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  Past Speaking Events

February 9th, 2019, South Florida Inventor's Society

February 14-16, 2019, AAAS National Conference Georgetown University Washington DC

February 21st, 2019, Tech to Market Conference Shreveport LA

March 4th & 5th, 2019, University of California Merced

June 17, 2019 - Engineering Academic Environments to Foster Invention and Innovation

 June 24-26, 2019 - Judge - Silicon Valley International Invention Festival

Thursday, August 29, 2019 - 7th Annual Michigan Inventors Expo

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance IP BASH Party


Tuesday, October 16th, 2018, 6:30pm - Inventors Center of Kansas City

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, 6-9pm - Inventors Network of Minnesota

Thursday, September 13th, 2018, 7pm - San Diego Inventors Forum

Friday, September 14th, 2018 - Southern California Inventors Forum

August 17-18, 2018 - Invention-Con (United States Patent & Trademark Office) Meet Stephen

July 24, 2018 - Celebrate Invention 2018: AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassadors Program

 April 16, 2018 — Inventors Network of the Capital Area (Washington D.C.) Meet Stephen, Andrew, & David.

April 17-19, 2018 — Inventors Groups of America 1st Annual Conference (Washington D.C.)

October 21, 2017 - Keynote Speaker Chicago Inventors Association Conference

August 9 & 10, 2017 - University of Newcastle, Australia

July 31 & August 1, 2017 — How to Invent: Launch Your Idea - Capitol Hill Inventor Series, Washington D.C. 

July 10, 2017 - The Power of Inventing - Mesa, AZ.

April 4-17, 2017 - East Coast US Tour

March 16 & 17, 2017 - University of Michigan

March 7, 2017 - CSU Fullerton

February 20, 2016 - Proto Con - Charleston, South Carolina

February 24, 2016 - North Florida Inventors Group - Jacksonville, Florida

February 27, 2016 - Southeastern Inventors Association - Norcross, Georgia

April 9, 2016 - Chicago Inventors Organization - Chicago, Illinois

April 12, 2016 - Houston Inventors Association - Houston, Texas

April 13, 2016 - Alamo Inventors Group - San Antonio, Texas

April 15, 2016 - Austin Inventorpreneurs - Austin, Texas

May 10, 2016 - Invest Northern Ireland

September 7, 2016 - Michigan Inventors Expo - Lansing, MI

September 30, 2016 - Core77 Design Conference - Los Angeles, CA

October 13, 2016 - Inventors Forum (SD) - San Diego, CA

October 14, 2016 - Inventors Forum (OC) - Orange County, CA



Houston Inventors Association, April 2016

Stephen's Previous Speaking Engagements.
  • USPTO Silicon Valley Office Grand Opening  - San Jose, CA
  • San Diego Inventors Forum
  • Minnesota Inventors Network - Keynote
  • Central Kentucky Inventors Counsel - InventorCon - Keynote
  • Inventors Forum Orange County - Keynote
  • Invest Northern Ireland Conference
  • Featured Speaker at a Google Talk event.
  • A Keynote speaker at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office 14th Annual Independent Inventors Conference
  • Speaker at The Perfect Pitch - Sharing stage with billionaire Richard Branson & 30 other notable speakers.
  • Speaker at College of Art and Design, Pasadena, CA - #1 Art & Design School in the U.S.
  • Speaker at the Booming In The Bust Symposium - 3 Cities in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane)
  • The Today Show Australia
  • The Dr. Phil Show - Expert guest.
  • The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CNBC
  • ABC Affiliate, News 10 Sacramento, CA
  • FOX Affiliate, KTVU 2 Bay Area, Silicon Valley Business News with Pam Cook
  • inventRight seminars; full-day, half-day & 1-3 hour presentations
  • Inventor meetings across the USA
  • Guest lecturer at Stanford, San Jose State University & University of the Pacific
  • SVASE Panel Speaker Along With Jack Canfield and Others.
  • 51st Annual Minnesota Inventors Congress 2008 Keynote Speaker
  • Guest Lecturer - Everyday Edisons PBS Television Show Casting Call.

Photos From Stephen On The Road.

