For Signing Your 2nd

Licensing Deal!

With AmyJo's and David’s help, I was able to negotiate a better deal with a company, Now I’m excited in anticipation of seeing my product marketed nationally (and hopefully internationally as well). — Dave C.

Congratulations Dave

You Just Signed Your First

Licensing Agreement!

I LICENSED my product! You can finally add me to your list of inventRight Students that got their first contract. It will appear soon in an As Seen on TV ad campaign. What a roller coaster ride it has been! Every single day I recall your advice to just "keep moving it forward." And it worked! — Susan

Congratulations Susan

In Over

40 Countries!

Our students prove that you can license your ideas from anywhere in the world!

inventRight Students

I am in a village in India

and playing the biggest

InventRight is sure making a difference. It still feels surreal to me. — Sathish M

game in the world.

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

If you have a good idea and want to see it become a success, then Stephen Key and his team are invaluable. “Join InventRight” is among the best advice I can give to a fellow inventor. — Frank C.

Congratulations Frank


The Toy Box!

Congratulations Ryan On

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

"I have to thank my personal coach Amy Jo, and the entire inventRight team for the encouragement and all the key tools necessary to become a professional, successful product developer. I couldn’t have done it without them. Looking forward to licensing more products in the future!” — Jeremy

Congratulations Jeremy

Venturing Your Idea!

It's Selling At

I wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work. We are experiencing excellent month-over-month sales growth, and have just nibbled the edges of the opportunity ahead of us. — Corey K.

Congratulations Corey On The Success With

$460,000 For His Product

If you're and idea maker, a tinkerer, an inventor, and don't know how to take your idea to the next level, Stephen's course along with the mentoring will be key in your success. – Miguel V.

Miguel Raised Over

On Kickstarter & Signed A
Licensing Agreement!



All active duty and veteran U.S. Military members
receive a 15% discount.

inventRight is proudly dedicated to

Just Signed His
Licensing Agreement

"Thank you for your wonderful support that helped me reach this significant achievement. No doubt the inventRight system is working. I'm always focused on the next step."
— Tomer

Tomer from Israel

Licensing His First Idea

“inventRight has been priceless. I would have been absolutely lost if I tried to figure all of this out on my own. Thank you Stephen & everyone at inventRight!”
– J. Andre

Congratulations J. Andre For

Licensing Your Idea!

From idea to product on the shelf in 12 months. InventRight works!!!
— Tushar

Congratulations Tushar On

Seven Figure Deal

Licensing Her Product!

"Stephen Key is the real deal. Without his knowledge and willingness to share it, I would not have been able to successfully bring my own product to market." – Nancy T.

Nancy Got A

Licensed His Idea

"Thanks for all your assistance which was
fundamental in pulling the agreement terms
together." — Craig C.

Australian Student Craig

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

Thanks for empowering so many people. Lives are being transformed for the better. The quality of the inventRight program and the care that you have for others is incredible. — Bryan C.

Congratulations Bryan

Signed A Licensing

Deal For His Idea

I honestly think that anyone thinking of getting into the world of licensing would be making a big mistake not joining InventRight. – Howie Busch

Congratulations inventRight Coach Howie Busch

Switchkick Now

Sold In Guitar Center

"Stephen’s system actually worked... and exactly like you said it would!" – Kevin S.

Congratulations Kevin.

Still Collecting Royalties

InventRight served as our support team as we navigated the negotiation process licensing our product. We found the breadth of background knowledge through inventRight to be helpful in understanding the various aspects of a deal. InventRight definitely helped us get much better terms than we would have gotten on our own. — Hetal & Eva

Congratulations Hetal & Eva

After All These Years!

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

I finally signed my first licensing agreement! Thank you InventRight!! You're a dream come true!! — Ryan A.

Congratulations Ryan

$1 Million By Two

Of The Sharks

"Stephen has been a guiding light every single step of the way. I can honestly say Stephen has been an instrumental “Key” to my success." – Alvin Uy

Alvin & Ray Got Offered

She Just Licensed

Her First Idea!

"It's hard to put into words what you have truly given me. YOU and the inventRight family have empowered me to believe in myself and that I can learn. YOU are changing lives!" — Tina S.

Congratulations Tina

To One Company!

“With deep gratitude I acknowledge the importance of the inventRight program in my success. Thanks inventRight team for your infectious enthusiasm for licensing, you are the best investment for inventors who want to make money with their creations.” – Damien T. - Canada

He Did It! Damien Just Licensed 7 Ideas

They Have Licensed

Over 20 Products!

