are 1000s of coaches and I have had several tell me "Stephens a good guy ,contact Stephen, do you know Stephen? " In the business you are in its a great character statement to receive such high praise from so many. Just thought you may want to know.

Eddie T

My son Brock just told me last week that he learned more about Innovation and Licensing from reading Stephen's books than he has learned in one full year of his Innovation Marketing Degree Major studies in college......go figure?!

Brenda B.

Steve ---just a quick note to say thank you so much! For your advice, your knowledge and your generosity! Listening to you and reading your books is truly motivating.

Jorge D.

If you have an idea and you want to know how to get it to the marketplace I will recommend that you read this book first. I wish I had this book before I started my process but now I have it I know how to do it better and easier.

Eddie Luckey

Stephen, I had a thought recently and was this "gosh, can you imagine if Stephen never licensed his ideas and never showed the path to the world? Many of us would be so scared to confront the fears of going through the steps of licensing." I would like to say to you " thank you so much". you did it! You are showing the way. You are so humble and down to earth. Many of us are finding the courage and the way because you took the opportunity and ran with it. I listen to your videos and I appreciate you taking the time to make videos and share your experiences with us. You planted the seed. many... Read More

Viviane B

Thanks a million for connecting me. My first Entrepreneur article just got posted today.

Chris Dunn

The best decision I made. Truly enlightening to hear your wisdom first hand. Joyous and Inspirational. Devouring the book! I have such fun doing what I love to do and now I know how to do it so much better. Thank you Stephen

Anne C.

I must say that "One Simple Idea" has helped me all the way thru the process of getting my own idea out there. I have already gone thru one patent with no success. With "One Simple Idea" I got all the information I needed to go step by step to move forward. I saved so much money and many mistakes just by reading Stephen Key's book. On November 12, 2015, I signed my first Licensing Agreement with a large Manufacturer that produces Yard and Garden material. In fact they are test marketing my idea in the large Big Box stores as I'm writing this review. So if you have an idea and have no clue of... Read More

Ernest Kalani Makainai

Stephen Key changed my prospective on business. Stephen opened my eyes to licensing and I am perfect for this way of business. I have alot of ideas and would not be good at running a business because I get bored easily and want to move on to something new. This is a weakness I am embracing with licensing. This book is great as well as the free inventRight YouTube videos which are gold! I licensed my first idea to a pet company within 1 year of reading this book. Now I'm working on my second deal with the same company. Stephen is very real and cares about people being successful! Thanks Mr.... Read More

Mikey K.

Hello Stephen!! It's been almost 2 years now since the last time I contacted you. All your help with the sell sheet actually got me a meeting with the commercial director of a really big company in Latin America. I truly apologize for not doing this earlier, but I want to thank you deeply. Without your help nothing of what I have accomplished would have been possible.

Fernando P.

For anyone looking to license your invention/product, you must read Stephen M Key One Simple Idea. It is an educational, empowering, and insightful read. After reading his book, I now have two new companies interested in taking on Baby Soothe!

Lauren P.

Thanks so much for your caring and valuable advice. You have put within your book so much of the blue print towards the path of licensing ideas not to mention the many fascinating and touching elements of human quality. I definitely owe you a 5 star review for your book. Thanks again for your time, your kindness, your encouragement, and all the practical advice that you gave me. Your new video background showing your product ideas created throughout the many years, and stacked on a shelf looked awesome! :-) Glad you took the time and organized them for display. I feel it is helpful for people... Read More


I sincerely appreciate your email and I NEVER REGRETTED FINDING TIME TO ATTEND YOUR PRESENTATION. I have finished reading your book and you have changed me forever.

Dr. Noye

Product #2 is about to launch! Thank you, for your book! It was my blueprint.

Bill S.

I wanted to reach out to you to personally thank you for your wisdom and expertise. I just completed reading your book "One Simple Idea" and I can confidently say that it's given me the tools to be successful in the open innovation game! I think the impact of this book and your knowledge will change my life, and for that I am grateful. Thank you Mr. Key. All the best,

Jordan F

My ‘back’ story of triumph in the face of severe adversity is pretty amazing thanks to many people in my life, including you. You are the ripple in the pond and for that I am grateful.

Our success on the TwoCane and The HEFT (huge million dollar licensing deal) are entirely due to your book One Simple Idea-I have a very detailed testimonial letter that I will send shortly that will blow you away due to your suggestions in the book. AWESOME fan of your work!! Thanks for making a difference on this world.

Marco L

I just listened to my first show of Shark Tank Podcast and absolutely loved it! I chose the interview with Stephen M Key and was very happy I did. Stephen always provides great information and inspiration on all the interviews/programs I've heard him, and this one was particularly candid and full of positive messages that I will use as I pursue licensing and manufacturing opportunities.

Andrew D.

Here's a true story. About 5 years ago, after following your blogs and information for several years, I called you out of the blue. I was astonished when you returned my call and spoke with me on the phone for about 45 minutes, offering advice, tips, and more. To this day, those words of encouragement have stuck with me.

Thank you,

An aspiring product developer.

Steve H

This time of year takes me back to yesteryear also, so many loved ones and memories to be grateful for. I'm also very grateful for you and the amazing team at InventRight. Your genuine desire to help all who share your creative passion is most appreciated!!! I hope your Christmas was memorable and blessed!


Hi Stephen. I took your advice about protecting my ideas. I've built a wall of patents. I also spent quality time on my sell sheet. I was able to fit my message on a meme and let the image do the talking because a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks for everything.

Kind regards,

Will C

As for goStrap itself, I had what could be described in the One Simple Idea universe as "the hybrid experience". At the outset, I decided to venture. I wore most of the hats and at some point, I realized that if we got really big, I would be the least qualified to manage it all. I needed to be the inventor and idea man I felt I was born to be. Appropriately and timely, your system instantly spoke to me as being the model that made the most sense. I thank you eternally for that.


I wanted to write to let ton know that since I have read your books I have four different products that are being looked at by manufactures!! I am so excited to be doing what I love and following your knowledge and seeing results!! Thanks!!

Jeffrey Allen M.

One simple idea is one of the most amazing books I have ever read; I l read a lot. It sheds a great light on the concept of licensing your idea to companies; without spending crazy amounts of money. Thanks Stephen for updating your master piece. I am definitely going to pick it up. :)

Vito C.

Thank you, this would not have been possible without you. We have a meeting with Walmart and Kmart coming up in the next few weeks. Thanks for presenting this opportunity to me.

Juan and Charity H.

I just wanted to reach out to genuinely thank you for all of your knowledge that you shared with the world. I read your books, One Simple Idea, and One Simple Idea: For Startups and Entrepreneurs, and I have learned so much practical knowledge. I also listened to your webinar, How to License Your Ideas With or Without a Patent, and listened you the podcast that were a guest on, Income For Baby Boomers, in the episode, How to Patent Your Dream Product For Less than $100. I'm a 24-year-old in New York City working for a large accounting firm. However, I am an entrepreneur by heart and... Read More

Michael S.

LOVE your books, so much valuable information. I am currently in negotiations on an idea and I use your media as my go to when I need information...Thanks for leading the way!!!

Jim K.

Stephen, I just wanted to personally thank you for putting my Kickstarter campaign in your newsletter the other week. It helped us start out strong and the momentum in the first few weeks means everything on a KS campaign. We just broke 100K today and have 4 days left. It feels amazing!! Thanks for your support, and your encouragement. This would still be just an idea floating around my mind somewhere if I hadn't read your books.

Mike P.

Thanks for your great advice and leadership role! Thanks to you I now have a high chance of selling my product to a huge brand!

Thanks from Vienna,Austria


You are beyond awesome. One day I will make you both proud as I am that diamond in the rough with regards to licensing....and I will give credit to the two gentlemen who showed me the way.

Darryl S

Stephen , you are an inspiration! So far I have submitted two different products within the last couple of weeks! This would've never happened if it wasn't for you and Andrew. Any way's the first product I submitted they like and we are moving forward. The second product I have no answer yet but I just sent presentation over yesterday! Anyways I'm going to become a member the second I have the money.. Once again Thank you! Your the man!!!!!

