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The Key To Licensing - Episode 3 - Featuring inventRight Coach Terry O'Mara

The Key to Licensing - Hosted by Sylvia Pomazak. Featuring inventRight Coach Terry O'Mara.

Terry O’Mara has always been creative. Starting as an inventRight student and becoming a coach soon after.

What he appreciates most about the inventing community is its willingness to take action. “It’s great to have ideas and be passionate about them, but you have to follow through,” Terry said. “People in this community are creative and really committed to their pursuits.” He also loves that inventRight students and staff are down-to-earth and authentic.

He’s excited to put his diverse skillset to work as an inventRight coach. Learning how to motivate individuals and a team to do their best is a lifelong interest, which he’s explored as both a manager and a personal development consultant. For him, seeing others succeed is by far the most fun.

2018-03-09 inventright - Sylvia Pomazak

The Key To Licensing - Episode 2 - Featuring inventRight Chief Negotiator & Coach David Fedewa

The Key To Licensing - Episode 2 - Hosted by Sylvia Pomazak & featuring inventRight Chief Negotiator & Coach David FedewaThe Key to Licensing

David Fedewa started with InventRight as a student in 2009. His first year as a student, he admits, he didn’t get anywhere. “I wanted to do everything my way,” he explained. Once he started to listen and trust the process he became more determined—and therefore more creative—to overcome any obstacles in his way. He later decided to join the IR team as a coach is 2015 and is now in charge of contract negotiations.

“As a coach, one of the things I love most is getting to work with the most passionate people on the planet,” David said. “These people will run through brick walls to get something done. Not always the right brick walls, but nonetheless. They keep going, even when it’s not easy. How can I not be driven when I work with people like that?”

2018-03-02 inventRight - Sylvia Pomazak

The Key To Licensing - Episode 1 - Featuring inventRight Coach Amy Jo Brogan

The Key To Licensing - Episode 1 - Hosted by Sylvia Pomazak and featuring inventRight Coach Amy Jo Brogan

Amy Jo has been an IR coach since 2015. Starting as an inventRight student and later becoming a coach, she talks about what lead her to the path of learning about licensing and now helping others do the same.

She has never let herself be fazed by life’s little nuisances. She’s “always been kind of crafty” when faced with a problem and limited resources available to solve it. What she loves most about product development is that it’s an ongoing learning experience. Because every idea is unique and every industry is so different, there’s always a new challenge.

2018-02-22 inventRight - Sylvia Pomazak

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