We bought your program and began to throw our ideas out there. You and Andrew were fantastic and continue to be such a great resource for aspiring inventors. — Laura & Latham G.

Congratulations Latham & Laura

Nokero Solar

I highly recommend that entrepreneurs learn the 10 step inventRight system because it greatly reduces the risk and accelerates the path from idea to product. — Steve Katsaros

Steve Katsaros Used What
He Learned To Start

For Licensing TWO of

Your Ideas!

Yes, a small town boy from Merced, California can have his products sold in every AutoZone in the US! Thank you Stephen! I tell EVERYONE who you are and what you do for people!" — James S.

Congratulations James S.

Number One

Best Selling Toy at Fat Brain Toys for
Christmas 2015.

Scott's Squigz™ Remain The

"Never doubt the influence and impact of your efforts Stephen. Here’s another feather for your cap. Forever grateful my friend." — Scott Baumann

Walgreens & Walmart

"I have successfully licensed FasciaDerm to a major Company.


— Donald B.

Don's Product Is Available Nationwide In

Bed Bath & Beyond &

The Container Store

If my company and product make up my body, then Stephen and inventRight are my right arm! I would not be where I am today without their inspriation and guidance! –Allan T.

Allan's Product Is Now In

Your Product Is Selling

At Lowes!

Having spent the last 11 years doing everything the hard way, I can certainly appreciate the methods that you’re teaching. Andrew and Stephen are a great team, and I’m constantly learning new things from you guys. — Joel T.

Congratulations Joel

Available Nationwide

"I'm kicking myself for not finding inventRight years ago. I can't believe I ever attempted this on my own!" – Ryan

Ryan's Woof Washer 360

At Walmart, Petco, PetSmart,

Target, HSN, Amazon, & More!

Just Published His First Book!

All that I want to say is -- Because of InventRight -- Here I Am Today.
My book "TOWARDS THIN AIR" published by LifeRich Publishing an imprint of "Readers Digest" Launched Globally and the response is very good within the first two weeks. – Dr. Vijay Malur

inventRight Student Vijay Malur

Product Launch

With Cuisinart!

My Dual Dutch Oven will be in approx. 3,000 stores all over the US. As we speak, we’re also discussing Europe as a market as well. One spin-off of cutting this deal, are additional +20 ideas within the same category – outdoor grilling. Thank you inventRight! — Staffan

Congratulations Staffan on your

Over 37 Million Zip-It

Drain Cleaners

"I have followed these basic steps for years in my own product developing and inventing business. Stephen puts it into a very easy to follow process." — Gene L,

Congratulations Gene For Selling

You Just Licensed FitWhisk

Everyone has ideas. Those ideas only become a reality when the right actions are taken. As a successful business woman, certified personal trainer, and fitness model, I had an idea on how to create a healthier fitness mixing bottle for nutritional supplements. I made a few very costly mistakes until I found InventRight. Within one year, I was able to secure a licensing agreement. I encourage you to take full advantage of the amazing resources offered by the InventRight team. — Angela Dayton

Congratulations Angela

The #1 Selling Posture-Corrective

Therapy Back Brace In The World.

"This takes guts, but if you follow the inventRight method you achieve goals effortlessly. Its about sticking to the that works!! The best investment we have made to date is becoming students of the inventRight system. Thanks guys, we are well on our way to unlimited success." — Marina P.

Congratulations Marina On Almost 1 Million Sold!

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

I always knew that the InventRight team had my back. inventRight gave me the tools that I needed to present my marketing materials to companies, knowledge and support I needed to feel confident in calling companies and negotiating the contract. — Paula R.

Congratulations Paula

Another Hit Toy

With Fat Brain Toys

"Never doubt the influence and impact of your efforts Stephen. Here’s another feather for your cap. Forever grateful my friend." – Scott

Scott Baumann Launches

He Just Licensed

His First Idea!

With the help of my fantastic coach David, and then with Stephen jumping in with his 75 MPH speed power, it happened! I LICENSED MY IDEA! — Yehuda G.

Congratulations Yehuda G.

For Licensing Two Ideas

With Two More Coming!

The inventRight process works again and again! I love that I can think of product ideas for completely different industries and the same inventRight process allows me to successfully license all of them! — Brayton

Congratulations Brayton

Over 40 worldwide licensed products

responsible for producing more than

"InventRight provides the map, but Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss are experienced licensing sherpas there by your side to guide you all the way to the top." — Scott

inventRight Student Scott Baumann has

$30 million in gross retail sales.