Carmine M.

Just wanted to send a shout out and a Big Mahalo (Thank You) for the information from Stephens Book "One Simple Idea". You don't know me and although I would've loved to have taken your course and get more training, the timing for me financially was a little tight for my family and I. But with all the information in that little book was EXPLOSIVE! Although in 2001 I did get a Patent on a product I developed and drafted up myself. Nothing happened with that and I decided not to EVER try that Again! A little stressful. LOL. But when I got an Idea in 2013 and wanted to seek help by looking... Read More


I've read A LOT on inventing - One Simple Idea was my first book I read and holds the record as my favorite to date. I've leanred so much from you Stephen. Don't ever stop teaching us!!

Colleen N.

One Simple Idea & One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs, they've been irreplaceable, they're both clearly written easy to understand. It's just like having him along for the ride. Like a roadmap for me in taking my prototype from an idea to my first deal. Thanks to Stephen M Key those two books are fantastic.

Darryl I.

Thanks to Stephen M Key for inspiring us with the "Understand the Multiplying Effect" article he wrote. This article is what gave us the idea of creating something that we could sell multiple versions of.

John R, Joseph G, & Michael G.

A couple of years ago, I was working on an idea for a new product. I saw your book, picked it up, and followed your instructions. On August 15th 2015, my product will be going in 500 Home Depots! Thank you, for your help.

Bill S

Thank you so so much for your books, your podcasts and your genuine interest in helping people like me.

I will try hard not to sound like an unhinged loony but I do appreciate what you're doing for the independent product development community.

I got into mechanical engineering as I liked to tinker with everything mechanical...I loved problem solving and I followed my head into automotive then oil and gas engineering believing i'd get to keep on solving problems...Its not like that at all. 20 years I've been trying to get engineers above, below and around me excited about innovation but... Read More


Reading Stephen Key’s book’s showed me quickly and easily how to present new products ideas and those of my clients to outside companies for licensing consideration. Stephen showed me step by step how to protect new products for as little as $300.00 without the use of an attorney, create a simple sell sheet to explain the product and how to submit them to the largest companies on the planet. Now instead of living in fear that my ideas will be stolen, I shop them around in confidence to all the major manufactures. I can now speak their language and they pick up the phone when I call.... Read More

Eric Z

Stephen Key Your book is literally worth it's weight in gold! I told someone (a long time ago) I just wanted to create my designs "and let someone else do the manufacturing while I sat back and collected the checks". I was quickly told "that was impossible, and realistically should consider taking business classes instead". So I took free beginning "Entrepreneur" classes in our area (thinking it would help me) but I felt like there was something missing. The old fashioned out dated ideals didn't resonate with me, I felt like they were a waste of time, and it left me frustrated and... Read More


I DARE you to read One Simple Idea. If you are a doodler, tinker, daydreamer, Goonie, Shark Tank watcher, or Marcus Lemonis (The Profit) student and are up for a little adventure in your life, I dare you to read this book. Key challenges you to put in 10 hours per week towards your concept; sketch it, make a prototype (3D printing), apply for a non-provisional patent and start submitting proposals to companies. Stephen Keys’ approach is easy to follow and he provides real life strategies/ experiences that he has personally been through. I especially love his business philosophy on licensing... Read More

Gene, inventor of Pensillies

I had just completed my first prototype when I was introduced to One Simple Idea. It was like the universe was telling me, “ok, here is your next step.” I received interest immediately. My simple idea made it all the way to the Vice Presidents of a few big companies in my first few tries. This gave me the tools and confidence to just pick up the phone and call. I never would have thought it could be this easy.

Mark R.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you again and always for your solid advice and experience. I am finishing up my licensing contract. Wishing you all the best!


One Simple Idea has helped us immensely in getting our business on the right track. Many thanks and best wishes.


Last week I won your book for the door prize at the Inventors Center of Kansas City meeting! It was so funny because I had a Library version that was MONTHS overdue and my husband kept harping on me to return it...and I just happened to win it as the door prize! I was so I have my own copy to highlight, underline and mark-up as needed! :) My husband Bob and I are volunteering at the Make48 in KC in April so hopefully we will get to meet you and have you autograph the book!
Thank you for being a great inspiration!

Nancy P

Stephen, what an honor it is that I'm an Inventright student from Portland, OR. You and your incredibly kind and intelligent friend, Andrew Krauss, have brought a hope to my families financial future, by teaching myself and many others, a practical skillset in Licensing ideas. It's my biggest hope that the major corporations expressing interest in my prototypes, will bring my ideas to fruition. I can never thank you guys enough. You and Andrew embody true servant leadership! By far, One Simple Idea, is the best business book I've ever read. Can't wait for the new edition!

Tom T.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am on how organized and informative the webinars and inventRight web site are. I have been with you guys since Spring of 2012 and have seen a big difference in the last year. The webinars are getting better all the time. You are making it real easy for us to learn. Andrew has the inventRight web site are about as organized as it can get. Great Job Guys! All your effort truly shows and is very much appreciated.Thank you both for all knowledge and support that you have given to all of us.

Otto D.

I would like to thank the entire Inventright team for doing an exceedingly fantastic job in supporting their members. I am so happy and proud to be an inventright student. I am making phone calls and making contact with manufactures and I owe it all to Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss. These two are a great team to work with.

Harkeem S.

It was a pleasure speaking to you because I find your publications amazing. You have shared business strategies and detailed instructions that not only guide individuals through the process, but also empower them to move forward with their ideas. Some of my ideas have generated $2000 in a month and some only have generate $200.00 in a month, but I now have the formula in place to launch any idea after reading One Simple Idea. I was able to get my product on the shelves of retailers like Walgreens and Bed Bath & Beyond and I did it by reading your publications. The new product I just launched... Read More

Gilda B.

You and Andrew just make things SO easy to follow. Having the benefit of your experiences and your always-positive guidance really helps me feel confident about moving forward. I just wouldn't be ANYWHERE near here without your help. THANKS again ... I truly love being an inventRight student!


Stephen Key is great! If you haven't read the book One Simple Idea, do yourself a favor and get it. He explains things in a really easy to understand way and even breaks down what makes an idea marketable and what gives it the best chance for being licensed. On a personal note it's been a game changer for me. I've always come up with lots of ideas and had tons of fun doing it and used to ask my wife... Why can't I just come up with ideas for a living? But I never knew there was an avenue to get there until now. Thanks Stephen!

Jesse H.

Stephen Key is the smartest inventor/mentor I have met. Listen to what he has to say! Learn from those who have done it before. If I had met Stephen Key before I had started up a business selling my Spiral Eye Needles I could have saved myself years of struggle and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Get his book!

"Successful inventing, like any other job, is just as much about who you know as what you know. After meeting Stephen Key at the 2008 Minnesota Inventors Congress, I followed his website, looking for scraps of knowledge and potential opportunities. Even though I have never been his... Read More

Pam Turner, Spiral Eye Needle

When I started your class, I didn't have any product ideas. You've taught me how to come up with infinite ideas and I am getting interest from lots of companies. Knowing my ideas have market-value and talking business with large companies has increased my overall confidence in life. Thanks for helping me grow massively.

Simon S.

If you have a mind blowing idea and no time, maybe (not really). Nobody is going to convey your idea better and with more passion than you. "Licensing Agents are where ideas go to die" Nobody is going to make you first priority but you. InventRight.Com is an amazing experience where I learn about smart ways to interact with business with resources at my fingertips, and get access to a live Skype coach. IR helps you pay attention to the details on the cheap but look professional. IR shows me how to spend the minimal amount in cost of doing business for high return real life payoff opportunity.... Read More


I just finished listening to todays webinar and I just wanted to tell you how having these webinars really consolidate the feeling of being an actual part of this industry. Self confidence is so hard at the beginning and the thought of 'how is anyone going to really take my funny little ideas seriously', is always on autoplay in the back of ones mind. The more I become a part of the inventRight family, the more respect I have for my creative notions! Companies actually do value people like us!! I actually told someone I am in the business of product licensing yesterday and for the first time... Read More

Donna G.

