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At inventRight our mission is to help inventors just like you learn how to successfully monetize their product ideas. We’ve been helping inventors achieve their goals for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve had the honor of training dozens of knowledgeable product licensing coaches, as well as building an extensive library of educational resources that give you the perspective, advice, and information you need to bring your product to market. Our 10-step approach to licensing is widely respected and sought out because it provides a concrete, tested, repeatable approach to the product licensing process that produces real success.

We have helped thousands of people of all backgrounds and from dozens of countries around the world realize their inventing ambitions. We realize their success is our success, which is why we take every chance to celebrate victories large and small, from the first piece of marketing material all the way to a signed contract. Every step in mastering the process is important. Our approach is pragmatic, cutting-edge, and focuses on the individual, not the invention. That’s the inventRight advantage.

We’ve dedicated this page to celebrating the invention licensing success of not only inventRight members, students, and staff, but to everyone in the inventing community who has found inspiration and assistance through our free invention help materials are available on YouTube, our blog, and in Stephen Key’s articles for Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes. Not to mention Stephen’s five books!

You can click on each of our students’ successful products below to read about their experience commercializing their invention with the help of inventRight, and get motivated to keep inventing.


“I would like to thank you guys because I was an inventor, I was looking around, should I manufacture, how do I get a prototype, how do I come up with the sketch or whatever.

As you know, there are a lot of people that can take you down the wrong path, so I appreciate very much you guys out there doing a great service for inventors teaching them the right ways to do it. You’re giving them the right feedback.”

- Rich Mazel
Senior Director, Product Acquisition

“I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with inventRight and their network of inventors. A huge part of my job is working within the inventor community and the inventRight students never disappoint.

Their product ideas and presentations are always clear, concise and delivered in a way that makes them easy to evaluate. Their level of professionalism and preparedness is second to none.”

- John Hurley
Senior Account Manager
AllStar Products Group


A few things I can tell you I really like about the inventRight students:

  • They’re coming to us with good conceptual renderings of their ideas which often includes a really nice catalog page and sometimes a Youtube demo.
  • They have all been very polite and respectful of our time.
  • We try to share some constructive feedback when we pass on an idea and they seem very appreciative of this.
  • They are coming to us with a certain level of trust which is very helpful and we can thank you for your role in that.
  • They seem to have very realistic expectations regarding the amount of time required to develop and launch an item…
  • Many of them are very good at design and they often have really good renderings and even CAD drawings which helps us confirm tooling and production costs so we can further vet ideas to see if we can price them competitively.

Brendan Bauer
Co-Founder, Co-President, Grand Fusion


Students Tina and Mark S. discuss their inventRight experience on a recent podcast interview.

Listen here!


Student Products on the Market!

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* inventRight helps our members license their product ideas. We have no ability to predict or control whether the product will be successful in the marketplace and make no claims accordingly.

Our 10-step process for licensing an idea works. We know because people who have never joined our coaching program reach out to tell us it was the reason they got a licensing deal.

Read their stories here.



miguelandkidsPancakeBot was accidentally inspired by my daughter Lily Valenzuela when she was 3.5 years old.  I was reading an article in Make Magazine when she asked me what I was doing.  I told her I was reading about a man in England who made a pancake stamping machine out of LEGO.  She instantly turned to her sister Maia and said, 'Papa's going to build a pamcake machine out of LEGO!'  Maia did a little dance and thus PancakeBot was born.

After about 9 LEGO iterations, and countless gallons of pancake batter, we were able to make Mickey Mouse Pancakes.  

I wanted to show the world what I had made and had a thought in the back of my mind that this could be a product some day but it all seemed out of reach at the time. So I figured, why not make my mark on the internet and put the idea out there and see what people thought.  And so I did.  One day later, the video went viral and the LEGO version of PancakeBot was a hit.

pancakebotAt about the same time that this started, I began taking Stephen Key's course on licensing ideas.  I was living in Norway at the time and the thought of even producing a product in Norway was daunting.  Unfortunately, things are very expensive in Norway and the tools I needed to take the idea to the next level seemed out of reach but the concept of being able to license PancakeBot always stayed in the back of my mind.

Another year passed and I decided it was time to take PancakeBot to the next level.  With the help of Jonathan Stravitz, a friend of mine from New York and an investor, I created three different acrylic prototypes of PancakeBot.  It included new technology and a new method for dispensing pancake batter.  With the help of open source products and code, I finally had a working demo that debuted at the San Mateo Maker Faire in May of 2014.