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Invest Northern Ireland 2016

nireland16"In May 2016 Invest Northern Ireland asked Stephen to present a seminar in Belfast, UK based on his book – Sell your ideas with or without a Patent. This event was attended by around 80 people ranging from individual inventors to successful small and medium sized companies from across the UK and Republic of Ireland  plus Switzerland who greatly enjoyed Stephen’s presentational style and clearly explained approach."

— Colin Graham, Technical Advisor, Invest Northern Ireland

Comments from attendees included
“Top Class Conference”
“I travelled from Birmingham and it was totally worth it”
“So interesting, time flew by as Stephen’s talk was so valuable and educational”
“More of these please, Stephen was superb”
“Excellent event and great opportunity for questions and discussions with Stephen”

USPTO Silicon Valley StartUp Conference








Booming In The Bust - Australia

Speaking along side Loral Langemeier, Harry Dent, Mark Victor Hansen, Joel Comm and others.

Pictured with Stephen above left to right are Greg Klopper, event organizer; Mark Victor Hansen, Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul; and Kerwin Rae, Sales & Marketing specialist.


What others say...

"Just a short note to say I'm inspired again to keep at my inventing and efforts to license after hearing you speak and reading at least some of the 2 books I bought.  In addition to the NFIIG, I've contacted a fellow in Gainesville who is starting an entrepreneurs group for those of us north of 50 years.  After the meeting the other day, I had a 1 on 1 with a medical person in Jax who I was able to show my medical device and see if he can help me in any way.  Then I traveled to St. Augustine to visit friends.  I was telling them about your plan of attack and I may now be able to help my friend with an idea he's had for a while.  So THANK YOU!"  
— Rodd

The best decision I made. Truly enlightening to hear your wisdom first hand. Joyous and Inspirational. Devouring the book! I have such fun doing what I love to do and now I know how to do it so much better. Thank you Stephen

– Anne C.

Your presentation at the SIA (in the metro Atlanta, GA area) meeting this morning was great! You provided priceless information, wonderful inspiration, and massive value. Thanks for being such a great source of wisdom and graciously sharing your keen insights.

Jeromy M

elidIt was great meeting you today. I wanted to thank you for your time and for taking a picture with me. I'm 5 pages in to your book and I already feel like I can do what I have envisioned! I am grateful for you coming here and I'm so excited about what I will be capable of after reading your book. I wish you the best.

Eli D

"This is Simret, one of the many people who talked to you at the ProtoCon conference in Charleston, SC.  I hope my e-mail finds you well. On this note, I want to also thank you for having given me the opportunity to chat with you extensively during the event. I truly enjoyed the presentation you gave, and have gained much inspiration and insight into field of licensing. Besides this, I have also been touched by your modest demeanor that is despite the extraordinary success you have achieved. You not only speak to the intellects of people but also to their hearts, with the latter one in my opinion having a much more transformative power in people. Again, thanks for granting me the opportunity to meet you in person."


"Truly the best, most informative, knowledgeable speaker in the industry. Stephen takes the MAJOR STING out of jumping into the arena of inventors/inventions. Especially as a novice. Thanks Stephen, you delivered in San Diego and we all walked out empowered by what you shared."

Mary B.

"That presentation was great!!! It answered a lot of the questions that I had. Im glad that you have presented us with how you achieved such great inventions; now im in the process of getting a hold of sell sheets and putting this invention together and present it out to companies that work with the invention that im trying to create. But it was such a pleasure to hear from you Mr. Key. I am so looking forward to reading your book and hopefully get a better insert on how to get my invention created, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! YOUR SPEECH WAS SO HELPFUL TO ME AND IT DEFINITELY GAVE ME A BETTER INSIGHT ON HOW TO ACCOMPLISH MY DREAMS!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"


"I would like to thank for the excellent presentation that you gave in Minneapolis.  You are a very motivating speaker.  I was glad to see you intermingling and networking with the audience before hand.  What a great way to get  a feel for the crowd and introduce yourself first hand.  The information you covered was very informative.  With a little work, hopefully I will be putting some of your techniques into action.  It was nice to meet you.  Thank you for the seminar and and information.  Looking forward to another seminar."