I've gone from dreamer to doer, and for the first time, my dream has a realistic chance of getting to the marketplace. Thanks to you, Stephen, Andrew, Terry, and the whole inventRight team. I don’t see myself as in inventor, nor do I see Home Depot as my home away from home. I see myself as an entrepreneur with insight into what people want now and in the future. My ideas actually come in a flash, full-formed as a picture in my head. I like to think of them as text messages from God. Through InventRight's step-by-step process, I have become a micro-category expert with the confidence that... Read More

Susan D.

inventRight’s Staff’s Visionary Enterprise And Warmth Is Wonderfully Contagious! Stephen, Andrew, and the coaches possess a wealth of it! As an early student, I can be nothing but, eager to learn and contribute. Their primary focus is mentoring students, via one-on-one coaching through the Ten-Step Process, in the world of licensing products to companies. They talk about the principle it’s “speed to market” for products. However, what I have also experienced is “speed to support” for students. Celebrating their decades of experience, they share their extensive knowledge about... Read More

Michele M.

Although my time with the inventRight was brief nevertheless it was a most enjoyable experience. Personal hardship has caused me to leave the program unexpectedly. However I plan to return in the near future. Just listening to all the information that inventRight offers is so educational and knowledgeable. The short time I spent learning from the webinars is quite valuable and priceless. Any serious inventor who wants to license their product would be making a wise choice to connect with the inventRight organization. These people are for real! Starting at the top with Stephen and Andrew on... Read More

Renard J

Stephen, you are truly an artist in this area. Not only do you have the technical ability to pinpoint the most important issues but you combine it with excellent coaching that gets your student to the right state of mind in order to succeed in the next step to a licensing deal.

Tomer S

I did the inventRight program several years ago and am still learning from it. Stephen M Key's book, One Simple Idea (which I highly recommend) , is a MUST. The InventRight program was Worth EVERY penny and was the strong foundation I needed to everything I've learned over the years.

Colleen F.

I am glad that there are people like you in the world, people who have been there and done that, willing to give your time and share this very important knowledge with budding product developers.

Like a lot of 'inventors' changing their thinking over to be recognized as real product developers, taking this leap with your program has been what I have needed all these years. You have provided a path and continue to light the way.

You are appreciated!!

Thank you for helping us grow...

 Marc A

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the inventRight team looking out for me. I'm really glad I joined. Even though there's distance between all of us, you guys make it feel like I'm part of a family. It feels like we have one another's backs. You've guided me towards the right path since day one. Thank you for being genuine and kind. I truly feel like the inventRight team cares for my best interests, and has since the beginning. To sum up your program in one word, I would choose "INTEGRITY." Thanks again to all the amazing staff. You guys are top notch. I am so fortunate to have AmyJo as... Read More


Stephen Key and the InventRight staff have simply changed my life. With the InventRight program, they give you the steps to get your idea to the market. I am 20 years old, and I truly believe that InventRight has already changed my life. Although I haven’t licensed a product yet, and after many “not interested” emails, there is no better feeling than receiving an email back saying there was some interest in your product or they thought it was a good idea. These emails lifted my spirits, proved to me that I was doing something right, and I realized that these steps work! I had always... Read More

Andrew S

InventRight gave me the confidence and appropriate preparation to proceed as a true product developer. Having a great team assist me and knowing I can contact Stephen Key anytime gives me great reassurance that I am in the right path to success.

Carlos A.

I just wanted to thank you for all the knowledge I've gained since working with you over the past year! I'm very close to closing my first Licensing Deal and I will be making calls next week on my second product. I couldn't have done it without you! Your knowledge and expertise is priceless. I've totally become a better Inventor/Product Developer, thanks to you and the inventRight program. Thanks again Coach Alix!!

PS inventRight is a great company with Awesome Coaches. Thank you for all of your support!

Anthony B.

Alix has been fantastic from the beginning of this idea; having her guidance and support for every step has truly helped me get here. Have I told you lately how much I love being an inventRight student?! OH how I can't wait til you can help me w/ Step 9!

Beverly C

I just want to say thank you for the interest and help you have offered. No one in my life has given me the opportunity you have through your advice and discussions. The paths you're opening for me will directly help me help others, and I'm eternally grateful.

Eliot D.

Just a quick and heartfelt, thank you! I truly appreciate you calling this afternoon. Just to hear your advice and experience in these seasonal / novelty areas helps me better plan and determine my licensing steps. It is my goal to be an InventRight success story soon. I love this program, the process and the business possibilities. Again, thank you so much.

Kelly G.

I really think the focus on a potential licensee’s perspective I learned through InventRight was a big advantage to our team when competing at Make48. Had I undertaken the same challenge prior to my InventRight experience, I would have done things differently, and that’s not a good thing. So, here’s the off-the-record expansion of what I’m saying: We all saw some pretty novel ideas presented that were just plain unmarketable to companies. I don’t want to take full credit for our team’s success, but I know for a fact that the things I learned from Stephen’s book and David’s... Read More

Harper A.

thank you" isn't even enough to explain how grateful I am to have had you as a coach. Like I've said, I would still be sitting here scratching my head at Step 1. You took the time to help me get past obstacles and were patient with me. You explained things when I still couldn't understand. My membership has ended but I will be back as soon as my finances allow me. I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Good luck to you and with your products too.

I do have a word of advice for other Invent Right Students. This process is scary, there... Read More

Michael P.

I found the inventRight course several years ago…and waited. For what, I don’t know, but I finally decided that if I didn’t do something with my ideas, that if I didn’t invest in myself and take the risk of how I wanted to live my life, I would always look back and think “what if”.

I have been with inventRight now for about 2 months and I have found the coaching to be supportive, encouraging and honest. Thanks to inventRight, I am excited to be working through the process and I know what I need to do next to move my product from concept to shelf space. It’s one thing to... Read More

Dan W

I have attempted to market products for a good many years and I have always seemed to encounter blockades that I could not overcome. That is, until I found InventRight.

The InventRight system is a world changer for anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams of a successful endeavor of bringing to market their innovations and ideas. This system is so logically and well-rounded that it can be utilized by any individual or company. And as an added bonus, the InventRight system is very affordable and they DO NOT ask for large sums of money up front. They don't take any percentages of your... Read More

Frederick H

InventRight is the one stop shop solution that all inventors and product developers need to explore. The amount of information I've learned in the last 3 months would have taken me years to discover on my own. Not only does inventRight foster an educational environment (no sales approach at all) they get excited when their students succeed. InventRight has not only given me the support, guidance and tools to teach me to be successful in the licensing process but the amount of excitement, energy and motivation I gleen from the webinars and coaching calls just keeps my creativity flowing. I... Read More

Kate Y.

Amy Jo Brogan, a coach with the inventRight program, has been guiding me through the early stages of getting my product BevScent™ licensed. She's extremely bright, forward-thinking, and delightful to work with. With her help and encouragement, I'm already beginning to see positive results, and I'm only in month two of a year long program!

Michael B.

Cold calling is one of the fun things to do in the inventRight process. Why? Because it is where you finally start to get feedback regarding all the hard work that you have done to create, research, develop, and protect your idea to that point. Take note and take heart (relief) that it is not about selling or convincing someone of the benefits of your product. Consider it this way, you are offering them an opportunity to be part of your idea that can benefit both of you. Be excited - not gushing, but professionally upbeat.

I use my script. I keep it in front of me on the desk when... Read More

Bob S.

Thank you so much for recognizing me in the webinar, it made me feel like a "rock star" :) And as always, an hour packed full of valuable information! I'm glad I can continue to work on licensing my products while I play the manufacturing waiting game!


Stephen, I was blown away to be selected as a Rock Star, I yelled to my wife, "Lauri, get in here they are talking about me!" so she got to hear you as well. Like you said it's the wives that have the courage to put up with us and mine has been very supportive and instrumental in where I am now. I am so grateful for you and Andrew, joining inventRight has helped me immensely and continues to be empowering for me.

Mike L.