It was a hit and many people loved it.  A few quirks here and there but for the most part, it did the job and people were excited.

The neat thing about the situation was that because of my former exposure, PancakeBot became synonymous with my name and my family.  

One day in June, we received an email from a gentleman named Evan Dash who owned StoreBound, a company that helped bring products to market.  I was excited and this is where Stephen's course really helped.  I was already familiar with the licensing process and felt that it was the best way to bring PancakeBot to market.  Especially because of my living in Norway.

So after some negotiations, we signed a deal with Evan and now, PancakeBot is slated to come to market early 2nd quarter.

About Stephens Course

Prior to signing up with the course, I read as much as I could about licensing ideas and writing up patent applications etc.  It all seemed so daunting and scattered.  I decided to take Stephen's course for two reasons, number 1 was to put it all together, number two was to gain access to a list of businesses that I could try to license my concepts to.

What I quickly learned was that Stephen's course was much more than that.  The stories I heard, the experiences others shared, motivated me.  It helped keep me going when things were rough.  But Stephen's course also provided information about what to look for in products, how to grow your ideas, how to expand and use the knowledge that was already out there.

With PancakeBot though, I realised I took a different approach.  I released plans to the LEGO version for free to people.  I put my name out there and created a brand around PancakeBot and my name and my family.  I did this unintentionally as I was primarily interested in letting people learn about PancakeBot and excite kids about cooking and robotics.  I wanted to build a connection between food and technology that kids could relate too.  Making it in LEGO was just a bonus (and LEGO makes a great prototyping tool).

But the greatest issue I faced was how to bring the idea to Market and share it with the world.  And after great consideration, partnering with StoreBound was the right thing to do and we`re hoping it is a success.

Thanks to Stephen's course though, I had the tools in hand to be able to make educated decisions when the opportunity arose.  

If you're and idea maker, a tinkerer, an inventor, and don't know how to take your idea to the next level, Stephen's course along with Andrew's mentoring will be key in your success.  I will let you know, that you can do it without Stephen's course, but the learning curve will be tougher and longer and going at it solo can be difficult at times but the course and mentoring program will provide small keys to unlock your personal potential as you enter the world of creating, inventing and licensing.

Miguel Valenzuela
Creator of PancakeBot

Check out PancakeBot here.


Even HRH Prince Charles had to get in on the PancakeBot action.

PancakeBot PCharles

What Authors Say...

hack“If you want unlimited income, you’ll have to piggyback and find a multiplying effect. I was fascinated by the question, ‘How can I find this multiplying effect that doesn’t require my presence?’ My journey has been to find a way to piggyback on other opportunities, so I can keep my freedom to do what I want. Working for somebody else was never going to work for me, ever.” – Stephen Key, entrepreneur, inventor, and bestselling author of One Simple Idea.

I never actually thought of it in this way before, but Stephen is absolutely right. Passive income refers to scalability, not to sleeping all day. Scalability to me is absolutely essential in building a business, because it goes hand in hand with the multiplier effect. Personally, I do this in two ways: through my podcast and my software products.

I can create something like my podcast once and put it out there, after which it can multiply and literally get listened to by tens of thousands of people around the world. That’s amazing. Instead of me going and knocking on a door, shaking hands with somebody, and meeting them, I create a multiplier effect, which is absolutely essential. That is how you should see passive income and the way it’s created. Do things that can scale and become bigger than you could ever make them.

I achieve the same effect when creating software products, like VelocityPage. Even though I have to do ongoing development and maintenance, I basically build the product and that’s that.

Whether I sell one or a hundred software licenses a day does not influence my workload. That is absolute scalability. I fully agree with Stephen: if you want unlimited wealth and the potential of being able to take yourself out of the equation at some point, you need to have that effect. It is impossible to achieve when you work for somebody else. That other person, the owner of the company, will be the one who gets the multiplier effect.

Find your own multiplier effect and enjoy it.


"Successful inventor Stephen Key, who's opinion I respect, is one of the first people whose advice I sought when I started my company years ago."

- Tamara Monosoff
Best Selling Author and CEO of Mom Inventors Inc.

