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nbushnell"The ideas in this book are key to creating the kind of enterprise that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the future. The goal of entrepreneurship is to reduce the risk of failure as detailed in this book."

Nolan Bushnell, inventor of Pong and founder of Atari, & rightly considered the father of electronic gaming.


How to Turn Your Simple Idea into a Million Dollar Business without writing a business plan, going deeply into debt, or giving up control of your idea.

In this book you'll find this and more...

  • How to pick a winning idea
  • Find the money to get started
  • Create demand for your product and drive sales
  • Protect your idea without patents
  • Getting your customer to love you
  • Contacting retail buyers and get orders
  • Manage the monster, selling at Walmart
  • Staying ahead of the competition
  • Understand manufacturing to get the best bang for your buck

One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs is for anyone who wants to bring their idea to market themselves, taking the easiest, safest, fastest route possible. It also shows you how to navigate all the potential road blocks and detours as well as show you some shortcuts along the way.

Here is what others have to say about One Simple Idea for Startups & Entrepreneurs.


"Kudos!!  One Simple Idea is brilliant !! A must read for those that have the courage to dive into their dreams. This is a true Road Map for those that have the passion to achieve their Freedom. Truly something that I wish would have been there for me 33 years ago."

Russ Hornsby, Toy industry veteran, 2010 Toy of the Year award winner in 7 different countries. Creator of hit toys ZhuZhu Pets, XiaXia Pets, DeGeDar and others


“This book is straight-forward, no-nonsense information for how to start a successful company.  Read it!”

Barbara Corcoran, investor/shark on ABC’s reality hit Shark Tank


“One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs is a MUST read. The process is broken down into steps that makes it simple to follow and gives you a roadmap to Success.”

Gene Luoma, Inventor of Zip-It Clean. Over 15.5 Million people’s drains unclogged with Zip-It (


"The world of Invention is filled scam artists and cheats.  Advice is everywhere but good advice is very rare.  Stephen Key is the exception.  Solid information and a friend to inventors.  Stephen is one of the good guys."

–  Steve Greenberg, Author of Gadget Nation and co-host of Food Network's television program Invention Hunters


“Stephen gives us hope. However daunting a new launch step may appear, no matter how powerfully entrenched interests might resist novel concepts, Stephen’s got a simple, practical workaround. He’s a trailblazer in what is now widely accepted as the emerging field of frugal innovation.”

Patrick Raymond, Invention Expert for Huffington Post, creator of InventionScore® and co-Host of Invention Hunters on Food Network


“Stephen Key is the real deal. Without his knowledge and willingness to share it, I would not have been able to successfully bring my own product to market. Now readers of his book have the same opportunity to benefit from an education in start ups and just how true it is that all it takes is persistence and one simple idea."

– Nancy Tedeschi, inventor of SnapIt Screw™, prize winner of the WalMart Get on the Shelf contest


“Many of us, think we have the next great idea, in our head. And usually that’s where they remain, just in our heads, in our dreams. I took one of those simple ideas and turned it into a company that now has its products in over 35,000 doors of retail distribution. With One Simple Idea, Stephen gives us the tools we need to take an idea from your Head to the Store shelf. Stephen speaks in a clear voice and leads the inventor step by step through the maze of roadblocks and options to get them over the finish line.”

– Todd Basche, inventor of the Word Lock


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