Thanks, Mike

"I really enjoyed the refresher. Your wisdom is worth its weight in gold and there are many Minnesotans that need to hear you. I brought an inventor from Arizona to hear you. She said she was not disappointed. I knew she wouldn't be."

Thank you, Pam

"Thanks for speaking to the group in Minneapolis on Tuesday.  I was a bit paralyzed with fear of confidentiality/NDA’s/patents, etc.  Your “speed to market” speech helped me get over that."

Thanks, John

"The energy, the rush, the WOW! We like your style. You are contagious! You don’t need a PowerPoint – you just TALK! You keep your audience engaged for a solid hour or more. You make it interactive with audience participation by asking which key step to keep on point, and examining samples, keeping it informative and humorous. Your sell sheet. You practice what you preach!!!! And oh yeah, I have a memo notepad full of notes. You are GOOD - you EDUCATE; - you share -and this comes from a former educator. We THANK YOU! You gave us a very beneficial seminar at the HIA-Houston Inventors Association meeting. I am already in line at Barnes and Noble to get your book! Just can’t wait. It is very purposeful and delightful to have made your acquaintance, sir."

Sincerely, Phyllis

"They say if you get just one good idea the seminar is paid for. I got ten and I was only able to stay for the first half."


"I met you prior to the start of Tuesday evening’s event at Dunwoody College. Your presentation was fabulous…very straightforward (10 Steps) with an excellent “delivery”.  Your personal stories of what worked and didn’t work were invaluable.  I hope you can return to MN in the near future so others can learn from you as well.  Thank you for fitting Minneapolis into your schedule…it was a very enjoyable and educational evening learning from a pro! Congratulations

on your success!"

Best regards, Barb

"I want to first thank you for coming to Minnesota to speak to our group it was definitely motivational and I'm looking forward to see you back in Minnesota soon.

I also would like to tell you how much I appreciated the positive feed back you gave on my Emergency Data Label, I have made note of your suggestions and am making some changes to my approach."

Thanks again for your time, Joseph

"Just a note to say thank you will all sincerity for coming to Minneapolis and imparting your many years of wisdom to help others live out their dreams of becoming a product developer. The information you gave us will go far in helping us to realize our dreams as creative inventors. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors, and can hardly wait for your new book to be published. Also did you have the opportunity to add the content for what to say when we contact potential licensees?"

Thanks Again, Donna

"I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for coming to Minneapolis and sharing your wisdom.  I am the guy who sat to your left in the front row with my little girl and my wife.  She loved the Mickey Mouse guitar pick you gave her.  It went to school with her to show her friends the next day.  She has also been talking non-stop about her invention ideas!

We all left much more excited and motivated to get "un stuck".  We enjoy listening to your Inventright Radio podcast and you are an even better speaker in person.  We all look forward to seeing you again sometime soon."

Thanks again, Brian

"What a great speaker you are and you gave some great information. I am glad i went and it was a pleasure also to meet you. Hope to see you next year. I am the person that had spoke with you about the company that is infringing on my product."

Again thank you, Brad

"Thank you for the information on the invention world and process of marketing. When you asked me why I was stuck on moving forward with my invention I didn't know  I could do the marketing and other stuff until you told everybody at the meeting. I really thought I had to find a marketing firm to license it, or to get where I need to get to from here. So thank you for all the free valuable info it will be put to good use."

Sincerely, Dave

"I have enjoyed your presentation immensely and want to thank you for such upbeat lessons you gave to us. Although I am not an immediate inventor, instead, I am helping inventors to "bring your ideas to life", I still found many helpful hints in your presentation."

Best Regards,


"It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to your presentation at Marketplace in Fargo. As someone involved in the planning of the event, I especially appreciated how much time you took to walk the floor, mingle, listen to stories, etc. Your participation beyond the keynote address added much to the event."

Thank you, Evan

"I truly appreciated your candor and content.  I was the choir and you were preaching to it.  Thanks for stepping foot in good ol' Fargo, ND.  Tell California we all say "hello."  Hope to have you back soon.  I've put your book on my "to buy & read" list.  It's right behind 'Catch-22', but ahead of the bible."