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

Thank you all for creating the platform, providing all the information and communicating a successful roadmap that is easy, fun, fulfilling and very simple to follow that road to success. — Sharon

Congratulations Sharon

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

InventRight takes what can seem like an overwhelming journey from “idea to launch” and breaks it into to very simple and attainable steps. — Donielle S.

Congratulations Donielle

Launching Your Drip Clip!

I want to personally thank Stephen, David and Andrew at inventRight for helping me navigate through the journey of having an idea for a product, to seeing it on store shelves! Without the support of the inventRight program, I wouldn't be where I am today. — Greta L.

Congratulations Greta On


Another Idea

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your accessibility and willingness to talk things through with me. I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find such valuable advice at such a fair price. – Howie Busch

inventRight Coach Howie Busch

From Australia For

Licensing Your First Idea!

The inventRight process itself is well thought out and very clear with massive amounts of back up material to answer any questions. Being part of the inventRight family meant you never felt alone, even though I live in Australia and felt like a total foreigner in the American market. — Martin L.

Congratulations Martin L.

Your Connect A Clip Is Now

Sold On

inventRight coaches make themselves available when you need them and provide a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions. – Chris G.

Congratulations Chris & Jeff

10's of Millions Sold

"Stephen puts it into a very Easy To Follow Process. Product Developing, Inventing, Patenting, and Licensing, has been my life, and I have made $Millions…
YOU CAN TOO!!!" – Gene L.

Congratulations Gene!

Over 12,000 Stores

World Wide!

"Stephen gave me substantial concrete feedback, gained from years of his taking ideas and turning them into successful products." – Todd B.

Todd's Product Is In

Licensed His Idea

"I have Stephen Key to thank for teaching me how to successfully license The HEFT. The HEFT is now in over 1,000 stores across Canada." — Marco L.

Marco From Canada

For Licensing Two

Product Ideas!

I believe the inventRight community offers the most comprehensive and tactical guide to becoming a successful licensing product inventor. — Ryan B.

Congratulations Ryan

You Just Licensed

21 Products At Once!

Thanks for teaching me the ropes and providing encouragement at every step. I’m having a blast!” — Arleta D.

Congratulations Arleta

He Just Licensed

His First Idea!

"The whole INVENTRIGHT team has a vast amount of knowledge, this is something that you can't get at ANY cost." — Gene K.

Congratulations Gene!

For Licensing Your Product!

We are orthodontists who co-created an improved method of bite correction for teeth-straightening aligner systems, such as Invisalign. inventRight illuminated the path from idea inception to product reality with clear, actionable steps. Our coach Terry was always there for us, guiding us throughout our journey. We simply could not have done it without inventRight on our team! — Doctors Cetta & Kaye

Congratulations Doctors Cetta & Kaye

He Licensed His Product

In Just 3 Months!

The consultant from the University of North Florida was worthless, but the inventRight coach, Judy DePrang, was invaluable. I successfully licensed SunStop Visors less than 3 months after becoming an inventRight student. — Michael D.

Congratulations Michael

For Licensing Your

First Idea!

My coaches kept me focused and helped me set achievable goals to keep my project moving and get the contract over the line. The inventRight coaches were with me every step of the way. I can’t thank inventRight enough. — Laura T.

Congratulations Laura from Ireland

He Just Signed His First

Licensing Deal!

The money spent on Stephen’s book and inventRight coaching is insignificant compared to their value. If you want to make money on your ideas, I strongly recommend them both. — Barton W.

Congratulations Barton

Your Product Is In


Thank you, this would not have been possible without you. Thanks for presenting this opportunity to me. — Juan H.

Congratulations Juan and Charity

She Just Signed Her First

Licensing Agreement!

Joining inventRight has undoubtedly provided me with the foundation I needed to get in the game, and Coach David helped bring it all home for the win! David's expertise in licensing has been one of the strongest assets to building my business. Thank you inventRight! — Lynn S.

Congratulations Lynn

For Licensing Your

Pet Toy!

"I am so thankful for Stephen and Andrew because they changed my life and boosted my overall confidence!! The feeling of securing your first deal is exhilarating to say the least! Thank you to the entire inventRight team!!" — Michael K.

Congratulations Michael

You Just Licensed Your

Product, Obscure!

