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Best Selling Author Tim Ferriss Says

Renting Ideas For

Serious Passive Income!

Walgreens & Walmart

"I have successfully licensed FasciaDerm to a major Company.


— Donald B.

Don's Product Is Available Nationwide In

Another Hit Toy

"Never doubt the influence and impact of your efforts Stephen. Here’s another feather for your cap. Forever grateful my friend." – Scott

Scott Baumann Launches

With Fat Brain Toys

You Just Licensed

Thanks for teaching me the ropes and providing encouragement at every step. I’m having a blast!” — Arleta D.

Congratulations Arleta

21 Products At Once!

Bed Bath & Beyond &

If my company and product make up my body, then Stephen and inventRight are my right arm! I would not be where I am today without their inspriation and guidance! –Allan T.

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The Container Store

Your Product Is In

Thank you, this would not have been possible without you. Thanks for presenting this opportunity to me. — Juan H.

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With the help of my fantastic coach David, and then with Stephen jumping in with his 75 MPH speed power, it happened! I LICENSED MY IDEA! — Yehuda G.

Congratulations Yehuda G.

His First Idea!

He Just Signed A Six

Stephen didn’t need to reach out. He didn’t need to make introductions. But he helped me grow! Literally everybody wins. All because of fearless generosity with his connections and time. — Danile D.

Congratulations Daniel

Figure Book Deal!

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"Stephen’s system actually worked... and exactly like you said it would!" – Kevin S.

Congratulations Kevin.

Sold In Guitar Center

Just Signed His
Licensing Agreement

"Thank you for your wonderful support that helped me reach this significant achievement. No doubt the inventRight system is working. I'm always focused on the next step."
— Tomer

Tomer from Israel

Nokero Solar

I highly recommend that entrepreneurs learn the 10 step inventRight system because it greatly reduces the risk and accelerates the path from idea to product. — Steve Katsaros

Steve Katsaros Used What
He Learned To Start

Signed A Licensing

I honestly think that anyone thinking of getting into the world of licensing would be making a big mistake not joining InventRight. – Howie Busch

Congratulations inventRight Coach Howie Busch

Deal For His Idea

Over 40 worldwide licensed products

"InventRight provides the map, but Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss are experienced licensing sherpas there by your side to guide you all the way to the top." — Scott

inventRight Student Scott Baumann has

responsible for producing more than

$30 million in gross retail sales.

Another Hit Product

"My products are flying off the shelves. Thanks Stephen for teaching me the path to success." – Keith M.

Congratulations Keith


Available Nationwide

"I'm kicking myself for not finding inventRight years ago. I can't believe I ever attempted this on my own!" – Ryan

Ryan's Woof Washer 360

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Target, HSN, Amazon, & More!


I honestly couldn't have won without the knowledge that inventRight has taught me over the years. Thank you so much!! – Ryan

Congratulations inventRight Student Ryan & Team

Of Make 48

$460,000 For His Product

If you're and idea maker, a tinkerer, an inventor, and don't know how to take your idea to the next level, Stephen's course along with the mentoring will be key in your success. – Miguel V.

Miguel Raised Over

On Kickstarter & Signed A
Licensing Agreement!

In Over

Our students prove that you can license your ideas from anywhere in the world!

inventRight Students

40 Countries!

Over 15 Million Kits

"Stephen Key is the real deal. Without his knowledge and willingness to share it, I would not have been able to successfully bring my own product to market." – Nancy T.

Nancy's SnapIt Screw Has Sold


He Just Signed His First

The money spent on Stephen’s book and inventRight coaching is insignificant compared to their value. If you want to make money on your ideas, I strongly recommend them both. — Barton W.

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Her product just debuted at the International Housewares Show
in Chicago, IL. This is sure to be Mr. Coffee's next hit product!

Congratulations Amy Jo. Her Product Just

Mr. Coffee!

Image is not available

Plastic rings are going to

"It's been an incredible journey, one that could not have taken place without you." – Kevin L.

Congratulations Kevin.

go away forever thanks to

your great innovation!

10's of Millions Sold

"Stephen puts it into a very Easy To Follow Process. Product Developing, Inventing, Patenting, and Licensing, has been my life, and I have made $Millions…
YOU CAN TOO!!!" – Gene L.

Congratulations Gene!

To One Company!

“With deep gratitude I acknowledge the importance of the inventRight program in my success. Thanks inventRight team for your infectious enthusiasm for licensing, you are the best investment for inventors who want to make money with their creations.” – Damien T. - Canada

He Did It! Damien Just Licensed 7 Ideas

Number One

Best Selling Toy at Fat Brain Toys for
Christmas 2015.

Scott's Squigz™ Remain The

"Never doubt the influence and impact of your efforts Stephen. Here’s another feather for your cap. Forever grateful my friend." — Scott Baumann

Licensed His Idea

"I have Stephen Key to thank for teaching me how to successfully license The HEFT. The HEFT is now in over 1,000 stores across Canada." — Marco L.