Have I told you lately how much I love being an inventRight student?!! :o) Could never have gotten anywhere close to here without your guidance and support !!


I can not express how much I appreciate your program. I can remember as a small child, telling myself I was going to be an inventor. No one understood how to get me there because to so many people it is just a dream. I am teaching my creative kids how to follow the steps too.

Danielle G

I can't believe how much inventright has taught me over the last 18 months. Things are working out perfectly Thanks to you all.

Tim B

I want you to know how grateful I am for the confidence I’ve gained from being your student… Nothing can take that away from me.

Simon S.

InventRight and there coaches make it easy, and walk you through every step. They always have a positive attitude and really care for your success. Thank you, inventRight family!!!

Freddie G.

As Andrew probably knows I was pretty hesitant when I first talked to him about the program and how it can help me license my product. I can definitely say right now that I am amazed by how much you guys are helping your students bring their inventions to the market!

Your commitment level to a never ending process of learning, improvement and above all sharing of real world essential information that helps people succeed in bringing their inventions to life is a thing to admire. I really think your work actually helps improve the world we live in.

Specifically for me, I can say that... Read More


I can’t even tell you how much it means to me to be able to talk to you all. I just need to stop thinking so much and just do it!! I have had my list of companies since before I went to ICAST. I’m having the hardest time with that. I do really enjoy all the webinars. I’m going to get on it today. After I get off the phone with David. Thank you again for your time and all the help you have given me. God Bless and kindest regards

Tina S

You are a great friend, the best mentor I have ever had and a really very special, one of a kind person. All your effort and time that you spend with us, the stories that you have shared are priceless, You are greatly appreciated!


Otto D

Stephen is a master negotiator. He recently helped my partner and I on a licensing deal. Reading one of his articles it struck me that I may have violated half of his rules of thumb but then Stephen stepped in and helped us re-negotiate a better deal by basically following these rules. Thanks again, Stephen!


Hands Changing Pad is now 80% funded after just 6 days on Kickstarter! The response has been AMAZING! Thanks Stephen! I really don’t think I’d be to this point if it wasn’t for the books you wrote and your inventright course. I really appreciate all of the help and guidance you have provided me.
Check out Mike's Product here.

Mike P

Thank you for stepping in and providing Christy and I with excellent advice and guidance. It's clear that we are still babies in the woods! It was hard for me to discuss changes after having spent the last weeks negotiating the contract, but I do see that the contract needed improvement and that there were things that hadn't been properly worked out. It's always great to have you involved and I'm grateful for your time and efforts on mine and Christy's behalf.

Thanks again,

Richard M

I have been one of your students over the past year and have loved it. You guys helped me a lot with this diaper changing pad product and although I didn’t get it licensed I found a group that is helping me launch it on my own and we just today put it up on Kickstarter. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. The inventright program is amazing. Your course and books were absolutely essential in getting me to this point.

Michael P.

As I searched I saw a lot of invention companies that would do the whole process for you. Basically, take your idea, run with it, work it and try to license it. For a sizable fee and or part of your royalty, which didn't sit with me very well. I wanted to be a part of the process and know what was going on and learn how to do this myself for my future products. And then I saw Stephen Key and Invent right! After reading about Invent right and the story of Stephen Key, I knew this was the place for me. It was exactly what I was looking for, someone to teach me the licensing process and help me... Read More

Beth S.

From the first time I read your book I knew you were a person who sees the world the way I do. Since I was a kid, I was always cutting recycles and making them into something else or fixing a problem with them. After reading your book last year, I finally found where I am supposed to be. I was designing, but fashion was not my passion. I am even teaching my kids to create and use your system. (They are 6, 9, & 11 and they love it!) I even sent them to camp invention this summer.

Danielle G.

Contract signed. Yeah! Thank you Stephen! Couldn't have done it as good as this without you. You've given me so much confidence for each call. Thank you!!!

Ben R.

I have been working and perfecting my product for about 7 years now. I had a friend who was interested in manufacturing it but he was in a different industry and never seemed to offer any form of protection. Somehow I just could not commit to that perceived opportunity. After a careful search of the internet, I found you, Stephen, ordered your book, read it in almost a day and contacted inventRight immediately. (And I usually move very cautiously, particularly with internet options) I was drawn by the sense of commitment that I heard, saw and read. Mostly, I was impressed by the common... Read More

Edie H

Thank you for shining light whenever I need clarity about moving my projects forward. I feel pretty awkward and vulnerable sometimes... Your experience and understanding are always encouraging.

Simon S.

David, and all at inventRight thank you for your help. I have told many, many people how amazing and helpful you have been and am trying to encourage others to look around, see what they can improve on and then call inventRight. I wish I had found you a long time ago.

Edie H.

InventRight for me has been a life changer! When I originally signed-up for the class, I was unsure what you could teach me that all my college professors and work experiences could not. Well, it was clear after the first online class that I was in the right place! I appreciate being able to talk to my coach, who can assist me through every step of the process, giving suggestions, advice, and encouragement whenever I need help. I’ve learned so much about product development, marketing, managing the budget, intellectual property, negotiating, avoiding pitfalls, and being a professional. ... Read More

Ruth H.

I have learned a lot form inventRight, like finding a better idea or finding a company. Now I know how to build and sketch a project and sell it. I believe that I will sell my first idea soon.


After thoroughly researching the inventing process, I went full force into filing a patent and creating a prototype...and then i got to the point where I felt like I was out of my league. Luckily I found inventRight! After reading Stephen Key's book [One Simple Idea] I knew exactly what I had to do. The coaching staff is amazing, I really feel like I have an entire team behind me. I've been following the program and getting into companies and even getting interest from some of my prospects. These guys are the real deal. I feel like I have a real chance of getting my product to... Read More

Andre C

I just want to thank you for being there for me, the information you provide me with is very valuable! I wish I would have had this information Three years ago. I look forward to are next our next coaching session!

Rob S

Because I have dyslexia, I haven’t picked up a book in years — probably since I was 16 or 17. I’ve only ever listened to Stephen’s books; I haven’t read them. I have been empowered by inventRight to be a better person, not only because I’m learning this new trade, but also because I have a newfound confidence. I’ve learned to do things that I never imagined I would, like working with an attorney. inventRight has empowered me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. Knowing that Stephen and Andrew and the whole inventRight family are behind me, well, it gave me the power to... Read More


This past Wednesday was the entrepreneurship contest I entered and I won first place and received $50,000! I presented my Lift Stick idea. I wanted to say thank you to you guys for the help along the way. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to keep pushing down the entrepreneurial path.

Kevin M.

Today during my coaching call Alix transformed my sell sheet through her feedback from a standard product into one with an emphasis on the "Artisan" aspect of the product. I'm so excited because this opens it up and emphasizes how the product is different from others partly because of my skill as an artist. I think it's just what the sell sheet needed because people seemed to be saying, "We have the shephard's hook and it works well...we don't need anything new." At the very least this change answers that question. But really it also added a whole new dimension.

Have a great Read More

Jodi C

I'm so glad you went over the sell sheet with me. I can't believe the difference from my old one to this new one (in both wording and design). Times like these make me so glad I joined the InventRight program. I think I would be lost without the guidance. :)

Lindsey S

I wanted to thank you both both for your amazing books and videos. I learned so much from them and was able to license a game last year that will go on sale in mid 2015. Thanks again for the amazing materials you guys produce.

Andy G.

I grew up with my step dad working for Raytheon, Fairchild, and then Intel, after flunking out of Stanford. Have been around inventive genius since I was 7 in Portland Maine. My neighbor was an old Norwegian Tom Anderson. He shared his walk behind Snow Blower with the executives at Sears. Shortly thereafter Sears had their first snow blower, and the first one in the world. This was my invitation into the world of creativity, inventions, patents, and the insane fears of the whole industry.
Growing up in the Silicon Valley prior and after that gave me much understanding of the ways that money... Read More

John D.

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy listening to your MP3 CD "One Simple Idea".

The MP3 CD suits me perfectly for my car journey's to and from work when I'm just killing time and sitting in traffic! I have also purchased the book version for easier reference if I've forgotten the CD track number.