Tamara has written six business books for entrepreneurs. Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control & Be Your Own Boss #1 on Amazon in Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Home-Based Businesses. Her other bestselling titles include; The Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big ThingSecrets of Millionaire Moms: Learn How They Turned Great Ideas into Booming Businesses – and How You Can Too! And, The One Page Business Plan for Women in Business co-authored with Jim Horan. And, How Hot is Your Product: Find Out if Your Product Idea Will Make or Cost you Money! co-authored with Brad Kofoed, launched May 2013.

“Stephen Key, a successful inventor himself, works diligently to help others learn how to make money developing products without spending a fortune. His inventRight philosophy dovetails perfectly into what is required to prosper in the world of Open Innovation because the winning concepts are often those that are creative and well-articulated without being fully developed into finished products.”

- Michael Collins, CEO of Big Idea Group and Author of, “The Million-Dollar Idea in Everyone.”

From Inventor Organizations & Industry Leaders

kengI didn't get a chance after the presentation to thank you again for your giving of your valuable time to speak with us in Minnesota this week.  I really enjoyed your presentation and especially appreciate the great insight it gave us all in describing the ever changing environment of licensing.  I know your words really inspired a lot of the people attending too, not only to pursue their inventions, but to perhaps join our group. We at the Inventor's Network are very lucky to have you support us as a group, and encourage us as individual inventors.

— Ken G. Inventors Network Minnesota





stevelyonStephen Key cares about inventors. He wants us to be successful. Stephen has become a real friend of Inventors Network. Since 2011, he has touched many of us with his practical and inspiring message, but what I and others that know him appreciate most is his decency. He believes in paying it forward and what he does is truly unique to this industry and makes us all better. 

— Steve Lyon, Speaker Secretary, Inventors Network Minnesota





Your presentation was great! I was in meetings all day yesterday, and my blackberry buzzed at least 40 times with people giving me compliments on the meeting and your talk.

The messages I received yesterday, said that they were blown away by your presentation, and that you are the best speaker we ever had. I would have to agree!

Thank You !

– Joe Gross, President Edison Inventors Assoication, Fort Myers, FL

Thank you so much for coming to Lexington and being the keynote speaker at our Inventors Conference. The crowd was amazing; the seats were filled with more people standing in the back and out the door of the auditorium! You have a real gift. I could tell our attendees were very amped up as we adjourned to the exhibits. You were inspiring, dynamic and educational. You could tell it was a very eye-opening experience for so many that were there. We would certainly look forward having you come back and speak for us in the future. Again, we so appreciate the contribution of your time and talent at our annual Inventors Conference.

– Don Skaggs, President, Central Kentucky Inventors Council

"To say the least, our February meeting was, to my knowledge, the best meeting that we have ever had!!! We have never had such a turnout with standing room only and people standing outside the door trying to get a glimpse of your talk. In addition, we have never had so many new members signing up at one time. I was getting hand cramps just writing membership receipts. Membership money and applications were coming from every where. Furthermore, we have never had such an after meeting turnout at the Black Eyed Pea. In short, your presence broke records!!!

After the meeting, I had numerous people, including patent attorneys, tell me what a wonderful speaker you were and how much they learned in ways that they have never heard before. Many asked when and if you will be coming back. I was standing in the back of the room and never saw so many people taking notes, including patent attorneys. We definitely will invite you to come back in the future and hope that you can make it."

– George Burkhart, Alamo Inventors

“Stephen Key makes bringing a product to market within reach of every individual. His approach offers people the education they need to be successful whether they do it themselves or choose to hire a service provider. The credibility he brings as an inventor who has made money on his ideas is inspiring and his understanding of various industries and changing markets is invaluable.”

Carrie Jeske - President, Inventors Club of Kansas City


"Stephen Key came to Tampa on March 7th to share his experiences with members of the Tampa Bay Inventors Council and thoroughly convinced me that he is a true advocate for the individual inventor. He speaks from a place not beholden to the politics of organized inventor marketing groups and shares his passion as a successful inventor entrepreneur. He really wants to make a difference and help inventors chart a successful course to getting products on the market and ultimately make money. I know that I will apply his ten steps to my inventions in the future and appreciate all of his encouragement and advice. "


Wayne Rasanen - President, IN10DID, Inc., Tampa Bay Inventors Council

"Thanks very much for the excellent presentation last week. The webinar format worked great with Stephen doing the talking and Andrew handling the video portion and asking the tough questions --- it came across really well. I got quite a few messages from people who attended expressing their appreciation for the great information (and effective presentation) you two provided."