Thanks again! Aaron

"What you shared was so inspiring!  I've had ideas spinning around in my head for years and you actually gave me HOPE that I could possibly share my ideas and they would become something tangible that would help simplify life for people.  As a professional organizer I'm always looking for practical ideas for homes and offices.  However, my first idea back in 1979 was for a sanitary pad with wings.  I drew it up but never did anything with it.  I didn't know how to go about it.  Well, lo and behold I was "blown away" when I saw an ad for "my idea" some 10 years later.  I know I can do it!  Thanks for the encouragement."
Blessings to you, your family and your company, Julie

"Thanks for a great presentation at OCC on your 10-Steps.  You did finish on time, and you were truly great.  Your style, and the strong emphasis on challenging us to "do something" and keep it simple was artform. Just wanted to chime in and say thanks."

Have a nice holiday, Bryan

Here are a few comments from a webinar that Stephen did for the American Society of Inventors.

Walt – “This is a wonderful seminar. Thank you so much again.”

Michael – “I enjoyed the webinar very much. There was a lot of information. Is it possible to get a copy?”

Brian – “Thank you for sharing the webinar seminar with me, it was very resourceful.”

Ruth – “What a great way to do a presentation. Excellent – [My husband] and I thoroughly enjoyed the program. Lots of valuable information.”

Chas – “THANKS!    That was great.”

Paul – “Thanks again.  That was excellent.  They really showed a different method of quickly getting an idea evaluated and to market. By the way, thanks for getting that webinar together and all of those other informative meetings. Great information and knowledge there. That is why I joined the ASOI for just such things to help me along.”

John – “I was hoping the seminar was recorded and I could get a copy of it. I thought it was awesome. Very informative and easy to fit into my schedule!!”

Bill – “Thanks so much for hosting the webinar Wednesday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you plan to invite Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss back again. The presentation subject matter and transmission were excellent. It was very convenient for me to attend. The 90 minutes flew by.”

Mike – “I picked up some good pointers and enjoyed the point of view regarding approaching prospective licensees! Thanks for organizing!”

Bruce – “I really enjoyed the webinar! The information was VERY constructive.  One of the main things I've come across talking to members at the meetings is their disillusionment over funding their patents. Even the last guest speaker showed a slide that confirmed that very few patents are successful when they are not linked to an in-house corporate drive.  This webinar showed it can be done on your own. Mr. Key is living proof that you just have to be smarter than the system. I hope we get to hear from him again. Is there a link to the recorded webinar where I can watch it again?  Thanks for running a very valuable organization.”

Richard -- I really enjoyed the event and I thank you for it.  I hope to take advantage of more.

Inge -- I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar.  The information and enthusiasm were invaluable.  Patenting and marketing and all that that entails are just too expensive and risky for me.  I have been sitting on my ideas for years, and I will now renew my efforts in research and product evaluation(s) and I am working on my benefit statement(s).  The Sell Sheet recommendation is a fantastic idea and also great  for web page content.  My only regret is that I missed the initial 15 minutes of the webinar.

For more information and to book Stephen for your next event
contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fantastic meeting- very helpful, inspiring and insightful

Mr. Key is an excellent advocate for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Five stars on all accounts!

Great event. Stephen is a great speaker and it was nice he offered additional free content via Ebook.

This was new to me and I really didn't know what to expect, but I did take notes and it was nice to meet Stephen Key. I came to the meeting specifically to learn how to get a list of manufacture... Read More

You were our best speaker ever in 20 plus years at Inventors Forum in Orange County, California. I was a long time board member there. Thanks for being such a positive influence on inventors.

It was good, helped to reenergize me to keep moving forward with some ideas.

Fantastic speaker!

Always great to see Stephen. He keeps the honesty and respect in our often challenging industry. Total class and wisdom. None better.

Loved it! Great insights. Great to meet Stephen!

This was an outstanding event! I would do it again. Great job bring this presenter.

Just wanted to say fun seeing you all again last week. And thanks to you & the IC gang for coordinating the Stephen Key presentation. I did get a few very interesting takeaways and of course it... Read More

Tonight I Felt like a child in a candy store and Stephen Key his wife and daughter made us feel like family the class was very educational and I learn a lot about how to license my invention to small... Read More

Thank you so much for organizing and putting together such a valuable presentation. Stephen's wisdom offers a #ShiftInThinking that will help aspiring patent holders go from being stuck in the... Read More

Stephen Key was a great speaker and seems like he would give you the shirt off his back. The seminar was kind of a repeat for me since I have read his book "One Simple Idea." It is an extremely... Read More

Enlightening, educational, entertaining, encouraging and rewarding.