I've read other books on inventing and visit inventing forums via the web and listened to various radio/talkshows on innnovation. Admittedly, it was daunting at the outset, but over the last few years I've become more and more familar with patenting,... Read More

Cornel C

Thanks so much for the guidance and direction that you have given me. I always wanted to be an inventor, and make my mark ever since I was a kid. I never knew this could be a possible way to get products to market. Without this I would continue to dream and not invent.

John C.

In March of 2014, I came up with an idea that I believed would change the drywall industry forever. Coming up with the idea was the easy part. Now I needed to figure out how to get my idea out there. That was the hard part. As I was working on developing my prototype, I stumbled across a You tube video where this guy seemed like he was talking directly to me and answering all the questions I was struggling with. That guy was Stephen Key! I started watching all his videos and bought his book One Simple Idea. I have taken my idea and pitched my product to five different companies and... Read More


Thanks in part to you, my daughter and entrepreneur is evolving into a serious designer even at her very young age. It's thanks in part to you because: had I not started designing and attempting to license products myself, my daughter never would have ended up doing the same. So, your influence on peoples lives extends well beyond your immediate students. I think I'm starting to understand the kind of gratification that must provide.

Richard M.

I want to thank you very much for your help last week on the conference call, and everything leading up to it and beyond. I am truly grateful for that. By the way, thanks to you and Andrew for making the Getting In ebook available to us. I’m always eager to find new nuggets of truth and inspiration.

Kevin C.

I’m a very competitive person in lots of things. I hate losing so much that sometimes I quit because I can’t stand it. For 10 years, I quit being an inventor because I didn’t like not winning at this game. I love InventRight because now I can win.

Tim B.

I wanted to thank you for changing my life. Your system has changed the way I see the world and my future. I've been working with David who is fantastic by the way and has been such a great and very smart coach. Great leaders surround themselves with very strong people and your group to include Andrew and Alix are amazing. I've been pressing hard on my new line of candy products and through this process I've made so many great contacts who asked that I send them ideas in the future! I have new candy ideas and will be creating sell sheets and pitching to my new contacts thanks to you.... Read More

Joseph S.

Thank you all for another, great webinar; How to Get Into Big Companies. The information was absolutely extraordinary. I’m still amazed that we have access to such valuable knowledge and experience that inventRight shares. Thank you!

Kevin C.

I joined the InventRight team at the recommendation of a fellow inventor. One of my biggest fears was the dreaded cold call, however after learning the InventRight system it has become the most exciting and enjoyable part of the process. Here’s my new motto – InventRight is a VERB – We Are Action – Action Creates Clarity!

I now realize I’m making opportunity calls to companies and there’s no better way to get instant feedback from the people who matter most then by asking this one simple question –


Wow! What a great question. I had 3... Read More

Joseph Smith

Working with David has been a great and positive experience. I remember when I first heard him on the show speak about how he had licensed his second product and I thought to myself "I need to speak to this man". Shortly afterwards you had announced him as a couch on your team and I immediately had to make my first appointment. As soon as I started to work with David, everything started to change. I felt like I was speaking to the male version of myself (I always tell him that). I followed everything that he has helped me with and currently have five products under review. David give me hope... Read More

Sylvia P

I can mention a handful of reasons why David is a great coach to work with but I think what has him be the best coach for me is the fact that just a little while ago, David was a student doing exactly what I was doing (and probably a lot of students are doing), he was making A HUGE DEAL out of cold calling, and thought he was in action because he cold called one or two companies every other week. And once he got in action, he went from "student" to "professional" and since he made that leap just recently, he is able to relate to me being terrified of cold calling and making a huge deal out of... Read More


inventRight empowers you to set and accomplish goals one small and achievable step at a time. Want to invent and license? Make sure you're going the Right way!


Stephen Key and the InventRight coaches are masters at teaching licensing. Their approach the licensing process like guides with a map, providing a map which shows all of the steps involved in the process (their "10 Steps"), and then personally guiding their students through the landscape of the map. Their expertise helps students avoid typical pitfalls and teaches students how to make sound decisions during the process of creating and licensing products. The value this provides is priceless.

Be Well,

Jodi C

I just wanted to thank you for the great communication! I really enjoy your program especially working with Alix, she is very helpful and patient. I look forward to my appointments with her because she keeps me on track and motivated.

Thanks for your time.

Hilda A

Thank you Stephen! Guess WHAT! We have two big company's that have offered to license Switch Kick and manufacture and distribute too! I have both meetings next week AND we are going to the NAMM show with our own booth! Your service even if we don’t license is paying off!



I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the exceptional program you all have developed. I’ve been an InventRight student since August 2014, and in that short amount of time, I feel I’ve gained a pretty strong understanding of the licensing concept you practice and the steps required to become successful in the industry.

Due to the support and resources your team offers, there is no doubt in my mind that I will become a professional product developer. I want you to know that all the hard work you and your team put into your weekly webinars, newsletters, email responses,... Read More

Amy Jo B.

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you have put into helping me on my projects. It is so clear to me how much you care about helping everyone at Invent Right. The Invent Right team has allowed me to wake passionate and excited about work each day -- a true blessing.

Thank you again and happy holidays!

Very Best,


From Stephen and Andrew I've gained the ability to easily speak to companies and have the ear of people whom I never before felt would listen. I've learned to present my products in ways that get me noticed and remembered. I have now had licensing offers on multiple products, and know that I am on the right path towards closing a deal -- and I am thankful for all the insights and lessons that they have clearly provided! Thank you Stephen, Andrew, and the inventRight staff for always being there for my questions, helping me face my fears, and showing me a path to becoming a successful... Read More

J. Andre

Stephen, thanks for the call today. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your accessibility and willingness to talk things through with me. You always help me get to the right decision…even if it takes me some time to get there. You guys are both incredibly generous with your time and advice and I honestly think that anyone thinking of getting into the world of licensing would be making a big mistake not joining the InventRight team. I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find such valuable advice at such a fair price.

Thanks again and wishing you a tremendously fun and... Read More


Steven and Andrew,

I appreciate your willingness to work with me as an inventRight student. Your input is invaluable and after we talk I always feel more confident that we are on the right path.

Best Personal Regards,


I read Mr. Key's book a few years ago. I had been undergoing cancer treatments for a few years, and I was financially strapped. I had been a corporate attorney until my diagnosis, and with a long-term battle ahead, I had no idea what was going to become of me and felt imprisoned in what to do with my life.

Mr. Key's book really changed my life because it helped me to think outside of the box. It really helped me to see the power of an idea. It gave very helpful and clear guidance on how to take an idea and turn it into revenue. Furthermore, the book provided helpful instructions and... Read More

One Simple Idea Reader

Thanks again Stephen for responding so quickly to my call for help! Very, very much appreciated!

It confirms, (not that it was required) the amazing level of genuine commitment you, Andrew and the rest of your team have for helping your students to success. With so much going on in the world these days it is hugely comforting especially for a newbie such as, but not limited to, myself.

Thanks and regards,


My name is Harkeem, and I am a Product Developer. I would like to thank the entire inventRight team for doing an exceedingly fantastic job in supporting their members. I am so happy and proud to be an inventRight student. I am making phone calls and making contact with manufactures, and I owe it all to Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss. These two are a great team to work with.


Thank you for your encouragement. You give me great inspiration. I will be successful at this in the near future. I haven’t given up my day job, but I have been working on a few things, and your book gives me hope.



Absolutely outstanding Webinar last night it's just what I needed. I am a different kind of learner meaning I need a bit more explanation when someone's trying to teach me something. I find your ability to convey and cover details very useful. What's even more helpful is you dialogue things so the details can be best understood in how things are spoken as well. What hangs me up pulls me back is I don't know what to say or how to say it so I don't do things. Your thinking well to include dialoguing in teaching the InventRight steps shows your natural instinct for people skills.