– Brett Strouss, American Society of Inventors

Stephen was kind enough to volunteer to speak to the Austin Inventors group and his passion for product absolutely charged the room. The process Stephen outlined was practical and straight forward. his words of encouragement for the individual product developer made everyone in the room believe they could stand toe to toe with the biggest names in the industry. As founder and President of the Austin Inventors group I received a lot of positive feedback about his approach and process given it was such a refreshing perspective. I would recommend to any inventor or entrepreneur in the ideation phase of the process to enjoy and benefit from Stephen's insights.

Chris Ritchie, President, AIEA

"Thank You for doing what you do. I have just browsed both your web sites, and of course I'm just blown away!! The depth and truth of it are totally amazing!! I too have been helping inventors for a long time, but not to even a fraction of the extent your work is. I find it hard to believe that someone is actually giving sound advice to inventors about the mysterious world of "marketing." I've been able to give advice on protecting ideas, staying away from scams, and guiding them through patent searching, but anything above that level is only hearsay, or a quote. Now at last I will be able to steer clients to your websites and by doing so, help them far beyond what I ever hoped I could. Thank you again -- so very much!! You are my hero's now, so guess what the topic of interest will be at our next NIA meeting... Wow!! I can hardly wait to spread the word."

- Don Costar, Founder, Nevada Inventors' Association. (NIA)

Stephen Key's talk at the Inventors Network of the Capital Area gave our members valuable information on the product development process. Through stories of his own inventing adventures Stephen made complex patent and licensing subjects more easy to understand.

Glen Kotapish, Past President, Inventors Network of the Capital Area,


I invited Stephen Key of InventRight to be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Nevada Inventor’s Association last July. His presentation was incredible and members of our club continue to state that he was the most informative and helpful guest speaker we had in 2009. Stephen Key and InventRight are truly an asset to the inventing community.

- Sharon Nickson Cox Past President, Nevada Inventor’s Association, Reno, NV


Just a quick note to say WOW!!! This is one of the most comprehensive presentations on the subject I have ever heard. Some really interesting slants. Some very provocative concepts that I must admit I might not have agreed with before but now do.

– Leo Mazur, President, Inventors Society of South Florida



Thank you for coming to Minnesota to conduct the seminar for Inventors' Network. Since the seminar I have received all nature of enthusiastic comments from our attendees, such as. "Practical information I can put to use right away." "Stephen really helped me on a one to one basis." "Can we get him back here next year?"

I have been starting businesses and inventing for 35 years. Your discussion of "Study The Market Place" gave me a new perspective on the topic. It is true! We can always learn new ways of doing things. I am now studying the market place in a fresh new way.

The day of the seminar, we filled the meeting room to capacity. At the end of the seminar nearly all of the 60 inventors and entrepreneurs, at the event, purchased your inventRight™ home study course. I can speak for the group and tell you all are satisfied with there decision to advance their education and are making continued progress in inventing and marketing their inventions."

Best regards,
Jack Smith, President Inventors' Network
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
(Pictured above with Stephen are left to right Deb Hess, Executive Director of Minnesota Inventors Congress; Carmen Oliver - Vice President, Inventors' Network; and Jack Smith President, Inventors' Network.


“His stories as a successful inventor himself, as well as the stories of his students and those who he consults with, form the basis of the lessons in One Simple Idea. I don’t recommend all that many books, although I am asked to review many. Without hesitation I recommend Key’s book and think it should be required reading for any motivated inventor.” - Gene Quinn





I wanted to personally thank you for helping to promote our Discovery Day event that took place last week at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The day was a rousing success and exceeded all of our expectations with over 400 submissions and 30 selected inventors who pitched their products to our panel! I have attached a link to a local media news outlet that covered the event to give you a feel for the day.

Click here to see the news segment.

Thanks again for your help in bringing this to the forefront for inventors!

Andy McKinley, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development



Over the past ten years, I’ve enjoyed a positive collaborative alliance with Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss because we share an important basic philosophy: Inventors are America’s most precious natural resource and we must do all we can to support and nurture them.

– Don Kelly, Certified Licensing Professional, Former USPTO Chief of Staff, Champion of Independent Inventors,, IAMA, LLC



Stephen Key was energetic, engaging and informative. His presentation on inventions, patents and licensing was a highlight of our entrepreneur conference.