Wow, what a presentation. Can't wait to read Stephen's book.

Learned a lot looking forward to more.

First time and now hooked
Great presentation! Will be enjoying reading Stephen's book!

What a WONDERFUL and encouraging class! How in the world did such a great opportunity come our way? I now have hope for my ideas and plan to buy his book. Thank you to the organizers — you did a... Read More

Very informative and dynamic speaker

The group I brought were thrilled with the event! Thanks for all the work you do.

Great night. Stephen is a very interesting man! 

Speaking Testimonials


It is always a very special night when Stephen Key speaks to the Inventors Network of Minnesota. He was our speaker last week, and predictably we had our best attendance of the last few years. Many of the attendees were first time visitors and many of them ended up joining. This happens every time he speaks.

New members are the life blood of organizations like ours. And since we are also a “Network", we only benefit with more members and more informed members, especially those who understand the ten steps to inventing success which Stephen completely explained to us in an easy to understand manner. Stephen, his books, his founding role in IGA (Inventors Group of America) and his and Inventright's many on-line resources are instrumental to our clubs on-going success and future.

Stephen Key cares about inventors and groups like ours and he completely understands that we are stronger when united and supported. We truly appreciate all that he does!


Steve Lyon
Inventors Network (Minnesotta)

ickcmary18Stephen's presentation was one of the best we've had at the Inventors Center of Kansas City. He spoke to a "sell out" crowd, keeping them mesmerized throughout the entire evening. Since his talk I continue to receive calls, text messages and emails thanking us for having him come and stating how motivating his talk was. Before the evening was finished, all of his books were sold, a testament his topic and talents. If your organization is looking for a dynamic speaker that can fill the room with attendees, Stephen is the man. Thanks again Stephen, it was a pleasure having you in Kansas City.

— Mary Moeller ICKC President 



Loved your inspirational talk last night at Inventors Forum in Huntington Beach. After 28 years as a member and most of them as a board member, you are still the best speaker we have ever had. Thanks a million for sharing your expertise and energy.

Douglas Rook
Board Member
Inventors Forum OC


Thank you for visiting the Tucson Inventor Group! We really enjoyed your presentation and life story. You are a warm and kind man who truly loves this industry! I’ve been deeply inspired by it! The knowledge that you bestowed upon our members has surely stuck with them. Your books “One Simple Idea” and “Sell Your Ideas With or Without a Patent” are now a “KEY” part of our organization! Special thanks to your team and family for the hard work they put into co-planning our feature event.

We look forward to you visiting us again soon!

Best regards,
Lucas Boring
The Tucson Inventors Group



Stephen, as the founder of the world’s first inventors co-operative, I need to thank you for coming to Toronto and putting on such a superb show!  Your delivery with a comprehensible slideshow and an interactive session with David, captured everyone’s attention and inspired a good deal of inventors attending. Apart from the many verbal acclamations I received, find below a few more written tributes:

The group I brought were thrilled with the event! Thanks for all the work you do.

Great night. Stephen is a very interesting man!

Just wanted to say fun seeing you all again last week. And thanks to you & the IC gang for coordinating the Stephen Key presentation.  I did get a few very interesting takeaways and of course it was fun to hear about some of his toy experiences.
   - Kris, owner of Happy Worker, a unique Toronto toy company

Co-operatively Yours,
Bob Huybrechts,RDT  - Founder / Chair Business Development Committee, Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc.


Thanks to Stephen Key, our April meeting was the best attended in memory and with a most enthusiastic audience.  A very down to earth, engaging presentation.  Stephen made a convincing case for using Provisional Patent Applications, not only for intellectual property protection, but as marketing tools to convince prospective licensees. InventRight’s business model of coaching inventors makes good sense.  It enables new inventors to become knowledgeable players well equipped to independently critique and develop their future inventions.