Thank... Read More


Wow, great webinar tonight!! No doubt in my mind I have THE best coaches in the world!! I am VERY happy you encouraged me to "keep inventing" to make my product better which I do think has made it much stronger... Now I just have to keep taking the actions to FIND IT A GOOD HOME!! LOVE being an inventRight student, and feel incredibly lucky to have your expertise and support behind me. I am determined to get a licensing deal ... if not for this project, then for a future one!


ust wanted to email you a special thank you for the webinar last night! I was really knocked out by it. It answered some nagging questions I had from before, and got me all excited for when I write a PPA for my next project. You and Andrew just make things SO easy to follow. Having the benefit of your experiences and your always-positive guidance really helps me feel confident about moving forward. I just wouldn't be ANYWHERE near here without your help. THANKS again ... I truly love being an inventRight student ...


I can’t begin to tell you how much your program and your inspiration has helped me with a product I have worked with for around 6 years. I have done my sell sheet, my pending patent and I am ready to start sending out my sell sheet, which Andrew helped me improve. You have opened the door for me to license it and have started the wheels turning on many other products. I also know and have other friends who have already spent huge amounts of money for patents and are attempting to manufacture their own products. I will be talking to these friends and hope to head them in your direction.... Read More


Hi Stephen. My name is Sef and I'm an Advertising student at Art Center College of Design. Gotta'say, I'm quite flattered to see my school mentioned in your book, but I did have a little moment of sadness after being reminded that I'm out $200,000+ because of tuition. That's all right though, I think it as more of an investment, as it should be. Well anyways, I literally just finished reading your book, One Simple Idea, and I had to give you some major kudos on how awesome this book was. In the middle of reading your book, I've had a bit of an "A-Ha!" moment: Us design students obviously... Read More


Thanks Stephen. You are a mentor to all of us. One of my biggest moments on American Inventor was having the opportunity to learn from you. You're the real deal and I'm grateful to pass on what you continue to teach through your books, blogs, workshops and Vlogs.
Continue to have the best day ever! Much joy!


As a product developer, I have usually handled everything on my own. I'm just starting to adjust to going to the site every time I need something, from sell-sheet templates, to elance designers. It is such a luxury to not have to "reinvent the wheel" for each step. Thank you for all of the resources!

Thank you also for the sense of community. Good to be immersed in a culture that understands my crazy passion for product development.

Kind regards,


I met with you approximately a year ago in Minneapolis, I introduced my product to you. I did license the product and will be in stores in three weeks, just after the holidays, next Christmas. It iwill be in Bed Bath & Beyond, Menards and a global pet show in February. I took a lot of your advice and want to say thank you.


Thank you for giving South Florida Inventors your attention, enthusiasm and great insights and information today. Your inspirational presentation was unlike any our group has experienced.

Mary Purcaro

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation despite having heard the content before which says a great deal for your speaking ability. (I heard nothing but good feedback from others that I spoke with after the meeting as well.)


I am so happy I found you. Before I heard of you I spent years coming up with ideas and watching others bring them to market. I read a few books about inventing and just thought the process was overwhelming and expensive. I love your approach and appreciate your knowledge.

Ann W.

First, I want to say InventRight has made a marked improvement over the past couple of months. You are truly a leader in the field and bringing vast amounts of pertinent information to the community. I was about to say “in particularly the new directory of companies looking for inventions” but there is nothing in particular to point out that is better then something else. It’s all good and getting better. Well Done!!!

Leo M.

Thanks again for YOUR support. What I've gained from you and Andrew is greater confidence, realistic expectations and how to inexpensively protect intellectual property - huge benefits!

Dave B.

I believe Stephen is genuinely giving back to an industry that has treated him well and my experience with Stephen has been more then I would ever have expected when I bought the system – I believe I got much more then just some experience guidance from the InventRight system, I’ve got a mentor in Stephen Key!

Robert L.

I am very greatful for both you and Andrew. And I tell you, I always remember one thing that you said in a tele-seminar (sometime last year) "And when a company gives you a call back, give me a call...." I believed that you were really interested in my success, and wanted to know about it ! So I am going to hold you to that................ and I look forward to making that call !

Dave D.

I just attended my first ‘in-person’ seminar with Stephen and Andrew. I got up at 4:30am to drive 2+ hours (and I got lost!) to attend. I was NOT dissapointed in any way- In fact, having bought Mr. Key’s program a few months ago, I have yet to fully utilize it (family issues). The first day I received it, I only read a few pages before I called the 800 # and personally told Andrew that he and Mr. Key’s weren’t asking enough for the program. After the seminar, I was even more impressed with Mr. Key’s and Andrew’s integrity. It was a delightful expierence sitting through the... Read More

Angela M.

Your support via phone is great! and when I do come across the right idea… I’ll be ready to seize the opportunity. Thanks for making the path to inventing a little clearer for me Stephen and Andrew.

Justin F.

Stephens advice has been practical, informative and useful. I’m licensing my get out of debt financial software to several companies and everything is moving forward. I used his principles that he taught me to get to where I am now. It’s hard work to get a product to market, His advice provided much needed help and advice.

Abe D

I own a successful training company in Belgium and so for professional purposes I have bought countless educational materials. But, few have impressed me as much as Mr. Key’s course, which is practical, full of relevant tips and worth it’s money in my opinion. My goal wasn’t to become an inventor, but Mr. Key’s course has enhanced my inventiveness for sure and I am sure my significant revenue increase (I doubled my revenue) in times of economical down-turn, is partly due to the inspiration I found in Mr. Key’s course.

Sarah C.

Every time I call, I speak personally to Andrew or Stephen. I have scheduled phone appointments and have been surprised everytime with how much time they have spent with me. I believe that Stephen is teaching what he has actually done, and that he would help me personally during my own attempts. I feel that I now have real world information that will allow me to license my own ideas.

Robert M.

I sent off for my first inventor submission packet when I was 11years old. Even at that age I knew how to spot a cock of hooey.

When a national retailer suggested that I license my invention to a manufacturer with a full product line I had to learn how. My search turned up Stephen Key. His advice sounded great! But, he was selling a course so I discredited it.

I engaged a manufacturer and got in way over my head. Desperate, I called Stephen Key who gave me irrefutably good advice. I realized not even my trusted patent attorney had given advice as profitable. It was that realization that... Read More

Dennis V.

I have spent thousands of dollars patenting and hiring marketing companies, and my wheels just kept right on spinning. Until one day I was HONORED to hear Mr. keys speak at the Minnesota Inventors Congress, man I thought he was great!! I called Stephen two times after that day to see if it was all talk or if I really meant anything to him. He returned one and Andrew returned the other call answering all the questions I had. I bought the Invent Right package and became a STUDENT, learning as much as I possibly could about how to bring an idea to the market place. I would recommend Invent Right... Read More


I have been dealing with inventRight for about three years now. I just called them up one say and start asking question about how to get a product to market. I spoke with Andrew Krauss at the time. Mr. Krauss answered my question although he knew I was not a student. Well, I figured he answered that question with no problem. So, I continued calling and asking question, and they would help me. I did this for almost a year before becoming a student of inventRight. Neither Stephen or Andrew rejected me. They would always answer me with respect and kindness. That showed me a lot about... Read More

Vesta A.

I made the purchase of Mr. Key’s CD’s. Mr. Key was gracious, friendly and honest. He allowed me to make monthly installments as I did not have he funds available to me at once. With an offer of a refund if I wasn’t fully satisfied.

I listened to the CD’s and was having trouble personally actualizing the process, at that time I was able to call and get advice from Mr. Key to improve my technique. However nearly simulataneously I was laid off from my job at Caterpillar and I realised the techniques didn’t meet well with my skill set. Mr. Key at that point refunded me my payment(s)... Read More

Javid A.

I purchased “Invent Right” from Stephen Key about a year ago and found it extremely valuable. My husband and I even had a telephone conference with Andrew which lasted about an hour. We learned alot about the process and the information we gained will stay with us for future ideas and inventions. I think they’re doing a great job with what they offer.

Pam F.

I willingly paid the price of the course not only because of the information contained but the one-on-one help provided by Stephen and Andrew. That alone, from people who’ve successfully made money licensing products is worth ten times the price of the course.