Marco From Canada

Licensing His First Idea

“inventRight has been priceless. I would have been absolutely lost if I tried to figure all of this out on my own. Thank you Stephen & everyone at inventRight!”
– J. Andre

Congratulations J. Andre For

$1 Million By Two

"Stephen has been a guiding light every single step of the way. I can honestly say Stephen has been an instrumental “Key” to my success." – Alvin Uy

Alvin & Ray Got Offered

Of The Sharks

She Just Licensed

"It's hard to put into words what you have truly given me. YOU and the inventRight family have empowered me to believe in myself and that I can learn. YOU are changing lives!" — Tina S.

Congratulations Tina

Her First Idea!

He Just Licensed

"The whole INVENTRIGHT team has a vast amount of knowledge, this is something that you can't get at ANY cost." — Gene K.

Congratulations Gene!

His First Idea!

Licensed His Idea

"Thanks for all your assistance which was
fundamental in pulling the agreement terms
together." — Craig C.

Australian Student Craig

I am in a village in India

InventRight is sure making a difference. It still feels surreal to me. — Sathish M

and playing the biggest

game in the world.

They Have Licensed

We bought your program and began to throw our ideas out there. You and Andrew were fantastic and continue to be such a great resource for aspiring inventors. — Laura & Latham G.

Congratulations Latham & Laura

Over 20 Products!


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your accessibility and willingness to talk things through with me. I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find such valuable advice at such a fair price. – Howie Busch

inventRight Coach Howie Busch

Another Idea

Over 12,000 Stores

"Stephen gave me substantial concrete feedback, gained from years of his taking ideas and turning them into successful products." – Todd B.

Todd's Product Is In

World Wide!





Do you need help getting your inventions on store shelves?

skphotonewWe can help. InventRight is a company that provides one on one coaching for people who want to learn how to license their ideas. Hello and welcome! My name is Stephen Key. Ideas are my passion. Creating new products has been my career for more than 30 years. There's nothing more exciting to me than seeing one of my inventions for sale. See my inventions here.
I developed a unique strategy for licensing invention ideas that my students now use to achieve success time and time again. Visit our Testimonial page to read what our inventRight one-on-one coaching program students say and their successes using our approach.
Cofounder Andrew Krauss and I created the inventRight one-on-one coaching program to help inventors bring their ideas to market. The foundation of our one-on-one coaching program is a comprehensive 10-step system for licensing invention ideas. In addition to one-on-one coaching, we teach weekly classes, maintain an extensive library of instructional videos, and offer unparalleled access to industry experts. To learn more about our one-on-one coaching program, click here.
For the past 15 years, we’ve been helping creative people across the globe with their invention ideas. In fact, we've had students from more than 30 countries! We can help you learn how to sell your inventions to companies that want them, wherever you are.
Because we’ve been helping inventors with their ideas for so long, we are equipped to answer just about any question you may have. Are you experiencing any of the most common problems, worries, and concerns inventors face? Click here to watch a sample inventRight one-on-one coaching program webinar to experience what we do.

For more information on how we help inventors with their invention ideas, please click here.

One Simple Idea

Updated And Revised Edition Now Available!

Over 315 Five Star Reviews On Amazon
Learn More Here
Are You A High School Student?
Join inventRight's 100% free Young Entrepreneur Success Program to learn how to license your ideas for products.
Click here.

Stephen dishes out advice about how to become a successful entrepreneur each week, drawing on his years of experience as a small business owner and product developer.

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Stephen’s goal is to get the word out about licensing. With that aim in mind, he publishes a weekly column for entitled “The Licensing Lifestyle.” Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about licensing can be found here.
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We're excited to announce Stephen has begun writing for the popular product design website Core77!
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Companies Looking For Ideas

Check out our directory of more than 1,600 companies looking for ideas. There’s never been a better time to be an inventor because more companies than ever before are looking for inventions. As open innovation continues to thrive, we know even more companies will want ideas from inventors. Here are just a few...

What Industry Experts Say About inventRight

John Hurley - AllStar Products Group

I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with inventright and their network of inventors. A huge part of my job is working within the inventor community and the inventright students never disappoint. Their product ideas and presentations are always clear, concise and delivered in a way that makes them easy to evaluate. Their level of professionalism and preparedness is second to none. All of these factors make working with inventright and their inventors a great experience.

Warren Tuttle - Product Scout For Lifetime Brands

I have known inventright founders Stephen and Andrew for many years and truly respect their endless enthusiasm for helping guide aspiring inventors and product developers to market, as well as the many innovations they have helped inspire. The inventright model is a unique one, a blue ocean strategy in many ways. I don't think anyone else provides the type of ongoing support to inventors over a sustained period of time. As a person who runs Open Innovation programs for several industry leading companies and actively reviews a large number of product submissions each week, I always enjoy hearing from inventright students. They stand out in my mind as creative, motivated, focused, polite and always willing to listen and adapt. I always have time for them. Please keep those inventright submissions coming!

Good Day Sacramento

Stephen recently appeared on Good Day Sacramento to discuss his updated and revised version of One Simple Idea. Check out the video here.

For more information about One Simple Idea click here.

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