Bob Hausslein, President, Inventors Association of New England


Stephen Key’s presentation on “How To Sell Your Idea With or Without A Patent” has produced a lot of “buzz” among the Chicago Inventors Organization members.  “His presentation was like a flash of light in a dim room which took a room, filled to capacity with inventors,  to the next level of inspiration”.

“The impact of  Stephen‘s presentation made me reconsider all of my prior thoughts about profiting from my invention and actually start to thinking a totally different way” …  “What a paradigm shift – you got to read this second book”  … “ Way to go Stephen – can’t thank you enough!!!

Calvin Flowers, President
Chicago Inventors Organization


On behalf of Alamo Inventors, I want to sincerely thank you and Janice for providing such an informative, motivational and inspiring presentation to our organization. The excitement you created well in advance of the meeting, just knowing that you will speak to us, was very uplifting. The meeting was a great success and all 80 plus chairs were filled. Since Janice started out with 5 boxes of books and just had a few left in one box, it appears that the book sales went well too.

Again, Stephen, I appreciate all that you have done to help and support Alamo Inventors and the inventor community as a whole. I have no doubt that you have inspired hundreds, maybe thousands, of inventors to move their ideas from concept to market "with or without a patent" using your simple and effective methods.

Best Regards to both you and Janice,

George Burkhardt


Thank you very much for coming to Houston to speak to our group again. This is the third time you have made a presentation to our group, and on each occasion the meeting room was filled to capacity. Your presentations are always enthusiastic, inspirational, and filled with practical information, advice, and valuable techniques inventors in all stages of development can use. Great turnout. I think we had 120+ inventors in attendance.

Ken Roddy – President, Houston Inventors Association



"Wow! Inventor-Con 2015 is now in the (record-breaking) history books!  Stephen as our main speaker did a fantastic job.  You could tell people left the conference informed, empowered, and ready to do something great with their ideas.  We had one of the biggest “standing-room-only” events in our 10 year history of doing Inventor-Con. I can’t say thanks enough for helping to make our conference a such great success!"

Best Regards,

Don Skaggs


Central Kentucky Inventors Council


"Invest Northern Ireland asked Stephen to present a full day seminar in Belfast, UK about his approach to product licensing. This was motivated by our interest in raising awareness of the power of licensing to increase sales revenues in Northern Ireland companies This event was attended by around 80 people ranging from individual inventors to successful small and medium sized companies who greatly enjoyed Stephen’s presentational style and clearly explained approach to licensing."

— Colin Graham, Technical Advisor, Invest Northern Ireland

Comments from attendees included

“ Excellent day –very informative and inspiring”

“ A wonderful event – it was a privilege to be part of it”

“ Definitely the best seminar I have attended”

“Stephen Key set the bar”

“Great speaker”

“Listening to Stephen live is better reading the book twice”

San Diego Inventors Forum


Thank you Stephen Key for a great presentation at the San Diego Inventors Forum last night! And for sharing tips from your new book "Selling Your Ideas With Or Without a Patent". Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

– Adrian Pelkus - President

Stephen Key was energetic, engaging and informative. His presentation on inventions, patents and licensing was a highlight of our entrepreneur conference.

– Dan Bliss
Co-Founder -

Stephen was kind enough to volunteer to speak to the Austin Inventors group and his passion for product absolutely charged the room. The process Stephen outlined was practical and straight forward. his words of encouragement for the individual product developer made everyone in the room believe they could stand toe to toe with the biggest names in the industry. As founder and President of the Austin Inventors group I received a lot of positive feedback about his approach and process given it was such a refreshing perspective. I would recommend to any inventor or entrepreneur in the ideation phase of the process to enjoy and benefit from Stephen's insights.

Chris Ritchie
President, AIEA

Just a quick note to say WOW!!! This is one of the most comprehensive presentations on the subject I have ever heard. Some really interesting slants. Some very provocative concepts that I must admit I might not have agreed with before but now do.

Leo Mazur
President Inventors Society of South Florida

Thanks for empowering our inventors group with the knowledge by examples that companies want and are asking for our ideas.

Your vibrant presentation, keeping it real, making it fun and showing with examples resonated perfectly with our inventors group.