– Dan Bliss, Co-Founder -



"Our law firm has worked with numerous InventRight's clients and overwhelmingly their experience with InventRight exceeds their expectations. Stephen Key provides inventors with honest and clear advice which is rarely found today. InventRight provides a level of instruction and customer support in the inventing industry that is difficult to find in any other industry."

– Michael Neustel, Neustel Law Offices,


"I have known Stephen and Andrew for many years; having served as a guest speaker at The Bay Area Inventors Alliance on several occasions, and otherwise crossing paths at numerous inventor events around the country. I personally consider the Bay Area IA one of the finest and most vibrant independent inventor organizations in the entire US. Stephen and Andrew are quite knowledgeable in marketing and licensing innovative new products and share a tremendous passion, expressed through their unique InventRight program, for providing up and coming inventors with hard earned education and guidance."

– Warren Tuttle, Monsahee Marketing LLC, President United Inventors Association, New Cannan, CT


Your webiste is spectacular! We will be referring people to it regularly. Marketing is so difficult and independent inventors just don’t know which companies will be receptive, so this is a Godsend.

Barbara Pitts - Ask The Inventors



As an inventor you can spend decades and thousands of dollars maneuvering through the maze of the invention process and never get anywhere or you can work with Stephen Key at Inventright and have a successful, honest, affordable training plan to bring your inventions to market.

Kedma S Ough, MBA, Micro-inventors Program of Oregon, Executive Director



Simply the best resource for any inventor that wants to try to commercialize a product on his or her own. Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss are awesome."

- John Funk, Evergreen IP


"You were among the most effective speakers I have had in twelve years here at UOP. The students gained so much from you. Not only did they learn your keys to success, but several mentioned how refreshing it was to meet someone so successful, yet so enthusiastic and willing to share their ideas with others. I agree!"

- Cynthia Wagner Weick, Ph.D., Professor, Management, Eberhardt School of Business, University of the Pacific

"The Marketplace of Ideas 2010 Event (Fargo, ND) truly was about connecting great ideas and great people. And yes, filled with what I call, "pinch me moments." Pinch me moments (PM2) are situations when I am amazed and cannot actually believe that "it's" happening to me. We've all at some point in our lives have experienced these - PM. Well, mine happened when the keynote speaker, Stephen Key, stopped by to talk with me about Messy Face. Stephen is a licensing expert and inventor - you'll most likely recognize him from the photograph. His questions were very specific and from our conversation he graciously shared a new strategic direction that I had not even thought of for the MFD invention. Seriously. This was a HUGE PM2! Simply priceless..."

– Debra Lindh
Messy Face

"Just wanted to let you know that I plug your radio show and other info to our readership. You and Andrew do a terrific job. I listened to the show about inventor orgs and agree with you. A few attendees speak with the guest speaker after the meeting, but most just leave. I agree that each meeting offers tidbits - not a complete picture of the invent-to-market process. Inventors have to keep coming to meetings to see the big picture. And it is important to like the people at a meeting so that networking occurs. We are trying to encourage more participation and education by inventors because they need a bigger view of the process. Inventors perceive their ideas as filling a need, but they don't see the big picture involving cash flow, distribution, manufacturing and so on. One of the biggest omissions is the business plan.

Also, I agree with what was said in your radio show about inventors fearing anyone who requires money for services. There is a multitude of free assistance in the way of information to help inventors. Many inventors are lazy when it comes to reading and comprehension. They are hands-on instead of mind-on! Since we have many audio-visual tools to educate them, you are wise to use them. I will do my part to tell the readership about the help you offer."

Cathy VerSchneider
Inventors Society of South Florida

"This is personal note from me to say THANKS for an inspirational presentation at the Inventors Society of South Florida. While I have heard most of the things you discussed before in separate places, you packaged it succinctly and delivered it powerfully. I was IMPRESSED because you:

  • Showed attendees how to deliver an effective presentation.
  • Gave each of us one of your Sell Sheets.
  • Educated us on what to do and not to do .
  • Engaged us with interesting examples.
  • Promoted your book.
  • Made the total experience seem effortless.

I am not easily impressed. I enjoyed your presentation very much!"

Cathy VerSchneider
Inventors Society of South Florida

"Thank you for giving South Florida Inventors your attention, enthusiasm and great insights and information today. Your inspirational presentation was unlike any our group has experienced."

Mary Purcaro
Inventors Society of South Florida


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