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What Our Students Say...

Steven and Andrew,

I appreciate your willingness to work with me as an inventRight student.  Your input is invaluable and after we talk I always feel more confident that we are on the right path.

Best Personal Regards,



Dear Stephen,

I read Mr. Key's book a few years ago. I had been undergoing cancer treatments for a few years, and I was financially strapped. I had been a corporate attorney until my diagnosis, and with a long-term battle ahead, I had no idea what was going to become of me and felt imprisoned in what to do with my life. 

Mr. Key's book really changed my life because it helped me to think outside of the box. It really helped me to see the power of an idea. It gave very helpful and clear guidance on how to take an idea and turn it into revenue. Furthermore, the book provided helpful instructions and resources.

I am still undergoing treatments. I am thankful that this book helped me to get on a terrific path in the midst of a very trying time. 

Thank you, Mr. Key!!!!


Thanks again Stephen for responding so quickly to my call for help! Very, very much appreciated!

It confirms, (not that it was required) the amazing level of genuine commitment you, Andrew and the rest of your team have for helping your students to success. With so much going on in the world these days it is hugely comforting especially for a newbie such as, but not limited to, myself.

Thanks and regards,



To the InventRight Team,

My name is Harkeem, and I am a Product Developer. I would like to thank the entire inventRight team for doing an exceedingly fantastic job in supporting their members. I am so happy and proud to be an inventRight student. I am making phone calls and making contact with manufactures, and I owe it all to Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss. These two are a great team to work with. 



Thank you for your encouragement. You give me great inspiration. I will be successful at this in the near future. I haven’t given up my day job, but I have been working on a few things, and your book gives me hope.




Hello Stephen,

Absolutely outstanding Webinar last night it's just what I needed.  I am a different kind of learner meaning I need a bit more explanation when someone's trying to teach me something.  I find your ability to convey and cover details very useful.  What's even more helpful is you dialogue things so the details can be best understood in how things are spoken as well.  What hangs me up pulls me back is I don't know what to say or how to say it so I don't do things.  Your thinking well to include dialoguing in teaching the InventRight steps shows your natural instinct for people skills.

Thank you again and again I can't thank you enough.




Hi Stephen and Andrew,

Wow, great webinar tonight!! No doubt in my mind I have THE best coaches in the world!! I am VERY happy you encouraged me to "keep inventing" to make my product better which I do think has made it much stronger... Now I just have to keep taking the actions to FIND IT A GOOD HOME!! LOVE being an inventRight student, and feel incredibly lucky to have your expertise and support behind me. I am determined to get a licensing deal ... if not for this project, then for a future one!



Hi Stephen,

Just wanted to email you a special thank you for the webinar last night! I was really knocked out by it. It answered some nagging questions I had from before, and got me all excited for when I write a PPA for my next project. You and Andrew just make things SO easy to follow. Having the benefit of your experiences and your always-positive guidance really helps me feel confident about moving forward. I just wouldn't be ANYWHERE near here without your help. THANKS again ... I truly love being an inventRight student ...




I can’t begin to tell you how much your program and your inspiration has helped me with a product I have worked with for around 6 years.  I have done my sell sheet, my pending patent and I am ready to start sending out my sell sheet, which Andrew helped me improve.  You have opened the door for me to license it and have started the wheels turning on many other products.  I also know and have other friends who have already spent huge amounts of money for patents and are attempting to manufacture their own products.  I will be talking to these friends and hope to head them in your direction. Thanks again for your help and encouragement.  Hopefully I will be able to call on you to help me negotiate my product with some big company.  Have a great day!