I have a patent pending product that I am in the process of licensing and have purchased the InventRight program to aid in that process. I have over fifteen years of sales experience in the medical diagnotics market but needed a quick education on the basics of how to structure a licensing agreement. My experience with the program and with the prompt and efficient support from both Andrew and Stephen has been very positive and productive. I have found both Andrew and Stephen to be very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I am another satisfied customer.

Suzanne S.

Stephen and his associate, Andrew Krauss are truly a couple of the “good guys” in this inventing business.

Dan M.

If you have an idea...

and want to take it to market and don’t know how pick up the phone or get online and purchase Stephen Key’s InventRight program, trust me you are getting more then the wealth of useful information from his program you actually get “the man” himself and his professional and customer service friendly staff. I’m as skeptical as the next person buying “How to” programs that promise you the moon – InventRight makes good on all of its promises and then goes the extra mile.

The InventRight program guided my co-inventors and me all the way through product... Read More

Robert L.

If you've ever considered inventing something for the marketplace, if your creativity leads you in this direction, then I strongly recommend that you seek the advice, coaching and mentorship from Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss of InventRight. I was fortunate enough to be recommended to them by both a highly reputable patent attorney as well as the Sunnyvale Patent Library. The InventRight system, along with their availability, their connections and their passionate enthusiasm to help you move ahead with your project…these guys rock! InventRight is the real deal for all of you product... Read More

Chris Wilson

I consider Stephen Key to be the father of product development. He has developed a wealth of knowledge on bringing a product to market, and is eager to share his expertise with those who have a strong desire to learn. It is no surprise that Stephen is as successful as he is. I could never thank him enough for all that he has taught me. Stephen Key is a mentor to me and has consulted with me on all steps of licensing a product many times over. Each time I have called he has answered both my calls and my questions. I remember the first time I spoke with Stephen over a year ago following a... Read More

Luke G.

I recently purchased the invent right program and I highly recommend it. They have 1st hand experience and are eager to help. They are more helpful than I expected. Everyone one else I spoke with wants thousands of dollars upfront and a percent of any royalties. These guys are helpful, cheap and don't want future payments. If you have an idea, let them help. Mistakes will cost you in this industry. You can talk with them before you buy about anything. They are very accessable and will lay out the process very simply.


I purchased the InventRight “10 Steps to Invention Success” program while attending one of our local Minnesota Inventors Networks training seminars about a year and a half ago. Stephen was the guest speaker for the day, and presenting his material for all who attended. His down to earth ability to communicate with the group made it a very enjoyable day of learning and networking. Stephen Key is the “Real Deal”

Since purchasing the program, I have had the privilege to talk with both Stephen and InventRight co-founder Andrew Krauss about various projects and topics, and have found... Read More

Todd Potter

If there are others who have a bit of doubt as to whether or not they should use the system headed by Stephen Key then I would say go for it! The system will show you great ways to get your ideas for new consumer products to be evaluated and considered in the actual marketplace. Being a student under the inventRight system will baby step you through to become confident to take the appropriate avenues to succeed with your idea, even if you are starting out without any experience at all.

Personally, I started this past July in 2008 and since then have made many submissions with the products... Read More

Erik Wilhelmsson

I have attended one of Stephen Key’s seminars and purchased the DREAM INVENT SUCCEED book and CD that covers the “10 Steps To Invention Success” I will tell you it was the BEST MONEY SPENT.

I have been designing and inventing for years, and I am always learning. Listening to Stephen was just confirming what I have been doing for years…Keep the process simple.

The “10 Steps To Invention Success” is a MUST read. The process is broken down into Steps that makes it simple to follow and gives you a roadmap to Success.

While I was listening to Stephen and his Process…I just... Read More

Eugene (Gene) L.

I bought the Inventright kit about a month ago, and I gotta tell you, I couldn't be happier. The cd's are very informative, a great starting point especially for the first-time inventor like myself, but the real value lies in the year of free phone calls you get for no extra charge. As Stephen walks you through the process on the CD's, if you're confused about anything at all, you can simply pick up the phone and call Stephen and Andrew.

...And that's another thing, you actually get Stephen and Andrew. The first time I called, I left a message and received a return call that same evening... Read More

A. Haven

Let me tell you a story. In 1995 I invented my first product, I had it patented. Now I'm off the ground! WRONG! I sent the product to manufacturiers, I talked to president of companies, I even spoke to a few CEO's. One president of a major company said to me " If we make your product, what will we do with all those in our warehouse". You see, my product would elimate theirs. I was so hurt, I I put inventing down for a few years. In 2003, I decided to give it another shot. I invented two Christian board games, had them patented. I even developed one of the games in my home and sold to church... Read More

Vesta A.

Although I haven't bought the course, I am hoping to win it one day! I am a member of the InventRight forums, have listened to many excellent teleseminars, and did order the Patent Wizard software (for filing PPA's), and it is excellent! Stephen and Andrew know their stuff, and they are always available for any questions you might have.


I bought the inventright system and was pleasantly surprised at the simple, no-nonsense, approach to inventing. The advice is easy to follow and shows you how to get your ideas from your head to potential licensers for minimal cost. Inventright already saved me a bundle by encouraging me to make my own prototypes as opposed to looking for expensive professional alternatives. But best of all is knowing that you can speak to the authors themselves -- I've spoken with both of them, and just being able to brainstorm for 20 - 30 minutes helped me immensely -- I can't wait to tell them about the... Read More

Sharon G.

I searched for about six months to find a instruction book on how to get products to market. I did not find any that provided a step by step path to get products to market like the invent right system. The system just maps it out. Its like the yellow brick road, but the end is green

After months of research and consideration, I finally took that step and just received the InventRight System last week. I knew it would be a good investment, but I had no idea how extensive the information would be! In addition to getting the printed materials, you also get the audio CDs and the Resource CD.... Read More

Kevin Mills

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you (again) for all your help and support. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate what you do.

It's so refreshing to be able to speak with someone who has been on the front line and still truly remembers what it was like to be starting out... with little money, growing debt, tight margins, but BIG ideas. Many successful people claim to remember those early days, yet still seem to insist on staking heavy claims in return for their help.

It's a rare thing to find someone like you who has been so successful, yet still willing to selflessly... Read More

Ray T.

First of all I just wanted to let you know that I am now an official Inventright student and I can only say how pleased I am with all the information I am learning!

I know that this is probably covered in the inventright course, but I am just so happy with myself...for doing the PPA and making a contact...I called and spoke with them! It works! Ok, I confess I had kinda lost hope and had entered my product into a contest and when I got a Red X and then remembering what you told me and your comments about my product I realized that I had given the wrong people power over my most valuable... Read More

Meri M.

I discovered Stephen and Andrew through Tim Ferriss' website on the Four Hour Work Week.

My first reaction was excitement, then skepticism that their claims where true or possible.

After some careful consideration I decided to take the plunge , BUT I didn't have the cash at that time to even afford the course!! I had the choice of waiting another two or three months OR get creative, so I got creative, since inventing has been my lifelong dream.

I decided to email EVERYONE I had ever had email contact with and make them an offer, you pay for the course and get a share of the first... Read More

Tim G.

My name is Karen Hopkins. I'm a waitress, stay-at-home mom and now a product developer. The inventRight system works. It worked for me and it can work for anyone. The system breaks each step into simple easy to follow directions. I was surprised by how much I learned during the whole process. Not only the knowledge that I've gained about the retail market place, but about myself and the confidence I've gained.

The stories and samples that Stephen shares are so helpful. Any time I had a question I just picked up the phone, and believe me I did call. Once, when I was doing my 1st patent... Read More


Though I didn"t purchase the "inventRight" Program Andrew told me about, I did come away with some very insightful new direction and information. He honestly evaluated my situation, gave me some appropriate tips, and directed me into the next areas to pursue. Thank you!

Rich M.

I received my free phone call from Andrew Krauss last week before the
Holiday. He answered my questions and gave some more great advice. In a time of voice mail and other impersonal services it was really nice to talk with someone who cares and shares their knowledge. I look forward to buying the CD's as I know there will be even more value added information contained in them. Thank you.