The fun way you convey your wisdom so succinctly is a joy.

Adrian Pelkus
President - San Diego Inventors Forum

“Stephen Key makes bringing a product to market within reach of every individual. His approach offers people the education they need to be successful whether they do it themselves or choose to hire a service provider. The credibility he brings as an inventor who has made money on his ideas is inspiring and his understanding of various industries and changing markets is invaluable.”

Carrie Jeske - President
Inventors Club of Kansas City

We can't begin to thank you enough for the dynamic presentation you provided to over 400 attendees who attended our Conference on October 22, 2011 at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Our members and guests were just overwhelmed with the amount of information you presented, your perspectives on industry trends and the opportunities before inventor entrepreneurs. Additonally, your sense of humor and "One Simple Idea" approach made understanding "So Simple" for all.Thanks again for making our 2011 Inventors Conference a "Blockbuster" success as we move ahead in these exciting times.

Calvin Flowers
President & Chairman
Chicago Black Inventors

"Stephen provided an enlightening and entertaining talk to our local LES Chapter. The group was captivated from start to finish, and everyone let with a better understanding of how to get products in front of the right people for licensing. As a patent attorney, I learned a few things that will be useful as I assist some of my clients. Thank you Stephen for a great presentation."

Steven Prewitt
LES Portland, OR.

Stephen Key came to Tampa on March 7th to share his experiences with members of the Tampa Bay Inventors Council and thoroughly convinced me that he is a true advocate for the individual inventor. He speaks from a place not beholden to the politics of organized inventor marketing groups and shares his passion as a successful inventor entrepreneur. He really wants to make a difference and help inventors chart a successful course to getting products on the market and ultimately make money. I know that I will apply his ten steps to my inventions in the future and appreciate all of his encouragement and advice.

Wayne Rasanen - President
IN10DID, Inc.
Tampa Bay Inventors Council

This is personal note from me to say THANKS for an inspirational presentation at the Inventors Society of South Florida. While I have heard most of the things you discussed before in separate places, you packaged it succinctly and delivered it powerfully. I was IMPRESSED because you:

• Showed attendees how to deliver an effective presentation.
• Gave each of us one of your Sell Sheets.
• Educated us on what to do and not to do .
• Engaged us with interesting examples.
• Promoted your book.
• Made the total experience seem effortless.

I am not easily impressed. I enjoyed your presentation very much!

Cathy VerSchneider
Inventors Society of South Florida

Thank you for giving South Florida Inventors your attention, enthusiasm and great insights and information today. Your inspirational presentation was unlike any our group has experienced.

Mary Purcaro
Inventors Society of South Florida

Stephen Key's talk at the Inventors Network of the Capital Area gave our members valuable information on the product development process. Through stories of his own inventing adventures Stephen made complex patent and licensing subjects more easy to understand.

Glen Kotapish
President, Inventors Network of the Capital Area

I invited Stephen Key of InventRight to be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Nevada Inventor’s Association last July. His presentation was incredible and members of our club continue to state that he was the most informative and helpful guest speaker we had in 2009.

Stephen Key and InventRight are truly an asset to the inventing community.

- Sharon Nickson Cox
President, Nevada Inventor’s Association
Reno, NV

Thank you for coming to Minnesota to conduct the seminar for Inventors' Network. Since the seminar I have received all nature of enthusiastic comments from our attendees, such as. "Practical information I can put to use right away." "Stephen really helped me on a one to one basis." "Can we get him back here next year?"

I have been starting businesses and inventing for 35 years. Your discussion of "Study The Market Place" gave me a new perspective on the topic. It is true! We can always learn new ways of doing things. I am now studying the market place in a fresh new way.

The day of the seminar, we filled the meeting room to capacity. At the end of the seminar nearly all of the 60 inventors and entrepreneurs, at the event, purchased your inventRight™ home study course. I can speak for the group and tell you all are satisfied with there decision to advance their education and are making continued progress in inventing and marketing their inventions."

Best regards,
Jack Smith, President Inventors' Network
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

(Pictured above with Stephen are left to right Deb Hess, Executive Director of Minnesota Inventors Congress; Carmen Oliver - Vice President, Inventors' Network; and Jack Smith President, Inventors' Network.)