My coaches AmyJo and David have been incredibly encouraging and supportive, making the whole process enjoyable and fun. I highly, highly recommend inventRight to anyone interested in licensing their ideas. — Dave C.

Congratulations Dave

He Just Signed A Six

Figure Book Deal!

Stephen didn’t need to reach out. He didn’t need to make introductions. But he helped me grow! Literally everybody wins. All because of fearless generosity with his connections and time. — Daniel D.

Congratulations Daniel

Licensing Your

Bikini Bands

Like a fine oiled machine, the inventRight team helped me through every step of the way. The knowledge and encouragement I received from my coach Terry was absolutely invaluable. — Candice

Congratulations Candice On

Plastic rings are going to

go away forever thanks to

your great innovation!

"It's been an incredible journey, one that could not have taken place without you." – Kevin L.

Congratulations Kevin.


If you have an idea for a new product, you don’t need to start your own business to bring it to market.

Not everyone has the experience, time, money or even desire to start a business.

There is an alternative, and it's called the licensing business model.

You do not have to write a business plan, source manufacturing, develop a marketing strategy, spend money on advertising, find distribution or do any of the labor and capital-intensive steps of starting a business.

With licensing, you simply ‘rent’ your idea to a company and receive royalties in return. In other words, you create a flow of passive income!

The benefits of licensing are many. One of the biggest is that it requires little to no financial risk. You do not have to raise capital or quit your day job. You can focus on being creative and developing more products rather than the day-to-day details of running a business.

Licensing is also the fastest way to market. When you leverage the power of a Fortune 500 company that has shelf space in place already, combined with inventRight’s proven ten step system, you win.


Let Us Show You How To License Your Product Ideas!

Our goal at inventRight is to help people bring their ideas to market in a new way that is faster and far more cost-effective than traditional business models.  

We teach our members how to apply the simple ten step process created by Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss, and introduced in their book: One Simple Idea: How to Turn Your Product Idea into a Licensing Goldmine.

Benefits of the inventRight Approach

You don’t have to do this alone, you will have the support of a team.

  • A personal coach will guide you for six months, follow up on your progress, and mentor you through our program.
  • Experts such as patent attorneys and successful inventors teach weekly webinars and answer questions on all of the ten steps.
  • The entire inventRight community is available for questions and answers through our members-only forum.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time; you will learn how to move quickly. If you follow our coaches’ advice you can have your product in front of a company in 60 days!

  • Identify the right companies to submit your products.
  • Get your product in front of the right people for evaluation.
  • Make powerful selling tools quickly.

You will learn to do many things yourself, and gain valuable experience to last you a lifetime. Let our coaches teach you the shortcuts.

  • Digital selling tools quickly and easily convey your products value.
  • Write unlimited Provisional Patent Applications using SmartIP –  our online, guided application software.
  • Negotiate your own licensing contract with our step by step coaching – securing the deal you want while saving thousands on attorney fees.


Interested? Click here for more information!

Here are some links to learn more about the inventRight community.

Stephen Key/Andrew Krauss, Co-Founders – who are they?

Student Testimonials - Students who have licensed their ideas using inventRight

Coaches - Who are they?

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Learn How inventRight Helps You Play The Product Licensing Negotiation Game!

The inventRight approach to licensing reduces legal fees, can save you money on patent applications, and guides you through negotiations all while providing you with a full-time consultant. When you begin the program, your coach will evaluate your idea and provide the best strategy for you. Once you find your potential licensee, Stephen Key and Senior Licensing Coach David Fedewa will step in to provide professional guidance and ensure that you get the licensing deal you want. We care about every student. Our personal touch, along with the support of the entire inventRight community, is what helps our students to be so successful.

Click here to schedule an appointment with us today to get started.


One Simple Idea

osiawardUpdated And Revised Edition Now Available!
Over 475 Five Star Reviews On Amazon

“One Simple Idea is one of McGraw-Hill Professional's bestselling books on entrepreneurship."

— Cheryl Ringer | Editor | McGraw-Hill Professional

Learn More Here


Stephen is thrilled to now be a contributor to He will be writing about intellectual property strategy. Watch his Forbes Blog for more to come.


Stephen dishes out advice about how to become a successful entrepreneur each week, drawing on his years of experience as a small business owner and product developer.

Stephen’s goal is to get the word out about licensing. With that aim in mind, he publishes a weekly column for entitled “The Licensing Lifestyle.” Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about licensing can be found here.
We're excited to announce Stephen has begun writing for the popular product design website Core77!

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