Micah A.

After listening to Stephen Key CD'S about sell sheets and calling companies.
In October, I called, and now 9 companies are viewing my products.Thanks!

Vesta A.

I recently became aware of inventRight and its products and services. I purchased the home study material and found its contents easy to understand and extremely helpful.

I recently spoke with Andrew Krauss (inventRight's Co-Founder), who took a lengthy time to speak about the course and answered some specific questions I had about my first patent application. I thanked him for providing such an excellent service and I really meant it.

If you are an inventor and overwhelmed by the process of inventing and marketing your idea, this is a great place to get the help you need.

Aaron Sadat

The inventRight course is essential for anyone with an idea or invention. Stephen and Andrew have opened up my eyes to the power of licensing and the essentials to making a deal for a new product. I would be swimming upstream if it wasn't for their course.

As a marketing consultant for the past 15 years, I thought I knew it all. But I highly recommend (5 stars) this course to even some of you who think you know it all. I will be able to submit my products to large corporations with confidence now. Also, Andrew is like my personal invention consultant.

Honestly, I don't understand why he... Read More

Andrew Grinbaum

I have an invention relating to shoes. I am currently in negotiations with a major shoe manufacturer which loves my idea.

I came to inventRight for a good stiff kick in the pants and I got it! I had been bogged down with one particular invention for 2 years and not been open to working on others. Had I not heeded your advice and submitted several ideas to various companies (since I had them) I'd STILL be waiting for my first product to pay off!

Thanks Stephen!

Margy P.

I've been to several inventor seminars over the last 20 years, and, for most of the last year, I've been working at selling my inventions full time. The InventRight seminar is the best inventor's seminar I've taken. The seminar presents practical information on how to approach this business professionally, and how to do what it takes to get products licensed.

Unlike some seminars, once you are there, you never feel like Stephen is trying to sell you something, or hype anything. He is simply sharing his wealth of experiences and leading you through the process. It definitely helped me to... Read More

Scott P.

Your approach has forced me to reexamine my entire process. I like to think that I'm pretty knowledgeable about this stuff since I have a masters degree in product design from Stanford University, worked at IDEO and I've built a company around one of my inventions. But despite all that and my dealings with all sorts of designers over the past 10 years your approach hit me like a breath of fresh air.

Steen Strand

He (Stephen) makes a difficult process seem simple. From the lively discussion, it was apparent that the audience was completely engaged. Several participants commented on how much they learned from Stephen's presentation. One of the most wonderful aspects of the seminar was experiencing his genuine interest in sharing his success with other inventors.

Peter Warhit

Again, congratulations and thanks for a great seminar. I think you were successful in jarring our thinking about what we are doing and inspiring us to go for greater achievement.

It seemed to me somewhat paradoxical that, while you were deflating our notions that our pet ideas are unique and marvelous, you were also inspiring us to be more prolific and to discover our power to make deals with the "big" guys.

What also struck me was your confidence and sincere desire that all your students learn. A true educator if I have ever seen one... More power to you as you continue exploring ways... Read More

Ted Heinz

I wanted to write and thank you for imparting your knowledge this past weekend. It came at a very opportune time in my inventing career and taught me how to throw away some of the misconceptions I had acquired from other seminars and speakers. Your ability to keep the material interesting , is rare and should be applauded, and your real world experiences really cut through the BS and taught us how a creative mind can also be a profitable one.

Will Beeth

Stephen's willingness to share his background (both failures and successes) and his 10-step process helped us to learn to test the waters with our products before applying for full-blown patents. Additionally, following his advice on the one sentence description and the simple process of creating sell sheets won us prime time in sales meetings of some top manufacturers. But most of all, Stephen's continued guidance (post-seminar) as we negotiate a contract with one of the companies we have been courting has been invaluable. Sign up for an inventRight seminar - you'll learn the "10 Easy Steps"... Read More

Karen T. & Heather T.

After many years of working on our toy stilts trying different ideas to get our stilts perfected we became indecisive. During the past 4 years we have attended many, many seminars from Manteca, Santa Rosa, Foster City, and Santa Clara. We finally discovered the inventRight seminars with Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss.

Stephen inspired us with the many past experiences that he had and gave us the mental tools that turned us around and set our thinking in the right direction. Stephen's positive attitude, inspiration and continuing help has given us the encouragement to contact the toy... Read More

Frank R and Bob R

Stephen helps fellow entrepreneurs get exposure for their accomplishments.

"It’s because of you that I’m in Fortune and TIME — syndicated from Entrepreneur! Has made me thousands and increased exposure big time."

Daniel DiPiazza is the founder of Rich20Something, where he teaches young people how to start businesses that they care about and live happier lives.

Daniel DiPiazza

Just when I am ready to write it off as just a always come out with a word of inspiration. One day, I will figure this thing out. :) Thanks Stephen M Key!


Thank you for your great books and great job done to help millions inventors from different countries to get words of wisdom, encouragement and professional expertise! I know that many professionals from non-english speaking countries are waiting for your books published in other languages!

Alibek T.

If you have been wondering how to get one of your ideas in the marketplace are in the hands of a manufacturing you need to check out Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss.
I have been watching Mr. Stephen Key's videos and I have learned so much from him and his partner Andrew Krauss. I have my product right now in the hands of a manufacturing company. But I wish I knew how to read I would be able to learn so much more from his book, but my dyslexia gets in the way and I feel like I am missing so much more of his knowledge that he is sharing with others. I wish I would have known these two guys years... Read More


Thanks, I have watched many of the Invent Right videos on YouTube. Before you guys I didn't even know what a sale sheet was. I am working on the 1 min video now. I would have saved about $40,000 and a lot of heart ache if I would have heard of you guys a year ago. This process has been a real nightmare and after almost going bankrupt I was wishing I never had this idea. After finding you guys on YouTube my hope has been restored. Thank you for the tools you have made available. I hope to become a student soon and learn even more about licensing. You and your team are really in the business of... Read More

YouTube Viewer

I wanted to thank you for the great tips I've gotten on your Invent Right YouTube channel and reading One Simple Idea. With a working prototype and sell sheet, I'm now confident in how to proceed forward. I'd love to connect with you, as your work has been a tremendous resource for me. Thank you.

Lisa L

I just wanted to thank Stephen and inventRight for all of the good information that I have received through Stephen’s books and videos. I’ve never been a student of inventRight but I have followed the principles I learned in videos and the books. This week I licensed my first idea. It’s a fishing idea. The licensee took it to a major trade show this week and have commitments from a couple large sporting goods stores and big box stores. Thank you for the information, it has been very helpful as I have been on this journey.

Keith L.

Stephen, I'm a big fan! You have an impactful personality, and I thoroughly enjoy learning from you. I sincerely appreciate you writing One Simple Idea and making the InventRight TV videos with Andrew. I consider your life as a gift to mine. I'm middle aged (46), but I am new to the world of developing my own IP. I have developed ideas (IP) for a number of businesses, but never for myself individually. I'm one of those 100+ ideas guy, so right now I am focusing on my best and easiest products to manufacture. Your insight has saved me a lot of money that I otherwise would have wasted while... Read More


Hi Stephen, it's been a while since I've checked in with you but I wanted you to know that I have found your book to be very inspirational and informative. I took a lot of your advice and it has helped me in my current project. I have reached a point where I no longer work for anyone and am just starting to apply my full 100% to developing an idea. I know in your book you talked about the custom guitar picks you created and how it sucked up all of your time but I think I am in one of those projects. I have a rough prototype and planning to file for a provisional patent soon. Things are moving... Read More

Matthew W.

Andrew, I have so much to thank you and Stephen for giving me the drive and encouragement that I needed to start calling companies, which is absolutely working. I haven't licensed my first idea yet, but I am on my way there. Sometimes I lose the momentum and get discouraged, so when I feel down I tend to watch your videos and get completely motivated again. I also got a little worked up when you were talking about parents that are inventors but never really did anything, like my dad. I bought him for his birthday One Simple Idea, and he is now as excited as I am, and that is so refreshing.... Read More

Guillermo M


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