"Your approach has forced me to reexamine my entire process. I like to think that I'm pretty knowledgeable about this stuff since I have a masters degree in product design from Stanford University, worked at IDEO and I've built a company around one of my inventions. But despite all that and my dealings with all sorts of designers over the past 10 years your approach hit me like a breath of fresh air."

Steen Strand
Inventor & Graduate of Stanford School Of Design


"You were among the most effective speakers I have had in twelve years here at UOP. The students gained so much from you. Not only did they learn your keys to success, but several mentioned how refreshing it was to meet someone so successful, yet so enthusiastic and willing to share their ideas with others. I agree!"

- Cynthia Wagner Weick, Ph.D.
Professor, Management
Eberhardt School of Business
University of the Pacific



Comments From Inventors

Stephen spoke to the Inventors Association of Manhattan. Here are a few comments from the attendees.

Stephen rocked the house! What I liked most about his presentation is that he offers practical, affordable advice to inventors so we can ultimately win during licensing negotiations, something he aptly describes as a "dance".

Patrick Raymond
Founder, Organizer

A wonderful speaker with tremendous insight into the world of inventing. He does it a bit differently then most, and I found that to be so interesting. His approach is direct and although could be a bit scary for many, it is a book worth having and his steps will get you the info. needed to approach and be prepared for the big meeting with potential licensee's. Thank You.

Cheryl Manzone

I'm so glad I attended last night. It was so much better than I even anticipated. Stephen's energy and charisma are unbelievable. I'm sure his book (which I'll be reading soon) is fantastic, but I'm sure it's difficult for him to really get his message across on paper. Stephen is well worth seeking out if you need a fresh perspective on how to formulate concepts and get them out.


Stephen Key is an outstanding presenter, with so much real-life hands-on no-nonsense information to share about turning one's ideas into a business, whether one chooses to be a manufacturer, licensor, or both.

Andrew Darlow

Stephen Key is a dynamo. He is disarming, witty, enthusiastic and charming. I liked him as soon as I met him. His enthusiasm is contagious, and what he teaches you is priceless. His goal was for us to walk away from the meeting thinking "I can do this". Well, that's exactly what I did, and my wheels have been spinning ever since.

Arlette Sieger

Thought it was great! Had some time to chat informally with Stephen and get my book autographed.

Claudia Anderson Cooley

The meeting was very inspiring..... I like Stephen's approach to product developing. Keep it simple but effective. That's something I can follow. Thanks

Karen St.Clair

It was amazing. Changed our lives forever.

Christina Esther

I really enjoyed this event. Thank you.


It was a great meeting Stephen Key kept it fun and simple yet extremely informative.

Maggie Almonte

Great speaker and very informative.

Elaine Jurumbo

Stephen Key was brilliant ; great ideas and an amazing speaker.

Johanna Rustia


Feedback From Students

Stephen recently spoke at the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship program. Here is what some of the students had to say...

"I was most struck by your encouragement to not worry about what anyone else thinks about your idea, especially when you're first developing it and experimenting. Approval and support are great, but I can't let the lack of them stop me from at least trying".

Thanks again,

"Your talk was very motivating — especially at this point in the semester — when everybody seems to be feeling the grind. Thank you for reminding us that entrepreneurship is about having fun. And even more fun, when you work smart. My personal take away from your talk — be bold, dream big and don't hesitate to take the next step because that is where everybody with "genius" ideas falter."


"I wanted to thank you for speaking with us. I wish you would speak to Acton groups regularly."


"We really enjoyed your talk and multiple people mentioned today what a breath of fresh air it was."


"Thank you for coming to speak to us on Thursday. I'm grateful you came all the way from Modesto to give us so much of your time. You were the best outside speaker we've had come to Acton thus far. You did a good job of engaging us, telling your story without sounding boastful, giving us something we could actually use, and respecting us as peers. What I mean by the last one is that you assumed we already pretty far along our path as successful entrepreneurs, instead of talking down to us. (Some people come and give us advice like "you just gotta work hard" or, even worse, "ramp up your entrepreneurial synergy with a social network profit brand." Say what?) Also, your storytelling and speaking style is fun and captivating."


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